Remove Chemicals and Bacteria from Your Drinking Water with a Quality Filter

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By running your water through a water filter, you can be confident that you are reducing your exposure to the bacteria and contaminants that make it into our supply as well as the chemicals that are added intentionally

It’s more important now than ever for your family to use a water filter. Here’s why.

The fact that water is an essential part of our daily diet is something that everyone knows, and we have all heard of various water filtration systems from brands like Berkey that can improve the quality of the water we drink. Yet people still tend to underestimate just how essential drinking water and its quality is to our health and survival.

The average adult’s body is 60 percent water, and every single cell needs a regular supply in order to function. Basic metabolic processes can only run if there is water available, and our blood needs water to transport nutrients, minerals, and oxygen around the body. Furthermore, water is used to rid our bodies of toxic substances and to maintain and regulate body temperature.

In short, while there have been many stories of people living for days or even weeks without food, if we are without water for more than a couple of days, we are unlikely to survive.

What water are you and your family drinking?
So why don’t we pay closer attention to the water we drink? Although tap water is regulated and monitored for compliance with the Safe Drinking Act, it still contains additives such as chlorine, fluoride and even arsenic that can be harmful to your body. Also, we are faced with incidents every year in which drinking water is contaminated and affects thousands or even millions of Canadians. Who can forget the incident in 2015, when Canadians across the provinces were advised to boil their tap water.

Is a water filter the answer?
By running your water through a water filter, you can be confident that you are reducing your exposure to the bacteria and contaminants that make it into our supply as well as the chemicals that are added intentionally. With the use of a commercial water filter such as the Berky water filter system you will filter out far more of those unpleasant additives, including fluoride, which some systems are unable to remove.

Five reasons why you need a water filter:

  1.  SAVE MONEY:  When water quality is so important to your health and that of your family, cost really shouldn’t come into it. Nevertheless, we all have bills to pay, and the fact that households who use water filters spend around five to ten percent the amount of those who buy bottled water can’t be ignored. The typical cost per gallon for bottled water comes in between $1.00 and $2,00, whereas for a family consuming 100 gallons of filtered water, the cost per gallon is around 11 cents. That turns into some serious money over the course of a year.
  2.  STAY HEALTHY: As we have already suggested, tap water contains all sorts of contaminants, some by accident and some that are put there on purpose. What is clear is that none of them do our bodies any favors, and even the fluoride that is supposed to help teeth remain healthy and reduce the need for fillings, can have significant negative effects, including kidney disease, diabetes and cancer. Most of us would agree that given the choice, we’ll take our chance with the dentist!
  3.  A NATURAL DETOX: There are all sorts of convoluted detox routines out there, but the simplest approach is often the best. Remember, water constitutes 60 percent of your body. If your water goes through water filters before you drink it, you are drastically reducing the toxins your body takes on board in the first place. This gives the liver and kidneys a chance to do their ongoing work of detoxification better and more efficiently.
  4.  BETTER THAN BOTTLES: In case you were thinking that a water filter is just a way of avoiding the expense of bottled water, think again. Despite the clever branding and labeling, most bottled water is simply tap water that has been filtered. The only thing is, you are unlikely to know how well, or in what type of filter. With a water filter, you are not just saving money, you also know exactly what you are drinking. Of course, the other disadvantage to bottled water is the millions of tons of plastic waste it creates every year, which is rapidly turning into a global disaster that will affect us all.
  5.  IT’S NOT JUST FOR DRINKING: Some people choose to install a water filter in their shower as well as the kitchen. Given the unpleasant things that can be in the mains water, it has to be well worth considering – after all, do you really want to be showering in chlorine, pharmaceutical residues and animal waste . And more to the point, do you want your children to? Even if you decide not to use filtered water in the shower, you can reduce exposure by reducing the temperature. Essentially, the hotter the shower water, the more your pores will open up and absorb the chlorites, acids fluoride and other additives that you are pouring onto them!


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