Manifesting Our Intentions More Easily

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Local friends of mine began meeting last month to plan an invitation for a Syrian family to our neighbourhood. The sense of community is strong here. To sponsor a Syrian family we are required to come together as a group and commit to caring for them financially and socially for a year. It is very different than sending money to an organization.

Taking personal responsibility like this is a more intimate experience that requires listening to your inner voice, following your heart, and walking your talk.

As Syrian families press up against the borders of Europe, they are illuminating how, on a global scale, we seem to all be pushing up against old limiting social beliefs that have created artificial barriers.

As the world gets smaller, we are no longer able to ignore each other’s suffering, and we are seeing that most of what separates us is learned, and most of what we fear is imagined. The evolution of our planetary consciousness requires that we end the ‘learned’ separation between us, and replace the ‘fear of others’ (which that separation can foster) with kindness, love, and compassion.

It is a profound metaphor for how we are learning to change the way we respond to the world.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect.”  (Chief Seattle ~ 1855)

The spirit of this land, as understood by the people of all First Nations, embodies what a friend described as ecological consciousness. By having an intimate relationship with the Earth as a sentient being, a mother, a provider, First Nations people were not so easily separated from the world around them. When the first refugees of famine and war appeared on these bountiful shores hundreds of years ago, indigenous people recognized them as brothers and sisters, and generously shared this land in trust.

This is the unifying spirit of our evolving planetary consciousness.

The western mind has been very creative, searching and exploring for the meaning of life on every front. Western society has been equally creative since the Uranus Pluto conjunctions of the 60’s, exploring its freedom of expression. The West has explored every possible avenue – from extreme selfishness to the challenges of living peacefully in neighbourhoods brimming with ‘difference’.

The path to living in diverse communities, where our judgment is suspended and our differences are celebrated, means going within our hearts and finding what we hold in common, to see the inner light we share: when we look into the eyes of another, we look into our own loving eyes. As lines of separation blur, we can explore creating authentic change from the inside out.

On a personal level, the summer and fall seasons have brought me lots of ‘evidence’ that how I orient myself changes all my outcomes. It seems that the more completely I shift my orientation, the more I change my resonance, which in turn changes how life presents itself energetically to me. In other words, I can make things happen. This realization is just in its infancy, but I imagine if it is happening to me, it is likely happening to lots of us.  We have read and spoken about the teachings that assure us ‘what you believe, you create’. And now I think there is a global energetic shift that is allowing us to make our intentions manifest more easily. Something has changed out in the world. I don’t know if it is the 100th monkey effect or the heightened gamma levels since the lunar eclipse in September, but manifesting a new world is getting easier.

Last month at a birthday celebration, a group of us paddled out to an island on the east side of Algonquin park to chant. During the Buddhist chant, lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu, I felt myself shift into a place of stillness and sensed the light of my divine self pour in and feed the ‘flame’ in my core. As I sensed this unending river of light pouring into my chest, everything changed. Suddenly, around each person chanting, myself included, the air was distorting and the sound waves were visible as they left our mouths and floated upward. If I returned to my head to think about what I was seeing, the sensation vanished, but returning again to the infinite field of light that was the source of my divine self, and all physical life, the shift in resonance returned and I noticed birds circling above the misty smoke that our voices were sending up like a musical fire.

I knew, in that moment, that by letting go into the stillness inside, and opening to the flow of light that is wanting to communicate with us now, we can shift from our old beliefs and be present to a future of our own creation. In other words it feels like we don’t need to go outside ourselves for support or love or reassurance anymore. Everything we need is pouring into us, and all we have to do is turn on our fountain and let it flow.

Now that is ecological consciousness!

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