HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE For Reclaiming Lost Energy

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Have you noticed how your energy improves when you have a new love interest in your life? The world temporarily transforms itself into a kinder, gentler place. You wake up earlier, feeling happy and refreshed. You forgive people more easily and overlook things that would have normally caused you distress. And, as an added bonus, flowers and birds make their debut in your daily travels.

The challenge is to feel happy and energized without the new love interest or other temporary circumstances. Achieving higher levels of energy requires being healthy physically as well as emotionally. It involves loving and accepting ourselves just as we are; enjoying the present moment without worrying about our shortcomings or what the future will bring.

And lastly, it’s about repairing past relationships, forgiving and letting go of perceptions that someone has done us wrong.

Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful healing modality that deals with the direct root cause of our ill health.  A homeopath looks at your life events and your reactions to these events to determine where your energy or life-force has stagnated. A carefully prescribed homeopathic remedy can unblock the stagnant energy and advance you on your path to becoming whole.

Low energy is a common complaint and has perhaps become one of the biggest epidemics of our busy urban lives. Many of us can relate to the frustration of feeling tired despite our best efforts to maintain good health.

Sometimes increasing our energy can be as simple as losing a few pounds, exercising regularly, eliminating junk food, or getting a more exciting or better paying job.  However, as many health-conscious readers may know, the key to increasing our energy level can have more to do with emotional rather than physical health.


“I eat mostly organic and haven’t had red meat, dairy or gluten in over three years.  I work out three times a week at the gym and practice yoga twice weekly. I take several supplements recommended by my nutritionist, and recently I added Echinacea and Oregano oil to the list. I know there is nothing wrong with me, because I passed my last ‘physical’ with flying colours. What I don’t understand is why I’m so tired all the time!”

Diane felt that she had all the answers to staying healthy. She shopped at health food stores exclusively, kept up with the latest research on nutrition, and had in-depth knowledge of different physical exercises and their benefits. Despite her best efforts to stay energized, Diane felt exhausted by the end of her work day. Her after-work hours consisted of exercising at the gym, cooking and eating dinner at home, then a combination of reading and watching TV until it was time to go to bed.  She was bored with her job as Executive Assistant to the CEO of a large firm. The job was only a paycheque and a stepping stone to her passion – to study art.

Diane had feelings of inadequacy dating back to childhood. Both of her parents lacked emotion and were unsupportive. No matter how well she did at school, it was not good enough for her demanding father. “Why not 100%?” he asked when Diane got 96% on her high school math test. Diane’s mother was a workaholic and paid little attention to her.

At 32, Diane still harboured deep resentments towards her parents. Her verbally abusive live-in boyfriend often borrowed money from her and never paid it back. Diane felt she couldn’t leave the relationship because she didn’t want to be alone. Her one and only physical complaint was pre-menstrual syndrome – irregular periods, severe cramps and insomnia prior to her period each month.

Diane was prescribed Lac Caninum, a great homeopathic remedy for people with low self-esteem. This is not to say that everyone with low self esteem will benefit from this remedy. There are hundreds of remedies that can help elevate one’s self image. It was Diane’s unique personality, ferocious appetite, low self esteem, fear of snakes and germs (displayed by a constant desire to wash her hands), combined with her PMS symptoms that led to this prescription.

During her first follow up visit, Diane reported feeling more confident and less fatigued. She was not so exhausted by the end of the day and even started going out with friends occasionally during the week. By her second visit, three months later, Diane felt better about herself to the extent that she asked her boyfriend to move out. She also felt less resentful towards her parents, and her PMS symptoms were virtually gone. Diane also found a new job and enrolled at the local art college for part-time studies.

Homeopathy helped Diane get closer to her heart’s desires. She gained more confidence, felt happier and more balanced overall. Diane’s energy had increased as a result of feeling good about herself, letting go of past hurts, and becoming hopeful about the future.


According to author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss, Ph.D., how we manage our energy can keep us healthy or make us ill.  She explains it as 100 circuits of energy coming into your head as your life force, which is then distributed throughout your body to maintain healthy cell tissue. How you invest these circuits of energy can keep you healthy or make you ill.

Let’s assume you have a strained relationship with a co-worker. In order to maintain the dysfunction, this daily stress requires 10 of your circuits, leaving you with 90 for your own health maintenance. In addition, you have anxieties and feelings of inadequacy (you feel not thin enough, not smart enough, not good looking enough, etc.) playing in your subliminal mind costing you another 20 circuits. Worrying about the children and finances takes up another 20 circuits. Add to this childhood incidents of physical or psychological abuse that are still haunting you, and you can deduct another 30 circuits.

So you have 20 circuits left to maintain your physical and emotional health (only 20% of your potential energy), having squandered 80% by investing them in worries and anxieties. The inevitable result is low energy. When you tolerate a dysfunctional relationship or have unfinished business with anyone, you are losing energy. These energy leaks gradually but surely result in illness.

The reason that meditation is effective in maintaining good health is that it requires 100% of your energy to be in present form.

Another effective strategy is taking a constitutional homeopathic remedy; a remedy prescribed to address your unique symptoms, personality and circumstances. This individualized treatment has the capacity to bring awareness and new perspectives to old issues.

Everything in life is vibrational energy; all physical matter, our bodies, our thoughts and emotions. We learned in school that energy cannot be destroyed but only transformed.  Homeopathic remedies facilitate transformation of energy by raising our energetic vibration.


Daryl called himself a major procrastinator. His wife complained about his low energy and lack of enthusiasm. His business partner accused him of being lazy and not keeping up with his responsibilities. Daryl’s energy had dropped considerably after a bout of pneumonia six months earlier. He had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning following a restless night’s sleep. He had little enthusiasm left for life in general. His responsibilities as a husband, father, and business partner were draining him of the little energy he had left.  He felt constant anxiety in his stomach and often found himself staring out the window.

I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Mezereum, especially because of Daryl’s strong feelings of disorientation, and the feeling that he was in a dream. Daryl has always been grateful because of his spectacular recovery after taking this remedy. This is not a common fatigue remedy, but it was perfect for Daryl. Over several weeks, his energy steadily increased, and he felt like his old self again. In a matter of months he was back to being motivated, productive and enjoying his life.


Regardless of the ailment that prompted them to seek homeopathic treatment, most patients report an increase in energy and motivation levels.  A general sense of well being is how it all starts.

We will always have stress and our past will always be a part of who we are. Perhaps some might even be justified in their resentment. But holding onto these destructive feelings for long periods and allowing them to take precedence instead of having more balance is what drains one’s energy.

Homeopathy quickens the process of awareness and subsequent release of negative perceptions – elevating one to a higher consciousness, self empowerment, positive outlook and increased energy.  After all, homeopathy is energy medicine.


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    All matters are explained in detail.
    The best part a person can coop up
    Having a good relation in life .

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    December 23, 23:35 Dinesh

    I have peculiar problem from feeling of being stuck in closed places like even in own room if locked from outside even if a bandage is tight on hand it also gives panic and breathlessness, it comes up with trigger in same condition, in crowded areas, Malls, underpass, in metro if stopped for a while , In tunnels , in February this year I planted a tooth in mouth and some plaster was put in mouth to fix it, after that I constant get panic attacks as it can’t be removed now, I had gelesiumium, Avena saliva, ashwagandha but it is not helping fully , if you can share the remedies regarding this it will be life Saviours for me .Thanks and Regards

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