Secrets of Recovery for COVID-19 Long Haulers (both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated)

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A plant-based Mediterranean diet is a key component of Covid-19 long hauler recovery program

There have been some articles published on how to treat COVID-19 long haulers, and they were generally accurate in terms of addressing the spike protein or providing other anti-viral treatments. However, if the writers were on the front line of treatment, and had researched this virus thoroughly, they would realize the shortcomings of their protocols. The following are some of the secrets to treating these patients to achieve long-term success.

  1. How long has the virus been in the body? The longer the virus has been in the body, the greater the cellular damage is likely to be. This damage can occur in every organ and system in the body so addressing only the heart, the lungs and the brain is probably not a good idea. If someone has been a COVID-19 long-hauler for over two weeks, it is probably safe to assume that cellular damage has occurred wherever ACE-2 receptors are present, which includes all organs and systems, including muscle and nerves. To assume otherwise is not a wise medical decision.
  1. What do symptoms tell us? Generally, symptoms tell us where the virus is most active and where the patient is most vulnerable. Addressing these symptoms first is probably a good idea, but treating them at the exclusion of the other parts of the body is not a good idea. Advanced immune system blood test and full-body cellular analysis is probably a good idea because that can provide a benchmark for the success of treatment programs.

It should be remembered that standard biomarker ranges are averages and not necessarily optimal levels. The liver can be damaged up to 70% before liver enzymes are seen in traditional blood tests. The body is very resilient and can protect organs for a long time before biochemical assessments reveal serious damage. For example, mammograms need four billion cells in a tumor before a cancer growth can be detected at 65% accuracy. Some of the more advanced early detection biometrics include: C-reactive protein; Vitamin D3 levels; Vitamin C levels; Co-enzyme Q10 levels; RBC Magnesium; Omega 3/ 6 ratio; 8-OHgD DNA damage; Galectiin 3-heart cancer

  1. What is the patient’s current state of health? We know that the elderly and the chronically ill are at the highest risk of getting COVID-19 and becoming long-haulers or dying. However, there is ample evidence from Stanford Medical School, the University of North Carolina, and the National Cancer Institute that 90% of American adults have weakened immune systems. Not all of them have the same level of immune weakness, but if the viral load was high enough, and the length of infection time long enough, anyone can become a COVID-19 long-hauler.
  • There are immune system blood and urine tests to assess current immune system strength.
  • It also depends on a person’s diet, weight, exercise habits, stress levels, toxin exposure, sleep pattern and lifestyle factors such as alcohol and tobacco use.
  • It is also important to know how many prescription drugs someone takes, and if they take nutritional supplements, the quality and dosage of the supplement, and whether they periodically use detoxification protocols.

All of these factors can be used to determine the general state of health for any COVID-19 long hauler. Then the appropriate treatment protocol can be designed.

  1. Oxygen homeostasis is critical – It is very important to stabilize the body’s systems for delivering oxygen to every cell. This is often called oxygen homeostasis. The body has its own system for doing this, however the COVID-19 virus has been shown to create a challenge to the system called the cytokine storm. This occurs when the viral load overwhelms the lung’s ability to produce oxygen and overproduces the body’s natural cytokines or defense molecules. This system can be improved with the consumption of two important oxygen enhancers:
  • SPM (Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators)
  • Molecular hydrogen

These two supplements can help to establish a stronger oxygen homeostasis balance and help to ensure that there is enough oxygen delivered to all cells for the COVID-19 long-hauler repair process.

5. Keep the virus under control – While the oxygen levels are being stabilized, it is equally important to keep pushing the virus back with proven natural anti-viral nutrients such as: vitamin C; vitamin D; Olive leaf extract; Oregano; Nano particle silver; Zinc

Oregano herb

Improving white blood cell strength is also crucial and can be accomplished with a low sugar diet and supplements such as: vitamin A; vitamin E; vitamin B-6; Astragalus

These supplements should be consumed along with a plant-based Mediterranean Diet in order to achieve optimal virus retreat. The cellular and tissue repair process necessary for COVID-19 long-hauler will be successful in direct proportion to the quality of this virus control nutritional program.

