Ten Universal Laws for Successful Manifestation

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Recently, there has been a lot of hype about the Law of Attraction. People are writing about it as though it is something new, but The Law of Attraction and all other universal laws have existed since the beginning of time. The creation of all that is, our entire existence, is governed by subtle universal laws. We cannot see them, but we know they are present. For example, we know that “what goes up must come down.” This is a universal law. We also know that when we work with them, our thoughts and actions are aligned with divine flow and ease, and when we work against them, we create struggle and disease. When we understand the innate nature of these laws, we become better at manifesting in our lives. Here are ten of the universal laws that you need to know to successfully manifest what you want in your life:

The Law of Abundance: When we create images of abundance in our lives, we attract this energy into our reality. This does not only apply to money. We also long for an abundance of love, relationships, peace, harmony, opportunities, faith, success and much more.

The Law of Action: God works with us, not for us! We can be gifted, talented, compassionate, deserving, yet only action will materialize our wishes. Being a passive participant allows us to watch our life like a movie, whereas being an active participant allows us to star in the leading role. Which role do you choose?

The Law of Divine Flow: Living in the moment, maintaining a state of love, being grateful, and serving others aligns us to the law of divine flow. In turn, we are more connected to ourselves, to others, to the universe, and to God. This deep sense of connection allows for more peace, love, grace, compassion, and synchronicity which is divine flow. How can you create more flow in your life?

The Law of Economy: This law governs energy (matter) and energy always follows the line of least resistance. When we try to make things happen that are not in our highest good or the highest good of all, those actions are met with resistance (the Law of Economy).  Spending energy trying to overcome resistance and universal laws is wasted energy that could be spent where there is flow and receptivity. The more energy we save, the more we have to spend on things that truly matter. Where do you need to shift the focus of your energy?

The Law of Expectation: Energy always follows our thoughts. When we expect bad things, bad things will happen. When we expect and believe in good things, good things will happen. Our thoughts always shape our experiences and expectations. What thought patterns do you need to shift?

The Law of Good Will: When we manage the energy of our thoughts and actions, and create good thoughts and wishes for ourselves and others, we automatically create the energy of good will. The energy of good will, when understood by many, creates a collective consciousness of good will and has the ability to transmute the “ill will” of others. The more we strive to be in a state of good will and   alignment with this law, the more we will attract good will into our energy fields, which can cultivate manifestation and abundance in our lives. How are you practising good will in your life?

The Law of Grace: When we create good karma for ourselves, and focus outside of ourselves for the healing of others and Mother Earth, we implement the Law of Grace. This means that we might receive more than we have earned, allowing us to manifest even more of what we want in our lives. How can you live a more graceful life?

The Law of Intention: Energy always follows intent. When we perform an act of kindness and our intention is to be recognized for our goodness, or we have a hidden agenda, we will not be rewarded through the universal Law of Grace. Intention and effort must be aligned in order to successfully manifest. When we intend to generate more money in our lives, and we reduce our spending on non-essentials and become more responsible with our money, we create more money. More importantly, when we demonstrate that we can handle more, the universe gives us more. This is the Law of Intention.  How can you improve the intentions that you are setting in your life?

The Law of Manifestation: When we think, visualize, and speak what we wish to manifest, as though it is already happening in our lives, we activate this law. Our manifestations need to be positively focused, emphasizing what we want to create, rather than what we do not want to create. What do you wish to create in your life today?

The Law of Patience: Patience allows us to learn more about ourselves, our values, and to practice faith and surrender to the universe. Through patience we learn to allow for divine timing and trust that everything that we hope to manifest is occurring in its own divine order. Following this law allows for successful manifestation. Where do you need more patience in your life?

The Law of Three Requests: When we repeat what we are requesting of the universe three times, it activates the universal power of three and brings a stronger energy to what we intend to manifest. Often this accelerates the speed at which we attract what we have been requesting. How can you incorporate this law in your manifestation techniques?

Successful manifestation occurs when these laws are present in our lives, so understanding and working with them is the first step. Ultimately, successful manifestation of anything is dependent upon making a conscious choice of what we want, ensuring that we are wishing for what we truly want, seeing, speaking, and writing our manifestations, giving thanks as though it has already happened, and letting go and letting God, knowing that the universe will always bring us what is most appropriate and in our highest good and growth.

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