AUTUMN ON THE GRILL: The Flavours of Fall Sizzle with Goodness

There’s nothing like a market day in Autumn! A farmers’ market is a feast for the senses, where I can ogle mounds of produce, people-watch, chat, graze and nibble. I always get carried away and bring home unexpected treats and enough vegetables to sink a ship.

I appreciate the “market folk” who grow or make their wares and then get up the in the wee hours to lug them to market where they sell them with sociable pride. I like getting to know the faces and hands behind the work that went into getting my food to me. On the other side of the stall are fellow shoppers who I’ve never met, but we nod “hello” over the bagels. Farmers’ markets provide a sense of community that you don’t often get shopping at a big box store.

Creatures of habit, market shoppers tend to stick to their routines. There are the dawn-shopping early birds, unreasonably cheery first thing in the morning. Then comes the mid-morning stroller brigade, with adorable sticky-faced kids in tow. And last of all, just as the vendors are packing up, the bedheads race in, breathlessly chanting their mantra, “omigod-I-slept-in-do-you-have-any-free-range-eggs-left?”

Regulars also have their path through the market down to a science. Eggs from this vendor, bread from that one, veggies from the guy with the dimples.

I have my own routine: First, I head for a cup of fair-trade coffee; then a fierce internal debate ensues as I pass the cinnamon-scented doughnuts. Later I pause to sniff the handmade lavender soap, all the while keeping an eye out for who has the freshest corn, the ripest tomatoes.

At last I settle down to more serious business. Did I use up the maple syrup on last Sunday’s pancakes? Do I need more garlic? (What am I thinking…I always need more garlic!) Have I got time to roast and peel peppers this week? Will he still be flaunting those handsome gourds when Thanksgiving rolls around?

I fall under the spell of the vegetable kingdom. Ideas for dishes flash through my head like meteors. Planetary melons are orbited by moons of new potatoes. Lumpy, bumpy winter squash, like Macbeth’s three witches, huddle next to a mound of zucchini, foretelling summer’s end.

But with any luck, summer weather will linger for just a bit, long enough for us to enjoy the end-of-summer bounty cooked outside on a grill. The tang of smoke, the feel of the deck against bare feet, add a perfect ending to a day begun fondling peaches at the market. The recipes that follow present all the goodness that Ontario’s farmers markets have on offer, complete with grill marks.


This recipe comes from a delightful little book that’s big on ideas for Vegetables on the Grill, a Sunset series book, (1994, Menlo Park, CA).

View the full printable recipe

View the full printable recipe

This recipe comes from a delightful little book that’s big on ideas for Vegetables on the Grill, a Sunset series book, (1994, Menlo Park, CA). A honey-soy marinade makes these tofu and vegetable skewers a grilled delight great over brown basmati rice. (Serves 4)

View the full printable recipe

Found in Grilling Indoor and Outdoor, by the ever-popular Company’s Coming series of books. (2000, Edmonton)

This recipe offers robust flavours that make you glad to be alive. (Serves 6)

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Found in Grilling Indoor and Outdoor, by the ever-popular Company’s Coming series of books. (2000, Edmonton)

These “meaty” mushrooms are delicious straight from the grill as a side dish, or sliced and rolled up in warm tortillas with all the fixings or stuffed into a baked potato. (Serves 4)

View the full printable recipe

This recipe, and many more ideas for grilling fruits and veggies, comes from Great Grilling, by Hungry Minds Inc. Press (2002, New York, NY)

These fragrant, spicy slices of grilled potatoes will round out any meal. (Serves 4)


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