  1. Some toxin and illness challenges to consider – As COVID-19 long-hauler patients share their stories, there are usually some unexpected factors that come to light. Here are several recent cases that help to illustrate the key role of toxins in regards to whether a COVID-19 long hauler protocol is effective or not:

CHEMICALS AT WORK – After two or three discussions with this patient, she revealed that she worked in a hair salon. This caused alarms to go off about the exposure to toxic chemicals she was inhaling up to 10 hours every day (ie. hair dyes, peroxide, hair styling products, etc). It is no wonder her lungs were so challenged. We recommended isolating her workplace as much as possible, using a high-quality air purifier at work and at home, as well as taking a day or two off every week if possible. We also recommended natural inhalers to help clean out her sinuses and lungs. The two inhalers recommended were:

          1.     Emuaid First Defense                   2. Lignosus

MOLD IN THE HOUSE In this case the patient revealed a few weeks after starting the protocol that she had a serious mold condition in her home. We suggested she locate to another cleaner apartment until the mold problem could be resolved. Health care practitioners should also ask questions about the exposure to chemicals in the house and recommend how to reduce them with less toxic products and high-quality air cleaners.

SWIMMING IN CHLORINE-TREATED POOLS – This patient was a former Olympic swimmer and was exercising by swimming every day as part of his normal exercise routine. We recommended that he switch to light walking until his symptoms improved. When human oils and sweat combine with chlorine a chlorine gas is created which depletes zinc and can lead to deficiencies in vitamin D3. This in turn can lead to the development of cancer in the body if the person’s immune system is compromised. Changing to a saltwater pool is recommended.

CROHN’S DISEASE – This is one of many names of inflammatory intestinal disorders. The patient was experiencing bouts of diarrhea most likely caused by the COVID virus entering the intestines. This issue must be addressed before the Long COVID protocol could be applied. Treatment included a plant-based Mediterranean Diet, a probiotic with 20 billion live cells with MegaSpore added. MegaSpore has five special bacteria that help to close the gaps in the intestinal wall. As well, Tapioca was used before each meal to slow food passage through the intestines. A tablespoon of nano-particle colloidal silver and 100 mg of coconut oil was taken three time daily on an empty stomach to kill any virus or yeast in the intestines. L-Glutamine was taken with the breakfast meal to help rebuild the lining of the intestine.

STOMACH ISSUES – This patient complained about digestive issues including appetite challenge and food sensitivities. This could cause difficulty providing a wide range of healthy foods and ensuring they are processed effectively into the nutrients his body needs. We recommended Nature’s Lining from Lane Labs which is s special form of zinc that can usually rebuild the stomach lining in thirty days. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are already included in the Long COVID protocol so his digestive issues should be resolved very soon.

RACING HEART AND RHYTHM ALTERATIONS – This patient had heart valve issues about ten years ago and likely had some cellular damage. COVID can attack weakened heart tissues causing the heart to take defensive action, including racing heart and rhythm changes. This in turn can lead to fatigue when the heart is asked to work, even if it is only walking. We recommended a special form of magnesium AEP combined with calcium AEP and potassium AEP. The AEP form of minerals was developed by a German doctor named Hans Napier and is known to help minerals be better absorbed through the membrane of cells. We also recommended CoQ10 and berberine to improve energy production and accelerate the cellular repair process.

Vitamin C is the primary building block for white blood cell function

CANCER PATIENT ANTIBODIES – This cancer patient was given the Pfizer COVID vaccine and was concerned that her body might not respond very well due to he cancer treatments. She was correct. A COVID antibody test one week after the vaccine revealed that she had no COVID antibodies. We recommended that she strengthen her white blood cells by taking astragalus, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin E. Each of these nutrients is known to increase white blood cell count. We also recommended low sugar intake, which she was already doing, and higher levels of vitamin C, which is the primary building block for white blood cell function.

BLOOD CLOT CONCERN – This patient had a concern about the development of blood clots which might occur after she got the COVID vaccine. In this case we advised her to consume fish oil, vitamin E, and either nattokinase or serrapeptase which are known to help thin the blood and prevent clotting. It was suggested that she check with her doctor to include the D-Dimer blood test about one week after the COVID vaccine. Any new clotting should occur in this test. An INR test could also be used to determine the ability of her bloods coagulation level.

Use of prescription medications

A few of the COVID-19 long-hauler protocols have recommended the use of prescription medications as part of the treatment. In most cases there are natural treatments that can accomplish the same cellular protection without the possible negative impacts of drugs. The major concern is the challenge of these medications to the liver, which will need to break these drugs down for removal. There is also some reported damage to the blood-brain barrier with the use of Ivermectin, which can delay the repairs necessary to brain cells.

Jump-starting the immune system

It is often the case that the COVID-19 long-hauler has waited a long time to begin the treatment protocol. If this happens, an effective strategy is to immediately begin a series of intravenous treatments. Of course, it is necessary to have a licensed physician conduct a physical examination and do the proper blood and urine assessments. If everything is in order, then the following IV treatments have been known to help jump start the patient’s immune system.

• HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – Helps to suppress the virus and kill as many COVID-19 molecules as possible.

• VITAMIN C Usually from 5,000 mg up to 50,000 mg depending on the doctor’s assessment of what is needed. Usually 10,000 – 20,000 mg is satisfactory.

• VITAMIN D INJECTIONS If vitamin D3 blood levels are below 40 ng/mL then shots can be provided at the level of 10,000 – 20,000 IU.

• GLUTATHIONE – This IV can help the immune system to remove pathogens of all kinds involving the COVID-19 virus.

• MEYERS COCKTAIL This mineral combination can include high doses of vitamin C and helps to keep key minerals such as magnesium and calcium in balance.

The average patient only needs three or four of these IVs to help his/her body be better prepared to use the treatment protocol recommended.

Timing for treatment

Many COVID-19 long-hauler patients will assume they are better when all of their symptoms have gone away. This is not necessarily true. In a vast majority of cases, symptoms will come back within a few weeks. Therefore, it is well advised to continue the protocol for two or three months for the following reasons:

  • The virus can remain active and continue to cause tissue damage after symptoms have stopped.
  • Cellular damage can occur in organs and systems that did not experience any symptoms or had normal biochemical levels.
  • Cellular replacement takes longer in older patients and it is not uncommon for repairs to continue for three months or more.
  • Excellent blood and urine tests as well as high energy and activity levels will signal that all cells have returned to a health state.


This is a very new illness and practitioners are learning how to treat it better every day. These protocol notes are based on several detailed patient consultations building on the protocol developed by Dr. Charles Bens, Ph.D. This protocol is available at Vitality Magazine via the following link.

(Caution: This article does not replace the advice of your own doctor. Please consult your healthcare practitioner regarding the use of any nutritional supplements to ensure they are safe and appropriate for your use.)

Charles Bens, PhD, was an internationally recognized author, speaker and consultant specializing in the fields of organizational improvement, workplace wellness and functional medicine. His creative publications and presentations have garnered praise in the form of Man of the Year recognition in the U.S. and Canada, commendation from the President of the United States and speaking engagements worldwide. "It is with a heavy heart that I must report the news that Charles passed away on Friday, October 14th, 2022. He died of a sudden heart attack. Only two hours before, we had been on a long bike ride. Sadly, his heart was not as strong as his desire to live. Shortly after taking a shower he was overcome by nausea and chest pains. He passed within thirty minutes. I was by his side. For those of you who knew him well, you’re aware that he was a health nut. One reason for his obsession was that he’d been born with a seriously arrhythmic heart. This condition took his father’s life when he was in his early 70”s. By exercising daily and staying on a great diet Charles managed to squeeze almost another decade out of his ailing heart." Ingrid Bens


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  1. C
    January 23, 11:50 CovidLonghauler

    Do you offer testing & protocol assistance for COVID long haulers ? I see the testing on your website requires a doctors referral but I haven’t found a doctor to work with. I tested positive for Covid on 8/24/21. I still have many long haul symptoms including chronic fatigue which makes it difficult to find help.

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    • D
      January 23, 15:12 Dr. Bens

      The tests on my website do not require a doctor’s referral. The doctors at DHA Labs will approve them. I can help guide your initial efforts, which should be enough to get you started. Also, I have doctors and coaches that can help if you need them. I have worked with people who have been ill for 5 or 6 months with complete success. It all depends on your state of health and compliance with the protocol. Hope this is helpful.

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  2. Y
    February 15, 01:54 Yang

    Dr bens

    How do you think of the popular “ivermectin” and “artemisinie” on covid and the vaccine side effect repair?

    Does MCP has some liver damage?(it’s heard that..)

    And very urgently,how can we do with kids under six with covid or vaccine side effect? Many thanks.

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  3. D
    February 16, 09:44 Dr. Bens

    Hello Yang,
    Thanks for your enquiry. Ivermectin, and other anti-virus drugs, seem to be more effective if used immediately, but not for long haulers. Drugs generally weaken the liver and kidneys, which need to be strong to support the repair and recovery process. MCP does not challenge the liver in the same way, but it does bind to calcium and should not be taken two hours before or after consuming calcium supplements. Children under six should not be vaccinated against COVID. They already get too many vaccinations and would be better protected by insuring consumption of a diet filled with organic vegetables, cod liver oil, acidophilus milk, omega 3 fish, wheat grass, green powder drinks and very low sugar intake.

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