Removing Fluoride from Toronto’s Drinking Water Has Health and Economic Benefits

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The City of Toronto is running seriously short of operating funds and so is looking to cut expenses wherever it can. One of the cuts that we would all benefit from, while saving taxpayers money, is the removal of fluoride from Toronto’s drinking water. Fortunately, Mayor Rob Ford agrees, and there is now proposal on the table to end the fluoridation of Toronto’s drinking water.

This is an excellent time for citizens to get involved and support the  proposal to end fluoridation of Toronto’s drinking water as there is not only a health issue, there is a financial issue now.

If you want fluoride on your teeth, just use fluoridated toothpaste. There is no need to drink fluoride, and several studies have shown adverse health effects. (Fluoride is a toxic industrial byproduct of manufacturing.)

Please support the campaign to write to Mayor Rob Ford and City Councillors in support of the proposal to remove fluoride from our drinking water.

I have already done so and have emailed to my friends asking them to do the same.  Just last year, Waterloo, St. Jacob and Elmira voted to end the fluoridation of drinking water. We should not wait any longer.  If we are successful in ending the fluoridation of Toronto’s drinking water, it could start a landslide movement across Canada.

The email address of Mayor Rob Ford is

The email address of the councillors can be found using this web page of the City:

It is advisable to include your home address to indicate that the writer of the email is a Toronto citizen.

For more information on the health effects of fluoride, please refer to Vitality’s article “Drinking Water Debate” posted at:

Also take a look at the Professionals’ Statement Calling for an End to Water Fluoridation of the Fluoride Action Network:

The above will help you to quickly understand the impact of fluoride on their health.

For those still in doubt and think fluoridated drinking water can prevent tooth decay I would like make a challenge to them: do not brush your teeth for one whole year and see what would happen to your teeth. Why bother to brush your teeth if fluoridated drinking water is effective in preventing tooth decay?

K S Mak