Posts From Jenny (Jian ping) Shi, M.Sc., C.M.A.A.C.

Improving Fertility and Conception with Acupuncture, Diet, and Lifestyle Changes

June 28, 2022

(Originally published July 2018; updated June 2022) One of the most remarkable functions of the human body is its ability to procreate. This ensures the...

Staying Healthy in a Stressful World – the Chinese Medicine Approach

October 2, 2015

Today we are bombarded with warnings about dangerous new viruses. We witness daily reports about our polluted environment. Even the quality of our food and...

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Asthma and COPD

September 1, 2014

“Just imagine what would happen if the practising physicians, the ones who come into contact directly with suffering humanity, had some acquaintance with Eastern systems...