The Call of the Soul: A Path to Knowing Your True Self and Your Life

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Author: Aila Accad
Publisher: New Page Books
Book Publication: 2013


A renowned energy healer, reiki master and stress expert, and a popular life coach, Aila Accad is famous for her easily grasped approaches to the quest for the authentic self. Her new book, The Call of the Soul: A Path to Knowing Your True Self and Your Life, consolidates a lifetime of research and exploration of the purpose of life.

The book lays out a clear, new way to set off on the journey to authenticity, complete with a map and effective tools to ease the struggle and assure success. The Call of the Soul explains how to negotiate the relationship between the ego and the soul, thereby rediscovering passion for life, one’s unique purpose, inner peace, prosperity, and lifelong love ­– all by learning how to hear the call of the soul.

Accad’s easy-to-read, down-to-earth writing style is the perfect vehicle for her fascinating true-life examples, stories and guidelines. The Call of the Soul guides readers to:

  • Compassion and appreciation of the whole mind-body-spirit, including those elements that resist change;
  • A quick way to release emotions and beliefs that hinder the expression of true self and purpose;
  • A new feeling of ease and confidence in individual life purpose;
  • Discovery of the authentic self

Thousands of people have achieved self-knowledge and freedom from stress through Accad’s groundbreaking workshops, media appearances, books, and DVDs.

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    April 16, 22:01 Veronica

    Very nice book! I will include it in my TBR! Thanks <3
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