Stories of Healing With Reiki and Hypnotherapy


Humans get sick, need teeth extracted, and have emotional breakdowns. And for all of these health issues and more, we are so fortunate today to have alternate and complementary tools of healing, such as Reiki, to balance and stimulate the immune system, and hypnotherapy and meditation to establish deep peace.

Reiki is a form of vibrational healing. The practitioner harnesses the life force in his/her hands and lays them gently on the recipient at specified points. Reiki stimulates one’s natural tendency to be vibrant, and is beneficial in maintaining and extending one’s balance, health and emotional well being.

Hypnotherapy essentially entails bringing someone into a deeply relaxed state from which they can get in touch with underlying patterns that serve to free up physical or emotional blocks. From a spiritual perspective, the potent use of loving-kindness can transform countless circumstances.


In July 2006, Chris, then 24, came to see me on the recommendation of his girlfriend who had taken her first level Reiki training. They had been booked for a trip to Europe the following week, but the results of an MRI required that Chris have surgery for a massive brain tumour instead. He had been experiencing some recent vision problems, the scope of which was a complete shock to a young athlete and student who radiated vitality.

On the face of it, there wasn’t much time to prepare for this life-altering event, but when one’s focus is complete and positioned accurately, time can be as much of an ally as the caring contribution of everyone involved. Chris had a neurosurgeon of the first rank, and even though the tumour was benign, it was going to be a long and complicated operation, in the range of eight to twenty-four hours, with the probability of some memory loss and/or paralysis.

We began what I call “preparing the way,” setting in motion those elements that contribute to the best possible outcome, whatever that would be. (At the level of ego, of course, we do not know all the factors at play in someone’s life purpose. There is a wonderful phrase by a spiritual teacher named Uranda: “Let love radiate without concern for results.”)

Using hypnotherapy, I taught Chris a breathing sequence and meditation that he could use several times a day to bring himself easily and quickly into a deeply relaxed state, from which he would then apply a specific focus of love and healing for his circumstance. Part of that focus included the intention of letting the tumour relinquish its hold as easily as possible, with minimal blood loss, as well as filling the operating room with light, including the surgeon and all the medical personnel involved. We also used Reiki in his treatment. In addition to his family’s surround, I shared long-distance healing during the operation and Chris’ girlfriend used Reiki in recovery.

Needless to say, everyone was holding their breath post-surgery to see how much rehabilitation Chris would need. The operation lasted eight hours. Remarkably, he had no paralysis, no memory loss or speech impediments. When he came in to see me two weeks later, he looked no different! Today, Chris is doing well with his studies and the only outward signs of change are glasses for sight correction and a slight deviation in the growth pattern of his hair where the incision had been.

Even though life is not a straight line, I think that part of the gift in this for Chris was a hastened maturity, which led to clarified goals and much gratitude. There were many factors that brought this to a happy conclusion. I merely served as a catalyst. The surgeon’s role was primary: he said in his whole career this operation ranked in the top five of difficulty. But I think it’s fair to say that work done behind the scenes, quietly, can be of tremendous benefit, and not just at the physical level.

When an operation is inevitable we can provide a surround that assists not only prior to and during surgery, but in the aftermath, so that trauma to the body and central nervous system can be greatly relieved.

One client of mine in her 60’s, Donna, has had three surgeries in six years: two knee replacements (with heart fibrillations after the second) and a full hysterectomy. Each time she made it a priority to include Reiki treatments pre- and post-op as well as the meditations and visualizations that assisted in her recovery. In spite of the intense pain that results from knee surgery, Donna also faithfully kept her sense of humour and did her exercises and physiotherapy. Every day, others are an inspiration to me.

In the mid 1980’s when I was still working for CBC’s The Fifth Estate, I co-produced a piece on cancer and self-healing, interviewing practitioners and patients in Canada and the U.S. who were in the vanguard of what was called psychoneuroimmunology. One of the many pioneers we interviewed was Dr. Bernauer Newton in Los Angeles who was using hypnotherapy with cancer patients to assist them in recognizing and freeing up areas of their life that may have contributed to their illness (holding onto grief, regret, anger, afraid to speak up). He provided a space for insight and included visualizations, kindness, forgiveness, but no blame. Many of his patients went into remission, and for those who were in the final stages of their illness, he assisted them with the transition process.

I was deeply moved by his compassion and steadfastness and would say he was a major inspiration in my own life and future work.


Recently a few health issues surfaced in my own life, affecting the thyroid and uterus. Potent symbols! The lining of the uterus was thickening abnormally, and so I made specific use of self-Reiki, meditation and sessions with colleagues to return it to normal. A biopsy was to be scheduled, but by the time of the third ultrasound, the lining was receding and attendant symptoms abating. I will have another ultrasound in six months, and in the meantime continue with these healing applications. In addition, my underactive thyroid was brought up to normal function using Attunement, self-Reiki and daily iodine drops.

Looking back, in 1990 I was experiencing restrictions in my pelvic area. An ultrasound revealed a large multilocular ovarian cyst and I was scheduled for surgery in three weeks. Cancer or not, I was probably going to be eviscerated. While I waited for the surgical appointment, I made time every day for inner focus as well as receiving Attunements and acupuncture from two practitioners with a spiritual perspective. On the day my appointment arrived, a new ultrasound revealed that the pelvic mass had disappeared – and my surgery was cancelled!

In hindsight, I realize that letting go of fear was a major turning point in allowing this mass to dissolve. Although my gynecologist wasn’t interested in the how or why of it (an “anomaly”), he was gracious and said we’d keep our eye on it. The mass never returned.


I did not discover I carried the genetic predisposition for iritis (inflammation of the eye which needs immediate treatment) until I was in my 50s; it was misdiagnosed three times and I almost lost my left eye. This resulted in floaters, which I was told would be permanent because of the damage.

However, with the use of self-Reiki the floaters disappeared, with the side benefit of restoring my vision. I no longer need prescription glasses even though I wore them from the age of 6. Over decades I have let go of many debilitating conditions: severe depression, paranoia, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders and IBS, psoriasis, migraines, and much more.

Although there’s ultimately nothing noble in suffering, when illness (or accident) happens, it brings a host of things to the surface, wherein lies our opportunity to grow and reprioritize.

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