7 Hidden Blocks to Healing – Uncovering Why You Aren’t Recovering

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Your body knows how to be healthy. As a body-spirit you know how to heal. So why is it that sometimes, in spite of your best efforts and intentions, you just can’t seem to shift your health? It’s useful to look at hidden blocks in your health journey.

Blocks aren’t necessarily anything that you are doing wrong. They are interferences that prevent the body’s innate healing powers from functioning optimally. Here are 7 of the most common blocks that we have observed in patients at the Ecohealth and Wellness Center founded by Dr. Jozef Krop

Stealth Infections

Microbes that get in under the radar and are not detected in testing are called stealth infections. They create their own defense mechanism with biofilm and sneakily attack the immune system. The most common stealth infections are Lyme (Borrelia and related co-infections), Epstein Barr Virus and other Herpes viruses, Strep, and parasites.

These infections can cause of myriad of symptoms that are “mysterious” to treat. These symptoms present as neurological, as well as brain fog, headaches, joint pain, fibromyalgia, severe exhaustion, cardiac issues and more. People are often told that their symptoms are “all in their head” – even though their symptoms are very real.

These infections are missed because they are not easily detectable and most medical approaches don’t clinically assess a false-negative test to dig deeper into what is going on in the body. If these stealth infections are not detected, then they continue to create symptoms because they are not being treated or addressed. Many chronically ill people are suffering from stealth infections that are interfering with their recovery process. Sometimes you get a diagnosis, sometimes you don’t – but the commonality is that you don’t get better.

Some of these interferences can be detected by clinical observation, electrodermal screening, or live blood cell analysis. Find a practitioner who understands this concept and knows what to do with it.

Nutritional Deficiencies

It’s difficult to eat a nutritionally perfect diet. Firstly, modern farming methods deplete nutrients from soil and food from the start. But even if we take care to eat well, and even organic, there are many factors that can deplete nutrients from our body. These factors can include prescribed medications, high stress levels, and malabsorption in the gut.

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in so many processes in the body. Low B1 creates symptoms of depression. Low magnesium can create muscle cramps. That’s only 2 nutrients – and there are dozens that are important. If we are low in one nutrient, it is likely we are low in others too. Ask your practitioner about various tests that can analyze your nutrient level to rule out deficiencies.

Hormonal Disturbances

While the first thing that comes to mind is PMS or menopause, there are other common hormonal issues that can create symptoms. The key one that is often missed is adrenal insufficiency and related thyroid issues. Common symptoms like exhaustion, slow metabolism, low mood can be related to this.

The conventional thyroid testing conducted by your medical doctor will check one thyroid marker, but there are other markers that play a role in thyroid health. Concerningly, conventional medical approaches don’t really recognize adrenal burnout in its early stages – so you might be suffering without a diagnosis. Many alternative practitioners have access to saliva hormone testing that can assess a more comprehensive hormone profile and provide a deeper understanding and advice on how to heal these conditions.

Unsuspected Toxins

Although many toxins can affect health, these two can create chronic illness symptoms:

MOLD – Toxic molds and mycotoxins are a major blockage to recovery. They can cause respiratory and neurological symptoms plus immune suppression. Worse, if you have any other illness, past and especially current mold exposure can make it very difficult to recover. If you have had water damage in a home and it wasn’t remediated appropriately, you probably have mold. Get it addressed!

DENTAL ISSUES – Root canals and mercury fillings can create symptoms as well as make it difficult to recover from other underlying conditions. Mercury is a neurotoxin – and it shouldn’t be in your mouth. See an experienced and knowledgeable dentist to replace fillings.  Root canals are problematic because the dead tissue may never be properly removed from the cavitation. This can fester as a low-grade infection or abscess constantly stressing your immune system. The infection usually will not just have localized symptoms but will affect the body systemically.

Identifying with the Illness

You and your illness are not one. There is the illness and then there is you who is overcoming it. Instead of saying “I’m a Lymie” or “I have breast cancer”, you can switch the focus to “there is cancer in my breast” or “I’m dealing with borrelia infection”.  While dealing with an illness can be consuming and there may be aspects that you always need to be mindful of, it doesn’t need to define you. Identify with the recovery, not the illness.

