HOMEOPATHY FOR SEASONAL ALLERGIES, Hayfever, and Allergic Rhinitis

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Homeocan, Canada’s natural products laboratory, has created non-drowsy remedies for relief from allergy symptoms

If you experience difficulties such as sneezing, fatigue, headaches, and red watery eyes every year around springtime, you are probably one of the many victims of seasonal allergies! According to recent studies,[1] more than 20% of the Canadian population is afflicted by this chronic illness. That’s why Homeocan, Canada’s natural products laboratory, has created non-drowsy remedies for relief from allergy symptoms.

In this article, I will explain why these allergies manifest, how to avoid them, and how to relieve their symptoms naturally: prepare yourself to learn all about it here!

Why Do Seasonal Allergies Occur?

A person can suffer with seasonal allergies from a young age, however they can suddenly start occurring at any point throughout one’s life. They are not contagious and are, for the most part, very easily diagnosed given the period during which they occur and the associated symptoms.

Seasonal allergies, also referred to as Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis, occur when an individual is exposed to a substance called an allergen. As a response, the body starts to produce antibodies and histamine to fight against this foreign substance, thereby causing the typical symptoms of seasonal allergies. These symptoms are very similar to those of a cold: runny nose, sinus congestion, sneezing, red eyes, fatigue, and headaches.

The substances which are most frequently recognized by our bodies as allergens and are thus responsible for seasonal allergies are tree pollen, various grasses, and ragweed.

 How to prevent allergies from occurring?

 Seasonal allergies are difficult to prevent, especially given that pollen is all around us during the peak season. However, certain good habits can keep this seasonal discomfort at bay. For example:

•  Don’t go outdoors when pollen is highly present in the air or when it is a windy day

• Don’t dry your clothes outdoors where pollen can attach to them

• Don’t go to parks and green spaces when pollen is in high concentrations

• Do wash your hair frequently

In addition to these good habits, it is important to boost your immune system in preparation for spring. By doing so, your body will be ready to fight its effects effectively and quickly when pollen begins to appear. The symptoms you dread every year will become less severe, and last for shorter periods of time. Homeocan’s Pollen Plus is the ideal treatment to prepare you for the allergy season. Just let the contents of the tube dissolve under the tongue once a week in order to reap its benefits. Additionally and fortunately, unlike many anti-allergic rhinitis medications, Homeocan’s Pollen Plus does not cause drowsiness!

How to relieve allergy symptoms?

When allergy symptoms begin to take over your body, they can quickly become unbearable! Fortunately, there exists a few tips to ease their effects. Did you know, for instance, that certain foods have natural antihistamine qualities? A few examples are garlic, red onions, and citrus fruits.

Certain essential oils, namely, Narrow-Leaf Eucalyptus essential oil, have incredible benefits when it comes to relieving allergy symptoms! Homeocan’s Narrow-Leaf Eucalyptus essential oil is recommended as it gently decongests the nose and facilitates breathing.

Homeopathy can be an effective tool against seasonal allergies. Hay Fever pellets were especially created by Homeocan to help alleviate different allergic symptoms easily and quickly. Simply take 3 to 4 pellets as soon as the first sign of an allergic reaction begins. And then you can repeat this step every 15 minutes until you feel better. This practical, natural remedy is suitable for all the members of your family and will quickly become your ally against allergies and their symptoms.

Thanks to Homeocan’s Pollen Plus and Hay Fever pellets, you will finally be able to breathe with ease through the spring!



History: 30 years ago, Michèle Boisvert, a pharmacy graduate, founded Homeocan. Today Homeocan is the largest Canadian homeopathy company with a state of the art Laboratory based in Montreal.

Values: Homeocan’s mission is to produce and distribute natural remedies for the health needs of the whole family, even our four legged friends with HomeoVet.

This article is sponsored by Homeocan  www.homeocan.ca/en

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[1] État des connaissances sur le pollen et les allergies» published in 2013 by l’Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) – Only in French


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