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Book Review: Miss Moon

May 1, 2017

Wise Words from a Dog Governess Author: Janet Hill Publisher: Tundra Books Book Publication: 2016 If you’re a cat person, the mere mention of dogs may conjure...

PET CARE with Essential Oils and their Friends

April 3, 2015

Author: Jan Benham Publisher: The Aroma Shoppe Ltd. Book Publication: 2013 Everyone loves a little pampering now and again – even our pets. So if...

Book Review: How to Attract Good Luck And Make the Most of it in Daily Life

November 1, 2014

Author: A.H.Z. Carr Publisher: Tarcher/Penguin Book Publication: 2014 Forget the horseshoes, talismans, and four leaf clovers. How to Attract Good Luck: And Make the Most of...