Homeopathy for COVID-19: from Bryonia to Ipecac

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Sepia: Homeopathy’s Wise WomanThere are many emerging techniques that we can all use to help in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 symptoms. Homeopathy is one of them. So I would like to throw my homeopathic hat into the proverbial ring and share what this gentle and effective medicine can offer in these pandemic times.

Over the past 200 years homeopathy has seen many epidemics and pandemics come and go. During those years, homeopathy has made an impressive contribution to disease prevention and recovery. The use of homeopathy during those epidemics significantly reduced mortality rates wherever it was used.

For example, in the New England Journal of Homeopathy, author Julian Wilson referenced a report by Dean W.A. Pearson who “collected 26,795 cases of influenza (Spanish Flu) treated by homeopathic physicians with a mortality of 1.05% while the average old school mortality is 30%.“[1] These results have been shown over and over again over the years.

Genus of the Epidemic

We know that homeopathy is based on the “Law of Similars” – let like be cured by like. And we homeopaths often emphasize the individualized nature of the homeopathic remedy prescription, a remedy that matches the symptoms of the individual uniquely.

But during epidemics/pandemics our approach changes somewhat in its focus. When there is one virulent virus that is affecting everyone who has come down with the illness, homeopaths will collect the symptom descriptions of a large number of people afflicted with the illness. We also compare findings with our colleagues. We then find the remedy that matches the virus symptoms uniquely, covering the whole host of symptoms expressed by a large number of people.

So we match the remedy to the unique symptoms of the virus. This remedy is identified as the genus of the epidemic/pandemic (there can be more than one, and they can vary be geographic area). The genus remedy is unique to the epidemic/pandemic. During the Spanish flu of 1918-1920 the genus homeopathic remedy was found to be Gelsemium. The genus remedy can then be given to everyone and the idea is that it aids them to avoid infection with the illness, or if they get the illness it would boost their ability to make a speedier recovery.

One of the remedies identified early on in 2020 for the COVID pandemic was homeopathic Bryonia. The recommendation at the time was to take homeopathic Bryonia 200ch as a preventive remedy, one pellet every 1-3 weeks (depending on likelihood of exposure), and an extra dose if you know you have been exposed. For more sensitive individuals, the protocol should be started with a 6ch of the remedy chosen. Among those clients who followed this protocol, as recommended by myself and other homeopaths, not one of them became ill with COVID.

In fact, those clients taking the Bryonia remedy avoided infection even when working in an office environment that had a COVID outbreak. And even when a member of the same household had come down with COVID. Even when attending a party with a group of other people in an enclosed space, and every one of them came down with COVID.

Homeopaths rely on their experience to determine the genus remedy. For people not familiar with homeopathy, research studies are being conducted to show efficacy. One study was published in Sept 2021; it was a randomized double-blind, placebo controlled study that showed the efficacy of Bryonia in the prevention of COVID.[2] It was the only homeopathic remedy with a statistically significant result, from Camphora, Gelsemium, Arsenicum, Influenzinum and homeopathic CVN01 (covid nosode), or placebo.

Another study from India published in May 2021 also shows Bryonia as the most frequently prescribed homeopathic remedy.[3] India offered a similar homeopathic protocol to half the population of Gujarat province back in March of 2020. They chose the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum 30ch, to be given to the population at specific intervals. They claim that 99.69% of individuals that followed the protocol tested negative for COVID, and the people who did get COVID had mild symptoms.[4]

As the virus mutates the symptoms change also. The symptoms most predominant with the Delta variant indicate a different remedy as the genus. For the Delta variant, Ipecac is the remedy identified. If the Delta variant is predominant in your area this remedy would be taken. The recommendation again, is to take the remedy once weekly, or less frequently depending on potential for exposure. (Take one pellet of the homeopathic remedy, place it under the tongue, and allow it to dissolve.) Even if a person has received the COVID shot, this protocol can still be followed to offer additional protection.

Homeopathy does not replace any other procedure being done (mask wearing, social distancing, vitamin supplementation, medication, etc). It is used in addition to everything else being done to aid in prevention and assist the body’s ability to recover with more ease.

Even without following the protocol, the genus remedy can be used if a person comes down with COVID-like-symptoms. Having a homeopathic remedy kit available with some of the suggested remedies on hand in a 30ch and 200ch, is useful. Immediately on noticing symptoms, take a dose of either homeopathic Bryonia or Ipecac 200, once every hour for 3 hours. Choose the remedy for the dominant variant in your area. Because this is the genus remedy, it has good odds of assisting a high percentage of people to a quicker recovery. If there is not a significant change after the three doses, then it would be time to consult a homeopath for a more individualized remedy.

I Cannot Believe I Got COVID!

I have outlined the unique protocol we have been following, but homeopathy can also be used the traditional way – the individualized approach. Over the past 18 months, homeopathy has aided numerous of our clients in their recovery, including people in intensive care units. An individualized remedy that best matches the COVID-like symptoms is provided. As symptoms change, the remedy may be changed also. Myself and my colleagues found that recovery was more rapid once homeopathy was started.

I had one case of a young male, who had been sick with symptoms for about a week. He had a wrenching painful cough, he was weak and exhausted. Once he got the homeopathic remedy with frequent repetition, the following day his vitality had returned and he was back to doing what he needed to be doing. This was an exceptional case, recovery is not always as fast as in this young male. This is the particularly unique trait of homeopathic remedies, they act on the level of vitality. Once vitality is returned, the body is back in proactive mode, doing what it needs to do to restore health.

And when COVID symptoms move in for the long haul, “long covid”, homeopathy offers hope. I have not personally seen any long hauler cases, but many of my colleagues have and with equally consistent results.

Homeopathy for the Vaccinated

Homeopathy can also be helpful  when symptoms develop after people have received the COVID shot. Possible early symptoms that benefit from homeopathy are pain at the injection sight, as well as fever, chills, etc. Homeopathic Ledum can be used for bruising at the puncture wound. Either taken before or after the shot (or before the second shot if there was bruising after the first shot), or immediately upon symptoms developing.

Gelsemium is a homeopathic remedy that matches the fever and chills people are reporting. Hypericum would address neuralgic symptoms. Bryonia or Ipecac can also be taken before and after the shot, again to potentially help the body offset any symptoms from occurring. And again, if any of these do not work, consult with a homeopath for a more individual remedy prescription.

And what about potential long term adverse reactions to the COVID shot. Symptoms that develop later can include facial tics, neurologic symptoms, loss of stamina, heart issues, etc. The principles are always the same, match the symptoms to a remedy that exhibits those same symptoms. We have many cases in which homeopathy was provided and the symptoms have resolved. It is always best to address symptoms as soon as they develop as recovery will be swifter. But even after a length of time homeopathy will still be beneficial but may take a little longer for all the issues to resolve. For these types of issues an individualized approach is the best.

Homeopathy is powerful medicine, with a great track record during epidemic/pandemics. Ask questions, call on a homeopath, and make sure homeopathy is in your toolkit to aid in your health and vitality. Please share this widely.

[Editor’s note: The information in this article is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor. Please consult with your personal physician before making any adjustments to your health care routine.]


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Soula Kallinis is a registered homeopath practicing in Richmond Hill, Ontario and virtually. She graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in 2002 and has continued to expand her skills and practice, always aiming for deep healing. For more information visit www.SoulaKallinis.com or email at soulahomeopathy@gmail.com

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