Energize Your Spring Detox: Banish the 7 Stressors That Sabotage Well Being

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When we’re feeling tired, sluggish, and depressed, the best prescription could be a spring detox. In fact, detoxing is vital for best health. But detoxing for health is more than taking herbs for your liver, jumping into the sauna, or drinking more lemon water. These things are all important, yet the most impactful detoxification happens when we also understand the relationship between toxicity and stress.

The 7 Deadly Stressors

Burnout, adrenal fatigue, and the resulting cascade of health problems is very common. Too often, this is seen through the lens of emotional or psychological stress. Emotional and psychological stress is probably the largest factor that impacts our overall well being, but stress doesn’t only originate from the mental/emotional sphere. Toxicity creates stress too. Here’s my list of the top 7 categories of stress:

  1. Radiation (WiFi, 5G, X-Rays)
  2. Food (GMO, intolerances, junk)
  3. Indoor Chemicals (scented products, off-gassing furniture, unfiltered air and water)
  4. Outdoor Chemicals (pollutants, pesticides, smog, heavy metals)
  5. Drugs (improperly and over-prescribed legal drugs, and illegal ones) 6. Pathogenic Factors (viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds)
  6. Mental & Emotional Factors (trauma, loss, worry, overwhelm)

Any of these 7 Stressors can create these common symptoms: shortness of breath, coughing, congestion, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, joint and muscle pain, tremors, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, heart irregularity, dizziness, sleep disturbance, brain fog, memory loss, headaches, extreme reactions to foods, substances, cravings for salt and sugar, low blood pressure, nausea, weakness, tiredness.

In fact, many physical stressors create neurotoxic symptoms that manifest as mood disorders and brain dysfunction. This is probably the biggest reason for the persistence of the myth that every ailment that conventional medicine can’t figure out must be “all in your head” and is dismissed as “just” stress. It is stress, but the root isn’t always emotional/mental – it’s often toxicity.

1) Toxic Stress

Toxicity is really a double stress. First you have the specific negative effect of the toxin on your body, and secondly you have the stress-response effect on the entire system.

Each of the 7 Stressors is processed in the same way. Stressors enter body and brain through our senses: hearing, vision, smell, taste, touch. The brain sends a message to the hypothalamus affecting the pituitary gland which sends a message to the adrenals. Adrenals are the major masters of managing and protecting us from stress.

If your stress is temporary, your adrenals are able to handle it. The problem is when stress is cumulative and lasts more than two years. In a nutshell, in prolonged stress the adrenals go into overdrive, resulting in decreased cortisol.

That leads to the next stage of burnout with sugar and salt and junk food cravings. This leads to blood sugar imbalance, hormonal imbalance, and thyroid dysfunction. This progresses into a deeper stage with insomnia, headaches, irritability, depression, tiredness, Metabolic syndrome.

When the body can’t produce enough cortisol, one result is low hydrochloric acid which is essential for healthy digestion. Poor digestion creates leaky gut syndrome. That leads to increased food and chemical sensitivity and an increase in viral infections and chronic bacterial infections. That leads to a decrease of natural killer cells – which can result in automimmune conditions and degeneration. Poor adrenal function that goes on for extended period of time can throw a wrench into proper function of the hormonal system. Proper testing, supplementation, nutritional IVs and sometimes bioidentical hormones are required to bring the system in to balance, even once the impact of other stressors is mitigated.

So, yes. It is just stress, but it’s not just mental and emotional stress. Living in environments for prolonged periods where any of the other 6 toxic stressors are present is also a stress – and will result in symptoms of illness.

2) The Stress of Mould

Living in a house that has toxic black mould growing inside its walls will not only destroy your health, it is a blockage to any kind of cure for any illness. Water damage holds the danger of toxic mould growth indoors. This is a big problem because mould mycotoxins are toxic to our nervous system. Most mycotoxins are also cytotoxic meaning they disrupt cellular structures and processes. A plethora of health issues result from toxic mould exposure.

