KSNS Manual Therapy: For Heel, Neck, Back Pain – and More

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Ten years ago, Korean researcher Mr. Sae-Yion Kim discovered a hitherto unknown cybernetic nerve system after 40 years of research. Known as a “magic hand” in Germany where he practised Alternative medicine in a private clinic, Mr. Kim named this newly discovered nerve system “KSNS” (Kim Safety and Protection Nerve System). From this discovery he developed an Acupressure technique which worked to heal many serious health conditions by working with the neural pathways to activate the healing process.

Mr. Kim’s unique theory and practice is described in his German book “Ein Neuer Weg In Der Naturmedizin Theorie und Praxis” (302 pages; 2012). While researching and practising, his expertise deepened. In 2017, Kim began to share his insights into the fundamentals of KSNS on YouTube to provide people with the knowledge and skills to be able to treat themselves.

Through Mr. Kim’s 200 teaching videos, he has had enormous influence on the German and European populations. Many people suffering from pain and disease considered incurable using contemporary medicine, are visiting Kim’s clinic and regaining a healthy lifestyle. Word of his therapy’s success has even spread to other continents, so that some physicians from U.S. visit Germany for treatment. An eye specialist from Korea who had set a date for an artificial knee joint surgery, has said that he went without surgery after only a few sessions of KSNS. The 76-year-old doctor even made it to the Himalayas later.

As an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, I was fortunate and honoured to have been able to train under Kim and to treat his patients alongside him during my internship. It was a fantastic experience to meet diverse patients from all over the world. I am ready and excited to offer to people in North America Kim’s Healing Art Therapy, which has gone beyond the limitations of conventional medicine.

How Does KSNS Therapy Work?

If you look closely at the joints on the left and right sides of the body, you can distinguish which is healthy and which is unhealthy. KSNS Therapy uses an Acupressure Technique which enhances the body’s self-healing powers by balancing all the joints of the body.

The picture on the left from Kim’s book shows the abstracted mechanics of a human leg including the lumbar spine. The joints are functionally dependent on each other. Disorders of the neuromuscular-skeletal system may be located in the area of the toe joints (H), the ankle (C), the knee (B), the hip (A), or the lumbar spine (M).

Kim also says the balance of the toe joints is the foundation of the body. When a small problem develops in your toes, the subtle changes in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction in your posture and walking mechanics. These changes can put stress on your other joints and lead to more serious problems, including internal diseases. Consequently, if the unhealthy toes are treated, other problematic joints or diseases get better as well. You can obtain optimum health if you have 10 equally strong toes.

For example, in the case of knee pain, one knee joint may be severely worn because the force applied to the muscle is not symmetrical, while the body’s centre of gravity is focused on symmetry. In many cases, a KSNS therapist will discover that the imbalance in the toes is the cause of the knee problem after an assessment has been done to measure the condition of each joint.

In addition, each function of the joint is connected to a particular point (KSNS reflex or trigger point) in the body. By applying a focused acupressure technique to the related point, imbalance of the specific joint can be restored. The result can be seen immediately through hands-on reassessment. The picture below from Kim’s book shows that joints (Y) and (Z) are malpositioned. These malpositioned joints may cause pain and cartilage damage.   Through KSNS Therapy, the joint can be repositioned to a normal state, like (X).

Benefits of KSNS Therapy:

  • Effective and fast method to find root cause of unidentified diseases, even though conventional lab test or image examination could not detect it from an anatomical and physiological point of view.
  • Highly effective in treating chronic diseases which do not respond to most treatment.
  • Radical treatment that restores function without medication, injection or surgery with little chance of relapse.
  • The following conditions have been treated successfully with KSNS method:

– Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

– Plantar fasciitis, Halux Valgus, Achilles pain

– Knee/Hip/Back pain, Multi-sclerosis

– Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes

– Digestive & Cardiopulmonary issues

– Allergy, Headaches, Sport Performance

– Diseases of unknown origin

How are the Sessions Administered?

 One session takes 60-90 minutes, which consists of a series of assessments to find the source of the problems and then acupressure moves are applied on KSNS reflexes which are located in ligaments, tendons, fibers and muscle to balance the nervous and blood system.

Periodic breaks for about 10-15 minutes at a time are required during the session to allow the body time to realign and heal itself before beginning the next sequence of treatment.

The session is not like a regular massage. There will be some pain and discomfort when the therapist compresses your KSNS reflexes. Sorry, but as the saying goes “No pain – No gain”.

► Please visit www.newkss.de or search for New KSNS on YouTube for more info.

Simon Yoon R.Ac, R.TCMP, RMT, Instructor

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KSNS Germany                   (Tel) 49-022344-7979


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