Posts From Miriam McCrea Malevris, DS Hom. Med.

Sepia: Homeopathy’s Wise Woman

December 1, 2008

With our hectic modern lifestyles, increased environmental toxicity, and gradual disconnect from nature’s cycles, it is no wonder that Sepia Officinalis is often called upon...

Homeopathic Medicine for PMS and Menstrual Discomforts

June 1, 2008

If menstruation is a normal, natural event, why is it that so many of us have issues with our cycles? In many traditional cultures, the...

Homeopathy: Ignatia For Loss, Heartbreak and Pain

December 1, 2007

From nervousness, depression and bereavement, to insomnia, moodiness, head-aches and more, it never ceases to amaze me how often Ignatia, the remedy touted as “Homeopathic...