3 Essential Items During Your Pilonidal Cyst Recovery

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The pilonidal cyst is a benign pathology that affects young men with developed hair. Patients with this disease are bothered by a skin nodule located in the gluteal cleft.

Most of the time, a surgical operation is performed to remove the entire cyst. This treatment method has the advantage of reducing the risk of recurrence, but it is often painful and very long (about 8 weeks).

For this reason, the wound is almost never sutured, in particular to prevent it from filling up again with pus and sebum during convalescence or by sitting down. This makes it all the more painful and sensitive…

That’s why we have gathered for you 3 objects that will be indispensable during your recovery from pilonidal disease. They will not only help you to heal faster, but also to avoid any complications.

The Wound VAC Machine

Chances are you’ve never heard of the pilonidal cyst wound VAC therapy. However, this revolutionary medical technology is able to work miracles in healing the wounds of pilonidal cyst patients.

In fact, it is simply a vacuum cleaner that will suck up the skin waste present in the wound. In this way, the flesh can be rebuilt without being bothered by dead skin or infectious tissue.

Vacuum Assisted Closure is being used more and more, and some home care nurses are even offering to loan their patients the device so they can heal faster, especially right after surgery.

If you are interested in this device, talk to your surgeon or contact healthcare professionals who have access to this type of technology.

The Pilonidal Cushion

When you have an operation on your tailbone, it is always difficult to sit down… However, our current lifestyle does not allow us to lie down or stand up all day.

This is why a pilonidal pillow is more and more recommended by surgeons to continue to sit without pain after the surgery.

Its U shape avoids compressing the wound. This way, the wound is not irritated and the blood can continue to irrigate the flesh, which needs it to rebuild.

And above all, thanks to the cushion you can sit down without pain and resume your daily activities and even work if you work in a sedentary manner in an office.

Liquid Green Clay

The benefits of natural products are no longer to be proven. Green clay is the best product to heal skin diseases, and many patients use it during their recovery from pilonidal cyst.

Its absorbent properties allow one to evacuate all the pus and bad secretions which could cause a delay of healing. Some companies have even developed green clay dressings to allow people with pilonidal disease to shorten their convalescence.

However, in order for it to be effective, one must know how to apply the green clay properly. Indeed, after an operation, the flesh is very sensitive and one should not apply a green clay poultice before 1 week post-op. After that, you can apply the liquid green clay to the edges of the wound.

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