Hypnotherapy: A Powerful Tool to De-Hypnotize Yourself

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Most people visit a hypnotherapist looking to be hypnotized in order to make changes in their lives. They want to convince themselves that they no longer crave nicotine, or they no longer desire “junk food,” or they want to gain confidence, overcome a fear or phobia, or learn to relax.

Ironically, what most people really need to do is de-hypnotize themselves. The main reason is that they’ve already “hypnotized” themselves into having a problem in the first place. The fact of the matter is: we’re constantly talking to ourselves. Oh, not out loud – no, I mean via the thoughts we’re thinking, the things we tell ourselves.

And often those thoughts aren’t even our own; they’ve originated with a parent, teacher, trusted friend, or some other influential figure in our lives – often from our childhood. “Oh, you’re so clumsy.” “Don’t be such a dummy.” “We could hear you singing off-key clear across the room.” “You can’t wear that, it makes you look fat.” “Can’t you do anything right?!”

Our subconscious mind is great at helping us reinforce our beliefs – even the ones we don’t want on some level, and yet believe on another. “I’m a failure” will alert your subconscious that it “should” make sure you sabotage your own efforts and fail at whatever you’re doing. “I’m not worthy” will shut down your jerk-detecting-radar so you end up in a relationship with someone who treats you as less-than. “I look like a big lump” will result in cravings for fast-food guaranteed to blow your diet.

How long have you been repeating to yourself the messages which are keeping you from achieving your goals? Think back, track your thoughts – and I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how long you’ve been running the same “programs” in your mind on auto-pilot. Keep a tally of how many times in a day a negative thought pops into your head.

And here’s where your inner conflict lies. You say you want to succeed in your new business venture – and part of you does, of course it does! But at the same time, another part of your mind whispers “Oh, it’ll never work. This will fail, just like all the other things I’ve tried.” Or at the first tiny obstacle, you’ll think “I knew it! I knew I’d screw up somehow!” With the two messages juxtaposed, you end up making the “wrong” decisions or just giving up… and this becomes more “proof” for the negative message.

You’ve already been hypnotizing yourself for years! Unfortunately, you’ve been running “programs” which have resulted in what-you-don’t-want. Change will come naturally when you de-hypnotize those old beliefs and install new programs – or thoughts – so your subconscious and conscious mind move into alignment. Then you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

You may wonder, after all those years of “negative hypnotism”… will it take just as long to install the new beliefs? The answer, you’ll be pleased to learn, is absolutely not! The subconscious mind is a wonderful and obedient facet of ourselves. Like a willing servant, when we give it a new set of instructions, it says “oh, okay, coming right up!”

I think that’s one of the reasons hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool. Change can be simple and lasting. Once the new program is installed, you simply test it to make sure you haven’t missed any aspect you want to include… and that’s it. You’re good to go.

I’ll say it again: you can change your life simply and easily. Hypnotherapy can de-hypnotize your old belief systems and install a new set of “instructions” in your subconscious mind that will help you achieve congruency on all levels… which will allow you to move forward!


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    August 17, 22:15 phoodle

    I think this method should be done by a professional to reduce the danger.

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  2. c
    December 11, 04:20 connections unlimited

    Practices like mindfulness meditation can help you become more aware of your thoughts without judgment.

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