Homeopathic Medicine For Tissue Cleansing and Detoxification

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Homeopathic Medicine For Tissue Cleansing and DetoxificationToxins are becoming a bigger part of our world. Indeed, there is more toxic exposure in the modern world than the human body was designed to process. Sometimes the organs, such as the liver, can become so overloaded that they stop functioning effectively.

Ideally, toxins are completely broken down and easily excreted. But when drugs, vaccines, food additives and refined foods accumulate in organs and tissues, they interfere with the complete breakdown of toxins. Things begin to function less optimally. Worse yet, some additives, pesticides and trans fatty acids cannot be easily recognized by the body. They clog up and deposit as storage inside cells, in ligaments, muscles, joints, arteries, liver, heart and brain.

Since the advent of homeopathy in the 1800s, many remedies have been used to clear, cleanse, drain and detoxify the various body systems. This can be done during spring and summer using single remedies at varying potencies or as combination drainage remedies. There are various things to consider before deciding which remedies to use.


Many advise doing a cleanse at least every spring and others advise spring and fall.

This cleanse is not a fast. (In fact, fasting is not recommended unless under supervision). During a cleanse, toxins are being dislodged and eliminated, and each person’s ability to tolerate this process varies — it could be for a few days or for three to four weeks. Frequency depends on what stage of healing you are at.

While you are cleansing with homeopathic remedies you should also eat a clean diet with lots of fresh organic vegetables and no additives, refined foods or preservatives. Cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided. Adequate water (half your weight in fluid ounces), adequate sleep, moderate exercise and as little stress as possible are essential.

Adjunctive methods of detoxification can assist the homeopathic remedies you use, including: ionic cellular cleansing; saunas; skin brushing; “Core Cleanse” (a deep and gentle micro current technology affecting deep lymphatics and abnormally sequestered fat where toxins are held); Activated Air (using singlet oxygen); colonics; and supplements.

During the process you should not feel ill or become constipated. These are signs that what is happening is too intense for your system. You may experience slight headaches or slightly increased elimination. If you are in distress at all, contact your healthcare professional. Better yet, check in with them before you begin and ask the professional trained in homeopathy if you are proceeding correctly. If they are not trained in homeopathy, they will not know how to advise you.


Firstly, it is important to know which bodily systems are involved in releasing and draining toxins, and what symptoms arise if they are not functioning properly. The systems which release and drain toxins are called primary emunctories. All have membranes through which the toxins will exit.

Kidney: filters the blood and makes urine through which toxins are excreted. Symptoms of kidney dysfunction are: dark circles under eyes; water retention; painful/urgent/frequent urination; cystitis.

Liver: transforms toxic substances into non-toxic, water soluble forms so they can be excreted. Symptoms of dysfunction are: constipation; bad breath; sore breast before menses; poor digestion of fats; fatigue.

Lymphatic: transports toxic substances from cells to the filters (liver and kidneys). Symptoms of dysfunction are: sore and puffy tissue just under the skin; chronically swollen lymph nodes; aching soft tissues.

Bowels: gut wall helps protect us from harmful substances using the surrounding immune system to alert the dangers. Symptoms of dysfunction are: constipation or diarrhea; leaky gut where toxins flow back into the bloodstream; allergies and sensitivities; poor immune function.

Lungs and sinuses: exhale toxins to the outside world. Symptoms of dysfunction: chronic breathing problems; asthma; bronchitis; sinusitis; chronic cough.

Skin: excretes toxins through sweat and hair follicles. Symptoms of dysfunction are: hair loss; acne, rosacea, eczema; dry skin and rashes; body odour; and excessive and/or burning sweat.

Genitals: menses and ejaculate excrete toxins. Symptoms of dysfunction are: Men — pus in urine or ejaculate; Women — abnormal clots or pus in flow, vaginitis.

There are also secondary emunctories, which are the processes of inflammation and fevers. They help the immune system on a cellular level break down toxins. These come into play when the primary emunctories are not functioning well, and in emergencies such as a sprained ankle or to burn off a cold virus. If you have a lot of inflammation or fevers, it is a sign that your system is overburdened.


