Sacred Journeys – October 2011

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I recently returned from a retreat in Mount Shasta, California, where I gathered with other like-minded beings who were drawn there to explore the magnificent energy of the place. Each day, we envisioned sending golden and pure white roots of light pouring out from our heart chakras, anchoring them in the core of mother earth, and asking the divine mother to nourish each one of these roots of light with the energies we need to manifest our fullest selves. We would then bring this vibration of love up our legs and into our hearts; then up through the crown into the great central sun at the heart of our galaxy and ask for these roots to be nourished to help us deepen our connection to our divine selves, and help us accept this pure eternal love embracing us. It was indeed magical to do this in the beautiful forest of enormous ponderosa pines that rose high in the sparkling blue sky.

I returned with feelings of cosmic connection to my ‘super together’ massive light being. From this perspective, I can now look at myself as this beautiful tendril of light that is down on the surface, who in turn is looking up and deepening her connection with that larger part of herself. Once you get the image or a hint of it, you know it is the place to connect to 24/7. I have thought of my higher self as something outside myself, ‘up’ and ‘out’ there somewhere. Now we are a team. When I drive the car I feel my higher awareness flowing through the crown of my head and it is sitting inside me driving. Our hearts, my physical 3D heart, and my higher light body heart, are working together, consciously, and it changes everything. It is like plugging into love, and it is the perspective where all life makes sense. It is, literally, an evolutionary shift in vision.

When we talk about a coming ‘pole shift’ or an ‘evolution of consciousness,’ I think this is it. By uniting with our higher self, our divinity, our sacredness, we shift our attachment to the illusion of duality and separation into compassion and unity consciousness. Fear dissolves. It is euphoric. It’s a shift in consciousness, and it’s happening now.

There are a few strategies for staying aligned with our higher light being that appear to be working for people. Most important is loving yourself, being true to your heart or intuition. Remember, from this higher perspective you are not alone now, you are at one with your higher self. For instance, imagine someone asks you for dinner. Your first thought may be that you want to go home (your heart is talking) but you don’t want to hurt their feelings so you might decide to go to dinner (old mental patterns). You are of service to others when you listen to the voice of your highest self. It has something else for you to do which is more nourishing, perhaps reading a book you are drawn to, for example, but it expressed itself as a quick intuitive flash. When we trust our intuition we align with our higher self, who is trying to help manifest our dreams, our highest path of purpose, which is in alignment with all Life.

Staying aligned also requires knowing when we are disconnected. If I get in a snit or frustrated, I know I have fallen out of the stream of light, out of the love. So I look at what triggered the reaction; if it’s not something obvious like needing nourishment or water, Ho’oponopono and EFT work well for clearing what is coming up, right on the spot, and then I get back into feeling centred and connected.

I also recommend doing some of the global meditations that are available. Children of the Sun ( is wonderful for full and new moon meditations.

Holding ourselves steadily in our new higher awareness can be a full time job, as we exist both in the familiar dualistic world and the new world we are co-creating. We are making the shifts at our own pace and in our own ways, so it is helpful to be gentle with ourselves and with everyone around us while we figure this out. Stay in the love and out of the fear, and we will realize suddenly that we’ve done it: that we’ve changed the world. It will run on harmony and the currency will be love. It is happening absolutely. So be patient while the external structures of how we do things, like government and the financial system, change. We are co-creating a world that reflects who we are, so we need to let the other destructive and isolating and distrustful world – dissolve.


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