Sacred Journeys – March 2011

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I have been asked recently to describe what I imagine might happen in 2012, when the Mayan Calendar comes to an end. It’s a great question. I’d love to ask a lot of people, too. About 25 years ago, in fact, I wanted to make a documentary series about this very topic. I have always been drawn to viewing this as a time of great change (a quickening foretold through many indigenous cultures), and exploring life with this in mind has been one of my favourite things to do.

Perhaps the easiest way to embrace the change is to look at the tremendous transformational energies being exerted on the planet right now, from a scientific point of view.

Foremost, we are aligning with the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, and this is a highly significant event for our planet and our entire solar system. There are light bubbles that are 25,000 light years long, emanating above and below our galactic centre with the power of 100,000 supernova explosions (see Dennis Overbye, Bubbles of Energy Found in Galaxy). Imagine what that is doing to our neural pathways, let alone the Earth’s energy field. Polar caps are melting on more than just the earth, and solar flares are extremely powerful right now. In the story of the earth, this is like a birthday, a reunion with her own creation energy, and we are all feeling her response.

Shortwave radios have been on increasing frequencies and electronic guidance systems regularly stop working properly; planes are more frequently having to use sight lines to land; the earth’s hertz frequency has risen steadily for over ten years; and the rapid movement of magnetic north is suggesting to scientists that the pole shift could be imminent.

CNN recently announced that scientists believe they have located a massive body (brown dwarf) moving just outside our solar system (15,000 times the distance of the earth from our sun), whose orbit passes us every 27 million years and exerts tremendous influence on the earth and our sun with each passing (

Scientists are in agreement with the indigenous elders of the world that the frequency of the earth is changing dramatically; it all happens to be coinciding with the ending of the Mayan calendar that began 16.5 billion years ago.

A key element here is that frequency affects wave patterns, light, and concepts of time and dimensionality. This is where the fun is happening for human consciousness. Simply put, as the world vibrates a little higher, we also vibrate a little higher.

The Earth’s journey, right now, is offering humanity an opportunity to shift with her into a higher frequency; to enlighten our experience here, as a species.

The evidence is everywhere. Old beliefs that kept us separate and isolated from our profoundly beautiful inner nature are cracking under the pressure and falling away. As each of us wakes to the light and love in the world and, most importantly, within ourselves, we are rising together to bring freedom into the world. Freedom to think with our hearts,  to dream, and to co-create a new world together.

Our consciousness has been galvanized by disasters like the Gulf oil leak, and united through electronic media. Love triumphs always, simply because it is the higher frequency, and because we are all waking up at the same time. Witnessing that we are a collective wave of cosmic convergence, we become profoundly aware that we can change the blueprint for life on the planet.

What we believe, we create, especially when we vibrate at the same frequency as the universe, giving us the potential to increase the light in the world exponentially.

We could describe what is happening in northern African countries right now as destructive and violent, or we could describe it as a collective convergence on freedom and the beginning of a golden age. The waves, emanating from our aligning with the centre of our galaxy, are like the rings of a pebble in a pond, moving back through time, and have already begun to reach us.

Imagine democracies, communities, food sources, energy sources, banks, and family systems based on nurturing each of us as divine loving beings, co-creating with a loved and respected planet that is filled with sentient creatures communing with the elements. I choose to believe that this is where we are headed, and that nothing can stop us now.

My next column will explore in more detail what life might be like in the potent years following 2012.

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