LifeLite LED Bulb Has Similar Qualities to Natural Daylight

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Lifelite® full-spectrum daylight LED bulbs are energy efficient, durable, and free of mercury.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have lighting in your home and workplace that has similar qualities to the sunlight that has been shining down on us for thousands of years? Now, with the LifeLite® Full Spectrum Daylight LED bulb, it’s possible.

Incandescent light bulbs have a high colour rendering index and full spectrum, but they consume a lot of energy, have a short lifespan, and technically it’s not possible to change their colour temperature to a daylight colour. This is why it is impossible to get a true full spectrum daylight incandescent bulb.
In the recent past, consumers were encouraged to choose fluorescent light bulbs for their lighting needs, due to their energy-saving characteristics which made them seem eco-friendly. However, because they contain mercury which is easily released into the environment when they are broken or disposed of, the eco-friendly aspect of fluorescents is debatable.

Now, with LifeLite® full spectrum daylight LED bulbs, consumers can have the best of both worlds. The bulbs have a consistent spectrum close to that of an incandescent light bulb, which makes the light look more natural. The bulbs provide a colour rendering (CRI>90), colour temperature (5000K), and spectrum that is similar to natural daylight. And they are energy efficient, durable (lasts for 25,000 hours), and free of mercury or lead. This is all due to the latest high-quality LED technology, modelled after natural sunlight while eliminating as much harmful radiation as possible. The result is the new 12-watt LifeLite® A21/E26 Full Spectrum bulb, which can replace a 75-watt incandescent.

LifeEnergy Systems is a family-owned business, founded in Germany in 1992 and expanded into Canada since 1997. Founder Scheid Mumtaz, and his son Sascha Mumtaz who is CEO of the Canadian company, have always wanted to find the perfect indoor lighting. Now they are offering it to the Canadian public.

Lifelite Full Spectrum Daylight LED bulbs are available at Big Carrot Natural Food Market, 348 Danforth Ave., Toronto (at customer service desk). For more info, call Aldi Llogori, Customer Service Manager, (416) 466-2129, email: To contact Life Energy Systems directly, call (877) 866-9569 or email

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    January 20, 05:00 Lidija


    I am from Slovenia and would like to know where to buy this product 12-watt LifeLite® A21/E26 Full Spectrum bulb in Europe?
    Cordial thanks

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