Sacred Journeys – July/August 2010

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Life is so funny. I was just sitting in front of the computer, musing on how to begin writing here about the ‘call’ to humanity this summer to focus on Unity consciousness. And what happens? We have an earthquake. All of us, sharing this tectonic plate called Earth, had a sense that something big was happening – that things were being shaken up. And for one whole minute, we were instantly of one mind and awareness. A perfect metaphor for the energy around us this summer.

Whether you listen to the news, psychics, astrology, or your heart, you know things indeed are shaking up, and something big is happening. Those who follow the Tibetan, Hopi, Kogi, Mayan, or Vedic calendars, might describe these events as the end of one world and a shifting into the next. Certainly we would all agree that we are at a crossroads, and we have some very important choices to make. Are we willing to change the way we think about our relationship with the world and with each other? Are we willing to choose to make the best possible world?

According to all the ancient calendars, and the astrological maps, this summer we will notice ourselves opening our hearts and being drawn to co-create the new world, by becoming the change we seek. We already are co-creators, but we have had centuries of dualistic thinking (male/female; right/wrong) that has separated us from each other, from nature, from the Oneness of which we are truly a part. When we choose to plug in we will light up the grid, and begin changing the world. So how can we shift our reality to a better one? The prophecies suggest we have had the power all along. Feel what you are imagining and creating, in your body, and never doubt it.

I am sure many of you have been aware of, and participating in, the global visualizations and prayers focused on the Gulf oil volcano (‘spill’ is a term the oil companies invented). This is exactly the type of work we should be doing together to shift our own evolution. Here are a few important principles for more powerful co-creating:

1) “We don’t attract into our life what we want, we attract to ourselves what and who we are.” (Joel S. Goldsmith)

2) Be willing to imagine your own dharma, rather than living someone else’s idea of your life. To evolve we need to vibrate higher. Who we are now is based on who and what we believe we are. (Wayne Dyer) The spark of the divine is in our womb water but in the dualistic society we are born into, we forget our perfection and become an ego-based false self.

3) “All things are possible.” (The Tao) If it doesn’t exist yet, it has not been imagined.

4) Live simply, filled with love and gratitude. Our hearts have 5,000 times the magnetic field of the brain. (Fractal Time: Braden)

So visualize it with your mind, but birth the future with your heart, knowing it is already done.

Here are dates for global gatherings to plug in with each other and explore unity consciousness, the power of sacred activism and sacred intention:

• July 6 – with Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston, and July 13 with Gregg Braden and friends (see website for participation details at These events are free.

• July 17 to 18 – Calleman, who is the highly respected Mayan glyph scholar, has posted online a date when each one of us can ‘seed’ Unity Consciousness, by expressing it in some way within our own communities. (He likens it to Harmonic Convergence of August 1987.) By participating, we initiate a process of unity consciousness that will continue to deepen and deepen.

That weekend I am taking part in a food co-op day, a local food fair, and there is chanting at a farm where many of us get our meat and vegetables. A core group of us are going to focus on unity consciousness by discussing it and drawing our attention to it at all the events. That feels good right now, but we may add more to that as the time nears, perhaps spending the day in community with nature, and being creative together.

Scientists have carbon dated the Hopi tablets that describe the last four worlds (destroyed by fire, water, ice) to between 10 and 50 thousand years old. The tablets describe everything from the arrival of Columbus to orbiting space stations. They even make reference to the oceans turning black, and the mammals dying as the fifth world ends. The Hopi tell us we can always change our outcome by recognizing the signs and coming together.

Gregg Braden was in Toronto recently, and showed us photographs of these ancient Hopi petroglyphs that illustrate the choice which humanity has at this time. Our world does not end from natural elements, but at the hands of humanity. We can move into a world of floods, disease, and war, or another world of liberation and global awareness.

As Algonquin Elder William Commanda puts it: “We must come together with one heart, one mind, one love, and one determination, and respect Mother Earth.” Each of us is being called to participate in this conscious evolution.

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