Podcast: Monkeypox – Here We Go Again

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Charles K. Bens has a PhD in Nutrition, and is the founder of Healthy at Work, Inc. His podcast is aired every Wednesday.

On today’s episode we discuss the Monkeypox outbreak and the data on the effectiveness (or

lack thereof) of the newly developed vaccine to prevent it. There have been no randomized

trials or long- term studies conducted for the Monkeypox vaccine.

Just how safe and effective is this vaccine? There is still a lot of unknowns on how to prevent and treat this virus.

However, we do know that Monkeypox is in the same family of Smallpox. Today we talk about

some alternative more natural treatments you can consider to help protect yourself from the

Monkeypox virus, based upon what has been successful for treating Smallpox.

Below are a few recommendations we dive into:

  • Strong immune system: which can be achieved by eating a healthy diet along with high

doses of Vitamin C & Vitamin D

  • Nanoparticle Silver: which helps to degrade the lining of the virus cell therefore killing it

(we also share our favorite Silver brand)

  • Herbal treatments- used by native people over 170 years ago.
  • Homeopathic remedies- used successfully for hundreds of years.

We do not know how serious this outbreak will be or whether the new vaccine is worth the

risk involved, considering the shortcomings of the COVID-19 vaccines. Sometimes taking

preventative action and trusting long established natural treatements is the way to go.

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