May 2018

REBOUNDING – Good For Lymphatic Detox, Arthritis Relief, Cancer Prevention

July 1, 2018

The body has a built-in need for activation. The lymph system, for example, bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away....

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE For Eczema and Itchy Skin

May 11, 2018

The word eczema comes from the Greek word ekzein, meaning “to boil over.” To early doctors it may have appeared that the skin was boiling...

HOMEOPATHY FOR SEASONAL ALLERGIES, Hayfever, and Allergic Rhinitis

April 13, 2018

If you experience difficulties such as sneezing, fatigue, headaches, and red watery eyes every year around springtime, you are probably one of the many victims...