Stories of Healing with Reiki and Hypnotherapy

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In these remarkably intense times, we are so fortunate to have alternative and complementary avenues of healing available to us. These include reiki energy therapy which enables a person to decompress and balance and strengthen their immune system. It also includes hypnotherapy and meditation which works to establish deep peace, bringing forth insights and a reconnection to our indwelling Spirit.


Reiki originated from the spiritual practices of Tibetan Holy men who were helping people refine their state of mind by meditating on Sanskrit symbols to remind them of the divine power in their daily lives.

Today, reiki is a form of vibrational healing widely used by health care workers, natural medicine caregivers, therapists, and holistic healers. Energetically, the practitioner harnesses the cosmic life-force in his or her hands and lays them gently on the recipient at specified points. For the client, reiki works to stimulate a natural tendency to be vibrant and is beneficial in maintaining and extending their health and emotional well-being.

A reiki session conducted in an atmosphere of stillness and calm will help clients to sometimes have a spiritual experience. And some insomniacs will eventually relax and fall into a restful sleep. Reiki is a great form of preventive medicine, not to be used just for emergencies or crises. During the pandemic, the sharing of long-distance Reiki has been extremely helpful.


Hypnotherapy essentially involves guiding a person into a deeply relaxed state from which they can get in touch with underlying patterns that serve to free up physical or emotional blocks. It provides an opportunity for loving kindness and forgiveness to transform countless circumstances, and to change behaviour going forward.

Tumour Responds to Energy Therapy

A client came to see me because surgery was in the offing. There was a tumour on her pancreas, and the doctors planned to remove a significant portion of the gland.

Prior to the surgery, she wanted to explore other options. Fortunately, she was open-minded and also involved with Eastern spiritual traditions. We commenced a series of sessions involving reiki, hypnotherapy, meditation and visualization. During these sessions, it emerged that she was holding onto deep emotional pain from a relationship with her former spouse where there was a betrayal of trust.

As the sessions continued, she was able to tune into what her dreams were telling her, and she also progressed to learning reiki Levels I & II from me so that she could practice reiki on herself and with others.

She became very dedicated to this endeavour, and was eventually able to forgive her ex-husband while also recognizing her part in letting the union go forward.

She continued with her meditation, energy work, and hypnotherapy sessions for approximately two to three months. The mass began to shrink and in the end, it disappeared. Surgery was no longer necessary.

In gratitude, she travelled overseas to visit one of her spiritual temples to donate her time and money. This is an individual who is very generous to others. She remains well to this day.

Hypnotherapy and Reiki Used with Other Health Conditions

Other situations that, on the surface, may not appear so dramatic nevertheless come with their own challenges and opportunities. And if, say, an operation is inevitable, a surround of Light can be provided that assists not only prior to and during surgery, but in the aftermath, so that trauma to the body and central nervous system can be greatly reduced.

At the level of the ego, we do not know all the factors at play in someone’s life. There is a wonderful phrase by a spiritual leader named Uranda who said, “Let love radiate without concern for results.” In other words, there is no need to manipulate or try to affect an outcome.

One client of mine in her 60s had three surgeries in six years: two knee replacements (with heart fibrillations after the second) and a full hysterectomy. Each time she made it a priority to include reiki treatments pre- and post-op as well as the meditations and visualizations that assisted in her recovery. In spite of the intense pain that can result from knee surgery, she also faithfully kept her sense of humour and did her exercises and physiotherapy. Every day, people like this are an inspiration to me.

In the mid-1980’s when I was working for CBC-TV’s The Fifth Estate, I co-produced a program on cancer and self-healing, interviewing practitioners and patients in Canada and the U.S. who were in the vanguard of what was called psychoneuroimmunology.

One of the many pioneers we interviewed was Dr. Bernauer Newton, M.D. in Los Angeles. He was using hypnotherapy with cancer patients to assist them in recognizing and freeing up areas of their life that may have contributed to their illness (holding onto grief, regret, anger, afraid to speak up, etc.). He provided space for insight, and included visualizations, kindness, forgiveness, and no blame.

As a result, many of his patients went into remission, and for those who were in the final stages of their illness he assisted them with the dying process. I was deeply moved by his compassion and steadfastness, and would say he was a major inspiration in my own life and future work. I have since had the privilege of working with others who were in the transition process from life to afterlife, a number of whom felt the unwavering love that was waiting for them.

My Own Story

I emerged from a traumatic childhood which left in its wake a trail of habit patterns and health issues that took decades to undo. I chose a spiritual path, with its own challenges, but for me it was a rewarding one. Patience is an acquired virtue.

I have since let go of many debilitating, longstanding conditions including severe depression, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), digestive disorders and IBS, psoriasis, acute migraine headaches, and much more.

I have been able to avoid surgery a few times, the first of which was in 1990. An ultrasound revealed a large multilocular ovarian cyst, and I was scheduled for an operation within three weeks. Cancer or not, I was probably going to be eviscerated. I went for a second opinion and was told I would absolutely have to have the surgery.

Even though I was working as a freelancer, I made time every day for meditation along with receiving Attunement and acupuncture treatments from two practitioners with a spiritual focus. In one session, I felt my fear over what might happen begin to dissolve, and knew that things would work out either way. There was higher help here for sure, and it was a major turning point in allowing the mass to dissolve.

In the end, my gynecologist cancelled the surgery because the cyst had disappeared, but needless to say he was surprised. For him this was a complete anomaly. I told him it didn’t happen by accident, and although he wasn’t interested, he was gracious and said we’d keep our eye on it. It did not return. This is not to say that if there is no remission, there has been a lack on anyone’s part.

In my early 50’s I discovered I carried a genetic predisposition for iritis. I had a painful and virulent attack (severe inflammation of the eye which needed immediate treatment). It was misdiagnosed three times and I almost lost my left eye. (An uncle did lose an eye in the days before steroids).

The damage caused black floaters in my eye, which I was told would be permanent. Fortunately, by doing regular self-Reiki on my eye region, the floaters disappeared. This had an added bonus of eliminating my need for prescription glasses, even though I’d worn them from the age of six.  Like so many illnesses, one of the triggers for iritis is stress. As one gets older, iritis falls away – so mercifully I haven’t had an episode for many years.

You’ve heard the saying, “Before Enlightenment, hewers of wood, drawers of water; after Enlightenment, hewers of wood, drawers of water.” In other words, even when we’ve come into a place of greater equanimity, we will still feel things; but the difference is that we don’t personalize it – just observe, so that we can learn to be here in a more peaceful way, and offer blessing. The good news is that the goal is tantalizingly closer than we think, because others have done it.

The ego is addicted to trauma and drama, and wants you to believe that peace is boring.
The world is a place of noise, distraction and pain. Yes, there is also beauty here – that’s duality. In Oneness, we can acknowledge the radiant love that each of us carries within.


Virginia Hart Nelson, C.CHt. is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Traditional Reiki Master, Past-Life Regressionist and Attunement Practitioner. She teaches Reiki and has been working with others for 27 years in Toronto, Canada. (416) 960-1690

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