Many systems are involved in cleansing and there are usually one or two primary systems that must be cleared to allow the others to work well. Toxins will exit through the strongest and most efficient area, such as when you vomit food that disagrees with you. However, if you suppress the excretions with drugs, this system will often become the weakest area. For example, if you have diarrhea from poor digestion or chemical laden foods that your body wants to urgently dispel, but you take something to slow this reaction down while continuing to eat the same junk, the intestinal wall will become weak and clogged, and toxins will overload the lymph system and liver.

Before stimulating the excretion of deeper toxins, you may have to drain the channels of elimination. In many cases, it may be better to consult a trained professional to help determine the best remedies to use in your situation.

Homeopathic drainage uses combinations of low potency plants and minerals to open up the emunctories and stimulate them to function more efficiently, both physically and energetically. Drainage remedies can be purchased at holistic pharmacies and health food stores, from companies (Unda, Reckeweg, Heel etc.) that have pre-combined specific remedies targeted towards certain organs, such as the kidneys.

Through homeopathy, the cells are helped to recognize what is being held within them as toxins. Once the cells’ innate intelligence is awakened to realize there is something present that is not a necessary part of their natural physiology, the cell will transport the toxins out through the cell walls into the blood and lymph systems. These comprise the transport system and they also may need cleansing.

In many cases, cleansing the kidneys and/or liver is a good place to start because these are the two main filters of the blood. The liver is where the toxins are converted to non-toxic soluble substances and in this form they can be excreted. The kidneys are working from the moment of birth to the moment of death. That is – 24 hours a day for your entire life, the kidneys sort the bad stuff from your blood. It only makes sense that they would need a little help to recover.


When using single remedies, start with a 30K or 4 or 5cH potency, dosing three to five pellets once per day or every other day (adult dose) for half the length of a moon cycle. One of the best times to cleanse is between the full and new moon. Moon cycles are known to help things grow and also release. Repair and growth occurs more from the new moon to the full moon. Breakdown of old or diseased tissues and letting go occurs from the full to the new moon. Calendars with moon cycles on them are readily available free on the Internet.

Drainage formulas that contain several remedies make the natural immunity more efficient, such as cleaning with soap in the water. They effect function and anatomy of the tissue simultaneously, so the cell itself is a healthier version and the way it performs is better.

If you are using drainage formulas, the potency is already determined by the manufacturer. You may want to use combinations of up to three remedies on focus areas. These combinations can be recommended by the company or a qualified practitioner. The amount of the dose depends on the sensitivity of the person, but read the instructions on the packaging before starting or consult a professional. These pre-combined remedy bottles usually last three to four weeks and should not necessarily be repeated immediately. If you are proceeding to work on another part of the cleansing systems in your body, it is good to leave a week without remedies to allow the body to rebalance to its new and cleaner state. This also gives you time to listen and observe how you are feeling.


Homeopathic books and on-line lists describe symptoms and pictures for each remedy. You should refer to these to see what best matches your situation. Below is a list of systems and remedies.

  • Liver: Taraxacum; sulphur; Chelidonium; Carduus marianus.
  • Kidney: Kali bic; solidago; Juniperis; berberis.
  • Lymphatic: Pulsatilla; Camphor; Aesculus; Calcarea Carbonicum.
  • Bowels: Lycopodium; Hepar sulf; Hydrastis platina.
  • Lungs: causticum; Balsamum perunianum; eucalyptus; tussilago.
  • Skin: Viola tricolour; Vinca minor; Sarsaparilla; Lappa major.

There is no listing above for the genital system as this area is more complicated and requires recommendations from a trained professional.


The Toxicity Self Test lists symptoms that indicate toxins are probably accumulating within your system and are interfering with normal function. Take the test on my website to find out if your body is out of balance.


Dr. Verna Hunt is a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor and kinesiologist in clinical practice for over 35 years. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in Kinesiology, Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Naturopathic Doctor from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine among other educational achievements. Dr. Verna Hunt works by assessing the underlying causes of her clients' lack of wellness and tailors care to their particular situation while teaching them how to care for themselves over a lifetime. For more details of The Health & Well Being Partnership™ please visit the Client Process page at healthandwellbeing.info. Verna also writes and lectures on many topics.


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    Despite this fact, detoxifying symptoms might have been considered as a means of treatment. And obviously it is permitted by the medical authorities.
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