Sacred Journeys: Planting Seeds of Change for the Highest Good of All

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Here we stand at the prow of a new year, and already we can feel the currents of change ahead of us. From a numerological perspective, 2017 (2+0+1+7), is the beginning of a nine-year cycle of new growth. I would add that – energetically – all those endeavours that hold more light (serving the highest good) will be supported, swiftly, as we move forward.

Politically, it feels as if we are preparing for a decade of consciously co-creating a society that serves both the common good and the planet that makes it all possible. In our favour, it will not be as difficult to bring deep social change as it has been since the 1960s, because so many more of us are awake now. But we do need to make our voices heard, both politically and personally.

When Rosa Parks placed herself outside of the section of the bus designated for ‘coloured’ people, her single light was met with an ocean of resistance made of dense limiting social beliefs. Now the ocean of resistance is sitting alongside Rosa Parks at the front of the bus, shining its light on the illusions of our present democracy. Her light made a difference in the dark. It was witnessed and it changed people.

The challenge ahead is to face off against the money lenders and their corporations who replaced our centuries-old feudal system, and who have been controlling our society and our freedom to choose the common good over corporate interests. Based on conversations I’ve had with people over the holidays, I know that some are despondent about what is happening politically south of the border. And specifically, closer to home, the potential move is toward a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in which corporations can sue countries if they pass laws that hurt their profits.

Some political analysts describe our democracy now as a ‘corporatocracy’, and more recently suggest using ‘kleptocracy’ as it better describes how elite corporations basically steal everything they want.

The good news is – whereas in the 1960s these views would be labeled subversive – now we are so much more aware of the agenda of corporate interests, and how our governments are corrupted by those corporate interests, that the validity of resisting is widely accepted.

Certainly watching Trump pick his corporate team of climate change deniers has been spellbinding. The industrial elite are clearly pushing at the door at every opportunity.

But an emerging and informed ‘democratic’ resistance is also on the rise.

Now it is mid-winter, and traditionally this is a time of deciding what seeds we wish to plant in the coming year, or decade, and which seeds we no longer wish to nurture. I would like to plant and nurture seeds of pragmatic social change, where the highest good for all beings is recognized and supported energetically by the collective. Rather than fix a broken system, let us forge a new path that supports the highest common good for all.

How Can We Be the Change that We Want to See in the World?

So how can we be the change that we seek in the world? One way is to find the time each day to sit in the silence that is our divine presence, however that expresses for you. Let go of how you think things should be, as your ideas in part are informed by what is familiar to you. Deep change may express in unexpected ways, so better not to limit what we are capable of as a collective.

Rather than visualize the change, imagine how it FEELS to be in a world where all beings are respected and nurtured. Sit inside that feeling and invite love to flow inside all that has form within you and all that is space, then flow with that love out into the earth, into the grass and water, into refugee camps, wherever you are drawn, and then out into the centre of this universe, and back. Doing this daily will build your energy. The greater your energy, the greater your connection and impact within the social collective.  Your life will flow, because you are connecting into a higher and vast consciousness, which for those of us here and now, I’d liken to our collective social imagination.

Another simple way to be the change, and shift our future, is deciding not to live in fear of anything, be it snakes, system collapse, Monsanto, your neighbour, melting ice, or extinction. Fear is duality thinking, and the revolution comes when we shift out of the known into a new reality altogether.

Happy seeding.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and righting there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Rumi

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