Sacred Journeys: “Remain calm, be brave, watch for the signs!”

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What extraordinary times we live in, ‘time’ being the operative word here. This summer the energies have been intense, fluctuating between highly charged and periods of inertia. In the highly charged periods I am so full of love for humanity, and the blue of the sky, I will burst; then I am filled with tears for the struggles of my brothers and sisters in the world. The inertia is not a meditative calm, more the sensation of being clobbered on the head and wondering why nothing is moving forward. It is absolutely exhausting. One minute the body is ready to fly and then it can barely move. Even in the stillness there is such a huge volume of information being processed that one can barely move. I know some people are kept awake by it, while others are constantly falling asleep to adjust to all the information. This is the evolution of our consciousness that the ancients have been predicting.

My issues around safety and survival were all coming up this summer. For example, because my business relies on people outside my influence, I had to surrender and surrender over again. I couldn’t push the river to get my products out into the world, because real people were at the other end going through their own rollercoaster of emotional waves and crazy time management. All of us are in the same boat. I had to let go of how I thought things should be, and trust that everything was unfolding as it needed to. As a result I found a middle ground where I was able to let go of the stress of how I thought things should be, and instead allow them to be themselves.

To cope with it all I found myself  breathing love into every situation that I found frustrating, and let go. Surrender. It was absolutely magical. I can navigate quite well with trusting that things will work out. I found myself, though, without any control of outcomes, and had to go much deeper than ever before to find a place without stress. What I found was a place that my friends and I call ‘neutral’. It is a calm beautiful raft that floats down the river, and sits in little grassy bogs as happily as rushing down rapids. In that place of letting go of expectations, there is just me, and the love I have for everything around me. The only steering mechanism is the question, “What would love do now?”

For me, the way onto the raft came through a concern for money and survival. It could as easily have been a health crisis, or if I’d had teenagers – having to let go of the stress of my expectations on outcomes, versus theirs. Whatever the issue, I think all of us have been dealing with situations that are inviting us to find solutions. We are learning to recognize what we need and love most, and letting go, or addressing, what is stressful. We are returning to ourselves and choosing where we will spend our energy. I suspect there have been some good and truthful conversations going on out in the world of late. Some will clear the air, others will shift attachments, and all of it will in some way expose and release fears that are holding us to an old dualistic world.

On my raft I stopped trying to control, and as a result I noticed things I had always wanted were floating up to me effortlessly. By not feeding the negative concerns and worry, my energy was freed up to participate in the moment. Most noticeable was a return to feeling joy and love in the hum around me; nature and friends particularly. As I continued along this way I found myself feeling better about myself because I was so filled with love. Naturally I began drawing more love and joy to myself, as like attracts like, or in this case love. Now I was even grateful for the problems that had forced me into this new state of ‘surrender’.

The next phase was connecting into the love I have for all life and feeling more and more plugged into the Oneness of which we are all a part. My focus now is all about working together to co-create the new earth. I have spoken about this for over fifteen years in this column, but it shifted into the cells of my body this summer, and I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way. Unity consciousness is totally the way to go now. I don’t even feel that it’s about working on ourselves so much. We should love and forgive ourselves absolutely, 24/7, but now we can do the same work by connecting into each other, and get it done in a fraction of the time.

Close your eyes and imagine all the people you love, send them love and ask them to visualize you healed and whole. Commit yourself to them too. Know that the beings out there who would gladly visualize you whole and healed are ten thousand times that amount. You just need to go into your heart and ask. We’re right here. Here is a beautiful meditation for getting that seed planted in your heart:

Meanwhile, know that you are not alone, ever, and as they said at the Dead Dog Café (CBC Radio): “Remain calm, be brave, watch for the signs!”

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