If the illness defines you – then who will you be without it? If you don’t know who you are without it – then how will you recover from it? Some questions to help us untangle from this might be: What benefit do I derive from over-identifying with my illness? What concerns do I have about life going forward when I’m well?  What brings me happiness in life? Addressing these things is an important part of healing. You are so much more than a person with an illness. Journalling about your experience can be helpful to see yourself in your many facets, not just as someone who is sick. Shifting the focus to you (your needs, wants, gifts) and away from the illness gives you a place of agency in your life and health.

Denied Emotions & Needs

Our society is not an emotionally aware and healthy one. Many of us were brought up in an environment where our needs were not considered, where emotional regulation was absent, and where difficulties were endured but the emotional impact was ignored. Many of us coped by compensating by over-functioning, over-caring, and over-giving or withdrawing and closing down. Whether these episodes were extreme and traumatic, or just a repetitive normalized occurrence, we carry these patterns from our childhood into our adult lives until we unpack and understand them.

How do these show up? Doing everything for others but neglecting ourselves. Stuffing down our emotions with food or other distractions. Recreating trauma bonds. Getting lost in work so we don’t have to face our inner turmoil. No knowing where we begin and another ends. Losing touch with what our own needs are. Having unclear boundaries with the people and things in our life. Being stuck in the same loops.

In the case of trauma, our brain and nervous system gets programmed to stay in a loop of re-living the original stress. With the body in a constant stress response, it can never get into a parasympathetic mode long enough to heal. Unaddressed trauma, or unaddressed emotions and needs scream to be addressed. Over time this wears down our resilience, our emotional tolerance, our energy – and usually our health. Becoming aware of our wounded patterns and healing them is important in turning our health around. There are many approaches that can help such as psychotherapy, or modalities like Theta, EFT, body talk, brain retraining, or Shamanic practices. Sometimes poor health is a wake-up call to healing these deeper issues. We can’t get our health back and recover in the same “container” that made it deteriorate.

The Undercurrent – Your baseline frequency

Our patterned behaviors are created by our underlying beliefs, and this creates a kind of baseline frequency that we exist as. The beliefs, perspectives, and emotions create a ‘vibe’ of who we are – this undercurrent can sabotage us. In our practice we have a lot of success with helping people heal from chronic illness. Most people stay in good health in full recovery. But occasionally I have seen people completely recover, yet some form of ill health recurs. It’s not a flare-up of the previous condition. Why?

Some modes of healing used at our clinic, such as BioResonance, are so effective that they can heal the physical body faster than the emotional and spiritual body is prepared for.  Illness takes a long time to build – we don’t get sick overnight, and we don’t heal overnight.

What was happening in your life when you first got sick? Have you addressed that issue? If we don’t take care of ourselves with routines that support healthful food, rest, and sleep, if our relationships remain stressful and dysfunctional, if we remain in denial about addressing our wounding, if we neglect our needs – then we stay stuck in a frequency of illness – regardless of the physical interventions we take for our health. Healing our emotions, mind and spirit along with our bodies creates a new frequency to reside in.  We want our baseline frequency to be where our beliefs, perspectives, and emotions reflect healing, not illness.

When we’re suffering, we just want to get rid of the pain. We want to get rid of symptoms. But getting rid of symptoms and healing are not the same. Healing is a willingness to dig a bit deeper and to understand the whole terrain of where our health resides. Not just the obvious and mainstream, but the physical, emotional and spiritual reality under the surface. Uncovering blocks to our healing is often a very personal journey. Getting rid of symptoms is clinical, but healing is a sacred process.

The Ecohealth and Wellness Centre has a comprehensive healing program that works in partnership with patients to restore health. They strive to find the cause of the problem that is causing disturbance and address it.  They address the whole picture. Their protocol is a balance between detoxification of stressors and building up the terrain of the body for good health. They screen for energetic disturbance stressors that are the causes of many health disorders. Then using state-of-the art Bioresonance technology they assist the body to detoxify these stressors. The body then self-regulates into health.

Their approach is to activate the body’s self-healing capacity and restore you to optimal health.


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