SaAm Five Element Acupuncture

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SaAm Five Element AcupunctureA New Horizon of Possibilities

I am happy to be able to offer people in my community

SaAm Five Element Acupuncture that has

gone beyond the limitations

of conventional acupuncture

and has opened a new horizon of possibilities.”

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to heal and vitalize the body. Throughout Asia, many modalities of acupuncture have evolved, and SaAm Five Element (SAFE) Acupuncture, also called SaAm Acupuncture, is one of them.

This ancient acupuncture form had been developed based on “the bible” of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huang Di Nei Jing by Master SaAm, and passed down to us by Dr. Gh’moh, a former professor in the psychopathology department at an oriental medical university in Korea. Gh’moh dedicated countless hours of his time to studying and teaching these mysterious methods. He apprenticed for decades under men of wisdom and I Ching scholars to deepen his understanding of oriental philosophy and cosmology.


Master SaAm was one of the Three Great Physicians of the Chosun Dynasty in Korea 400 years ago. After meditating for 13 years in a cave, SaAm opened his mind’s eye, and saw through to the core of Acupuncture’s mystery. But for 400 years, his Art of Acupuncture was forgotten.

According to his only surviving clinical record, he claimed to have cured a patient who had been suffering from an ailment for dozens of years in a single treatment. Yet, despite its wondrous power, the true principles behind SAFE Acupuncture’s power was fated to remain hidden, without having the chance to see the light of day.

Dr. Gh’moh is one of the pioneers of our time from Korea who resurrected SAFE Acupuncture. Gh’moh is a master healer who discovered the insight that the mind is the ultimate source of all ease and disease.

SAFE Acupuncture is an incredible medical technique, and its powers are described in the text, Chim Gu Yo Gyol. However, the principle behind its theory was hidden behind a veil of mystery for 400 years. While meditating, Gh’moh began to grasp the real principle behind SAFE Acupuncture. Gh’moh came to realize that without fully understanding the mind and its movements, one would not be able to cure any disease.

Eventually, he discovered the relationship between the 12 meridians and the mind. In 1984, Gh’moh began to share his insight into the fundamentals of SAFE Acupuncture with oriental medical students and doctors. His 40-Day Lecture on SAFE Acupuncture given during a semester-break had enormous influence on the students. From that moment on, students from every corner of Korea came to his small clinic to hear his lectures. The crowding was so bad, at times, that many had to listen in the stairwell. Eventually, Gh’moh had to rent an empty school building to accommodate his rapidly growing audience.

Over the years, hundreds of students have successfully completed the draconian 40-Day Lecture. Actually it is a 40-Day & Night Lecture because most of his teachings frequently go on for almost 24 hours a day. Gh’moh’s lectures do not end in the classroom. When the 40-day period is over, he takes his students on a national tour to provide volunteer acupuncture service. The passion with which he continues to teach and serve is peerless in the field. The name Gh’moh has already secured itself a place of honour in the annals of medical history.


SAFE Acupuncture treats and observes the patient as a holistic subject, and thus treats the ailment at the point of its origin. This style of Acupuncture has proven that the meridians serve as the path by which the mind manifests its various dispositions. SaAm Acupuncture is essentially Mind Acupuncture. In each of the 12 regular Meridians there are sixty meridian conduits in which the particular characteristics of each of the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Earth, Wood, Fire) are concentrated. SAFE Acupuncture is effective and safe because it treats primarily those sixty conduits (sixty Five Element Points) which are found at the ends of the limbs, and below the elbows and knees.

SAFE Acupuncture is a method which requires the therapist to use only 1 to 4 needles on Five Element points to cure various illnesses at the point of real origin.  The Five Element points are found at the end of limbs, so patients do not have to go through the inconvenience of removing their clothes.

Acupuncture needles are applied to the opposite side of the painful area. For example, a patient who feels pain in his left shoulder is given acupuncture on his right foot and hand. As the acupuncture is only applied to the opposite foot and hand, the patient can simultaneously receive other treatments (cupping, moxa, TENS, hot/cold therapy, ultrasound) on the painful area to save time and enhance the effects of treatment.


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    July 10, 07:21 Mary E Lynch

    Thank you for a very lucid explanation of SaAm acupuncture — one that the layperson can readily grasp.

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