If you suspect you have mould in your house, have a professional assessment done. If you find mould – do not try to clean it yourself! You will further intoxicate yourself. Simply cleaning the mould with bleach is not enough as this only cleans away the surface mould, not what may be growing under the floors or behind the walls. Mould killers alone aren’t the answer. Even dead mould is still toxic. There are ways to detoxify the body from mould but you have to get rid of the mould from the home environment first! Otherwise you are continually recontaminating yourself. Professional bioremediation is the beginning of a medical detox program.[1]

2) The Stress of Toxic Food

It goes without saying that it’s best to avoid junk food, or food you’re sensitive to. But sometimes even foods we think are healthy are a problem. Genetically modified (GMO) foods are one such thing. GMO food is sprayed with the pesticide glyphosate. In turn, glyphosate prevents plants from absorbing minerals. Glyphosate has therefore been linked to depletion of minerals vital to the health of the body. This toxic pesticide has also been linked to weight gain, microbiome destruction, and cancer. Eating genetically modified, glyphosate-laced food is a huge stress on the body.

3) Undiagnosed Infections (including Lyme)

Having an undiagnosed stealth infection, and continually being told that your symptoms are just depression, and then being plied full of chemical antidepressants is probably one of the worst ways that conventional medicine does harm. Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing stealth infections in North America. It can affect any organ system. Symptoms can be mild (and just feel like fatigue and aches and pains, headaches from being burned out), or be severe and life-debilitating. Lyme is a great imitator and can mimic the symptoms of dozens of diseases. The controversies in mainstream medicine around testing, diagnosis, and treatment, along with physicians’ lack of knowledge puts people at risk for a lifetime of unresolved health issues.

The load of subtle viral, bacterial, mould, and parasitic stresses on the system is surprising. Parasites do not reside only in the gut, they can also reside in the muscles where they create pain. Some bacterial invaders sit mainly in the joints creating pain, while other pathogenic stressors create brain dysfunction. Some viruses or mould have the effect of depleting vital energy. An imbalance of unhealthy bacteria in the gut won’t only impact your gastrointestinal health, but also the health of your immune system, your brain, and your overall inflammatory factors.

Therapeutic strategies such as bioresonance, targeted herbal and nutritional protocols, homeopathic applications, and ozone therapy can be beneficial as alternatives to conventional Western models of healing.

4) Being Over-Connected

If we live in a smart-house, have Wi-Fi going all the time, and are attached to multiple personal devices all day and night, we are under the constant stress of electromagnetic radiation. Wi-Fi has been designated as a Class 2 carcinogen according to the World Health Organization. Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) is also linked to myriad symptoms but the most common are cardiac-related (like heart palpitations), as well as headaches and anxiety.

Once a person is over-sensitized to EMF it can be very difficult to remediate because of the lack of EMR-free zones where they can go. So it’s best to limit your exposure. There are advanced ways to remediate, but there are some simple things you can do too. Use wired internet, not wireless. If that’s not possible, shut your modem off at night so your body can rest in sleep. Don’t keep any electronic devices (including cell phones) in your bedroom or on your body. EMR has been known to damage mitochondrial DNA. That is a profound long-term implication of its dangers. Limit your connectivity.

5) The Role of Dental Fillings

Dental health is paramount to overall good health. Having a mouthful of mercury fillings and the resulting health issues (anxiety and neurological symptoms among many others) is a problem that more and more dentists are becoming aware of. Unsuccessful root canals where the body is still fighting the dead material, or worse where an abscess exists – have been linked to rheumatoid conditions. Unfortunately, doctors are not often aware how these factors can have an impact on your overall health and don’t consider your teeth in their diagnoses. A biological, holistic dentist is one of your best allies for good health.

6) Toxic Bath and Beauty Products

Avoid chemical, scented products for body, bathing, hair, laundry, or cleaning. If you use these products, and if you don’t filter your water, if you don’t filter your air – YOU become the filter for the toxins. And what suffers are your over-taxed detoxification organs.

