Homeopathic Medicine: The Benefits of Calcarea Carbonica

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Homeopathic medicine has many great and effective remedies. They are used in all manner of different conditions, from physical to mental ailments. One of the defining components of Homeopathy is that one remedy is often prescribed for many different conditions. This is due to the fact that most can treat several different symptoms. Calcarea carbonica is among the most versatile of medications. It is a constitutional remedy, meaning that it is deep acting and treats many deep lying issues of both the body and mind.

Calcarea carbonica is a mineral remedy that is a form of Calcium which can be found in nature in different niches, from limestone to eggshells. When it is prepared as a Homeopathic medication, it is diluted repeatedly so that it works as a stimulant, rather than as a suppressant. Calcarea carbonica is well-known for its treatment in chronic fatigue. In fact, it is a remedy that works best in patients who are chronically tired and lacking in energy.

The root of the fatigue in some of these cases can often be improper nutrition. Many Canadians maintain a diet that can be high in fats and sugars and low in nutritional value. While Calcarea is not the replacement for nourishing food, it can help patients who have a history of a bad diet and chronic fatigue. Sub-standard diets also lead to longer term issues, such as weakened bone structure and skin conditions. As a derivative of Calcium, it is only natural that Calcarea carbonica can help fortify the bones of patients who suffer from such affectations.

In the instances of skin irritations, this remedy works quite well for individuals who have ulcerating and unhealthy-looking skin.  Those with acne outbreaks and skin growths can also benefit from Calcarea. Eczema, which is rapidly becoming a common occurrence in today’s population, can also be treated with this prescription. It is a uniquely effective remedy for Eczema in infants.

Calcarea carbonica patients also tend to have weakened immune systems. They catch colds easily and tend to become quite congested with mucous in the sinuses.

When looking at the mental picture, this remedy also has a lot of benefits for potential patients. Chief among indicative mental symptoms is an overwhelming sense of apprehension. This apprehensive state is usually accompanied by severe anxiety and heart palpitations. There may also be a marked aversion to both mental and physical labour.

In fact, the Calcarea patient is often lazy and hates exerting him/herself. They may also exhibit signs of forgetfulness and confusion. Another extremely important issue that can be alleviated by this medication is the fear of failure. This is an especially common concern in society. Many people fear that they will fail in either their personal lives or in their careers. Sometimes, we can see the fear of failing in both spheres.

Stemming from such mental issues as fear of failure and mental fatigue, we begin to see other related concerns. Obsessive behaviours are also becoming more and more prevalent. Some people tend to focus on one topic and have difficulty focusing on anything else. Obsessive disorders often come about when an individual has repetitive thoughts that lead to compulsive behaviours. These thoughts are often intrusive in nature, with the individual unable to place them outside of his/her immediate focus. While it is true that a fear of failure can be a major catalyst for this disorder, it is also true that individuals suffering from it have biological reasons for behaving this way.

Calcarea can help neutralize this condition in certain individuals. For those who create repetitive habits to avoid failure in life, this prescription is beneficial for the obvious reason that it treats this specific fear. However, obsessive disorders can also be due to mental restlessness and fatigue. Those who get to these circumstances also tend to develop slight or moderate depression. Here, Calcarea also provides relief, as it can effectively minimize all three of these symptoms.

In the case of depression, which has not yet been discussed at length, this remedy is of particular value when we see individuals who are depressed because of a lack of mental stimulus. That is, depression that is due to little mental exercise and lack of motivation. People with these afflictions can often feel that they have accomplished little, and so have little to show for their accomplishments.

When looking at the examples of physical symptoms affecting the head, Calcarea also has a lot to offer. It is not uncommon to this remedy when the person is suffering from severe vertigo. Women who regularly get vertigo when they have their periods may also find it beneficial. Assigning this prescription can cause significant improvements and even cure these ailments.

In Homeopathy, it is common to associate a remedy with a character type. All of the  symptoms that are treated by this prescription help to form an overall characterization of Calcarea. Of course, not everyone who takes this remedy fits the profile to a tee, but the important thing to consider is that Homeopathic medications are selected based on their overall efficacy on the patient’s totality of symptoms. When observing the character type of Calcarea carbonica, we generally see an individual who is overweight, dislikes mental and physical activity, has pale skin, perspires easily and likely has indigestion. These problems quite often overlap each other. For example, the subject may be overweight because they dislike physical and mental activity. Calcarea patients can often be chilly in nature, with great difficulty in retaining body warmth. They may have cold hands, legs and feet.

It is in these chronic circumstances that Homeopathic medicine works best. Too often patients are treated for the superficial condition they present. It is always extremely relevant to consider the totality of the case and any peripheral issues affecting the patient. Focusing only on one symptom can be counterproductive, as this may not get to the root of the issue. Calcarea carbonica shines in circumstances where there are multiple complaints of an underlining chronic nature. It is not usually the type of medication that is effective on simple and acute symptoms. In fact, it is not uncommon for a Homeopath to utilize Calcarea in cases where nothing else has worked on the patient.

www.BodyNutrition.org has some great information on more vitamins and homeopathic medicines.

As always, the best results in Homeopathy are yielded with the proper consultation of a professional Homeopath.


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    May 29, 20:41 Jasmine


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  2. L
    June 19, 05:35 Lalu

    Can calcarea carb dissolve the fusion of neck veratrae c4 to c7

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    June 20, 10:58 RitchieRich

    Well the 30 ch sure cheered me up.

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    September 23, 08:20 Zameer khan

    I find it very Useful
    Does this medicine have side effect even for Lowe r potency please Suggest

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    October 13, 02:19 Asad

    Can I use calcarea carb 6x tab for pimples

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    February 21, 07:05 Elisa H

    Can Calcarea Carbonica be used with any other homeopathic remedies? For E.g Calcarea Fluorica, Rhus Nox, Arnica, Arum Metallicum — any other for that matter? Also, do we cease drinking coffee, alcohol, eating anything minty, or with hot spices and sauces?

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    March 02, 16:31 Ard

    Calc-p was prescribed to my son for enlarged adenoid. We are two weeks on it, and so results so far. Snoring and noise breath during sleep continues persistently. Any advise please?

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    April 14, 14:57 Vaibhav

    Can this medicine will work on down syndrome child trsisome 21.

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    May 26, 14:19 Vijay

    can calcarea carbonica 30ch shrink a fatty mass name lipoma in spinal cord and how many per day i have to take .

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    January 16, 09:44 Jessy

    Hi thank you for this great information. I have issues with my liver and kidneys. No matter what I take my kidneys scream at me. tThey cant take the load of toxin.At the moment the only thing my body is happy with is Homeopathic hard little pelets that goes under the tongue. Dr Schussler tablets don’t agree with me cause of the lactose. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you for this wonderful info. Ghislaine

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    Would you say this would be good for Mollescum Contagiosum?

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