My Journey Out of a Grim Diagnosis – Colon Cancer and Liver Cancer

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After three months of traditional chemotherapy and with IV vitamin C, my lung tumor had disappeared and my liver tumor shrank more than 50% from its largest recorded size

by Kenneth F. Hack, D.C.

I am a male 65 year old healthcare professional who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in December 2021, and had a tumor removed from my transverse colon on December 30, 2021. The cancer had metastasized to my lymph nodes, my liver, and my lung. Approximately eight weeks after surgery, I started traditional chemotherapy and intravenous vitamin C.

On my first visit with the oncologist, she informed me that my prognosis was grim and that I had approximately a two year survival rate.

After three months of traditional chemotherapy and with IV vitamin C, my lung tumor had disappeared and my liver tumor shrank more than 50% from its largest recorded size. Needless to say I was very encouraged with these results.

The oncologist was equally amazed by my rapid change and she encouraged me to continue the IV vitamin C with the chemotherapy. On one visit with her, she commented that my blood work was better than hers, and she was not a cancer patient!

My original oncologist left for maternity leave and another oncologist took over for her. She immediately informed me that I was “not curable.” I had a different way of looking at her assessment of me, and smiled, letting her know that I had different outlook for my future.

At the six month mark another scan showed that my liver tumor had shrunk further, down to less than 20% of its original measured size. My CEA (cancer embryonic antigen) was nondetectable for three straight months. My overall blood work demonstrated the progress that I continue to make and has enabled me to take a 6 to 8 week chemotherapy holiday, with my oncologist’s blessing.

Intravenous Vitamin C Was Good for My Body

I vividly recall my first IV vitamin C, in the beginning of March 2022. I had received my first chemotherapy treatment the week prior, and wasn’t really feeling at my best. Within minutes of the nurse connecting the vitamin C IV (20 grams; 20,000 milligrams), I felt an overwhelming sense of well-being and calm. My wife and son, who were with me, said that I looked like a flower that was deprived of water and suddenly received it. I blossomed! They were witnessing exactly what I was feeling, which confirmed that I was doing something extremely good for my body. I had heard that IV vitamin C restores lost appetite. Well, immediately following the IV, I ate like I had not eaten in months. My appetite was back.

I gradually increased the vitamin C up to 70,000 mg, twice a week. My experience was that the IV vitamin C was canceling out the negative effects of the chemotherapy. This enabled me to continue with intense traditional chemotherapy therapy (50 hours every two weeks). The notion that IV vitamin C interferes with traditional chemotherapy appears to be false. I think that this misconception is the reason why more people – and most oncologists – do not incorporate IV vitamin C into their traditional cancer therapy. If you search, you can find, as I did, research information on IV vitamin C treatment of cancer. Start by reading the Riordan Clinic’s 21 page protocol, regarding IV vitamin C and cancer. It is a free download at or en español

After a two month chemotherapy holiday, authorized by my oncologist, I had another CT scan that continued to show a decrease in the mass in my liver. The scan also revealed some active lymph nodes that were not active on prior scans. While on that chemotherapy holiday I continued to receive IV vitamin C twice weekly at 70g. My CEA marker was starting to increase from less than 0.5 to 1. After meeting with my oncologist we agreed that it was appropriate to restart the chemotherapy treatment. I felt that my best results were when I did both the IV vitamin C and the chemotherapy together. The oncologist agreed. Chemotherapy treatment was reinstated in the beginning of November 2022 (50 hours every 2 weeks). During this time, I continued twice weekly treatments of IV vitamin C at 70 g.

The tumor in my liver at its largest size measured 6.5 cm in length. Eleven months later, it is now 1.5 cm in length.

On January 10, 2023 I had another CT scan which showed further shrinkage of my liver mass (over 90% in total) and dramatic reduction in all lymph node activity. The change was so dramatic that the radiologist actually called me while I was on my way to receive IV vitamin C therapy. He told me that my scan was not only stable, but improved. He told me that whatever I was doing, I should continue doing it!

On my next meeting with the oncologist on January 11, 2023, she was ecstatic with my excellent scan results. Her attitude about my prognosis was changing and she told me so. She said that with most people in my situation a two year survival rate was what was to be expected. However, she now felt that my prognosis was a more positive one. Remember, that prior to this encounter with her, she would reiterate that I was not curable. I told her that, in my mind’s eye, I was curable. She was moved by our discussion and got up out of her chair, walked over to me, and gave me a big hug. She said that my attitude and my course of action, was probably going to extend my life more than she anticipated.

By the way, my CEA dropped down to less than 0.5, which means it is undetectable. I know that I am cured. I don’t let my mind or my feelings accept anything but being cured. And, to date I have had 92 vitamin C IV treatments, 85 of which were 70g. At my diagnosis back in 2021, my weight had plummeted to 141 pounds. Now it is 159 lbs. Then I looked sick and felt sick. Now I feel great and am back to work in my own practice.

A very important aspect of healing, which I have used quite effectively with my own patients, is to focus on the cure and not on the problem. Think from the ideal solution and not merely of the ideal solution. If I were to offer advice, it would be this: Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

(Dr. Kenneth F. Hack has been practicing chiropractic in upstate New York for 41 years. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists.)

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