Methods of Detoxification and Restoration

Toxins don’t magically disappear from the body. Whether you detoxify through bioresonance, sauna therapy, ozone therapy, homeopathics, nutritional regimens (specifically Vitamin C), herbal protocols or any other method, all detoxification has to be accompanied by appropriate drainage that allows the toxins to be processed. Drainage remedies that support the optimal functioning of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, GI system, and most importantly the lymphatic system, are vital. If these drainage pathways are not opened, the toxins you are trying to eliminate will not be able to leave your system.

Lemon juice (best taken in warm water on an empty stomach) is a digestive and detoxifying aid. It cleanses the liver, increases the body’s metabolic rate, is anti-inflammatory and a rich source of Vitamin C.

Toxin elimination is one part of the puzzle. Restoring is the other. Nutrition is the optimal way to rebuild your system. The first step is to be tested for food intolerances and then stop eating things your body doesn’t tolerate. This will clear up symptoms like headaches, inflammation, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, among other things. Stress of any kind depletes nutrients from our body. And since our soil is nutritionally deficient we will not get all the nutrition we need from our food. Supplementation is essential.

A nutritionist can give you a specific plan tailored to what your needs are, but in general, a multi-vitamin/mineral combination is important. Along with essential fatty acids, and B-complex for helping you deal with stress. Probiotics will help restore gut health. And remember the star detox vitamin is C. Vitamin C can be taken to bowel tolerance (ie. until you get diarrhea). In fact, if you are ever exposed to a sudden onslaught of toxins (perhaps in traffic behind a truck with exhaust problems, or the smell of diesel on the plane, or the walk-by of a perfume-laden person that gives you a migraine),  take approx. 2,000 mg of vitamin C as close to the time of exposure as possible – it will help you feel better.

The Children of Toxic Parents

No, this isn’t about the mother or father wound of our unprocessed emotional junk (although that does matter!). If you have or plan to have children – are you aware of the effects that your toxic-stress-load has on your future children and their future children? A couple planning to conceive should go through a detoxification program one year PRIOR to conception.

Chemical exposures in utero to POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants like PCBs, plastics, etc.) get stored in fat, they cross the brain barrier, placenta, and are passed to the baby in breast milk. POPs are hormone disruptors, obesogens, and carcinogens. The effects on the baby is decreased stamina, decreased motor skills, decreased memory recall, less creative play demonstration, increased aggression and being easily upset.

When that baby grows up it leads to decreased sperm production, premature puberty, ovarian cysts, fibroids, PMS, obesity. Babies of stressed parents are born with adrenal insufficiency. What is scarier is that offspring can be affected up to 2 or 3 generations into the future.  Toxins affect your family lineage. Get clean.

It’s Not Hopeless

Although we are dealing with more toxic stresses than any other generation, it’s not hopeless because knowledge is empowerment. Every day we can make choices to create living and working environments where toxic stress loads are limited and controlled to whatever extent is possible. Stress is toxic and it’s not some temporary inconvenience. Knowing that, you can combat the misinformed assessments of your health issues, protect yourself, and return to good health.


[1] Jozef Krop is based at the Ecohealth & Wellness Center in Mississauga, Ont. For more information visit: www.ecohealthcentre.ca

[2] One resource for bioremediation is Robert Steller at Breathing Easy  https://www.breathing-easy.net/

Dr. Krop has over 40 years of experience helping clients overcome complex health issues successfully. Visit his website at www.ecohealthcentre.ca, a place for transformational wellness experiences using bioresonance technology for next-level healing results. Office located at: 6517A Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ont. For appointments phone (905) 816-9657

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    I am intrigued by what I ma reading here. I healed stage three lymphoma through an absolute healing diet and intravenous high dose Vitamin C. A few years later, I recovered from hympothhyroidism through changing my diet yet again. Although I am 72 years old,I have always said I felt like I was 35, and I did; until the last three months, of becoming increasingly extremely fatigued. Two weeks after retiring from a trip to Mexico, my body was in tremors and my blood pressure spiked to 250/122 and I was in emergency twice in one week. I just saw the internist who simply doubled the blood pressure pill, but my blood pressure is still high.
    How can person go from feeling perfectly healthy to having high blood pressure “because you are older.” There is much more to this story. Can you help me?

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