Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure

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During her annual physical exam, Nicole was surprised to learn that she had high blood pressure. Her doctor had prescribed medication, but the 52-year-old business owner decided to seek alternative treatment before resorting to prescription drugs. She was referred to me by her friend, who I had treated for migraine headaches. Nicole had no previous experience or understanding of homeopathy, except that it is natural medicine and her friend was pleased with her own results.

During her initial consultation, I proceeded to ask Nicole some routine questions. She remained cooperative and talkative while I asked about her sleep patterns, what type of dreams she had, food preferences, digestive symptoms, menstrual history and bowel movements. By the time I was inquiring about her personality, temperament, and her fears and phobias, Nicole’s responses were becoming shorter and more reluctant. It was when I started discussing her relationships with her parents and other family members that Nicole interjected in an irritated voice, “How is all this relevant to my high blood pressure?”

“I’m glad you asked,” I responded. “Let me explain. Your doctor prescribed a drug for your high blood pressure. This drug serves one specific purpose – to lower your blood pressure. Aside from checking your vital signs, it is likely that your doctor did not inquire about other aspects of your health, your emotional well being, or what is happening in your personal life. Similarly, many drugs are prescribed for one specific purpose: antibiotics to kill infection, anti-depressants to elevate moods, anti-tussives to suppress coughs, and so on.

People taking the prescribed drugs share a single or group of symptoms. However, they differ from one another in many different ways. The treatment is to suppress your high blood pressure with drugs regardless of why it is elevated in the first place. As long as you remain on this drug, your blood pressure will remain under control. The drug will work against your body’s natural response and possibly drive the illness to a deeper level. Once you stop taking the drug, your blood pressure will rise again – possibly to higher levels. This means no cure has taken place.

A homeopath looks beyond the presenting complaint, beyond the label of the disease (high blood pressure, arthritis, insomnia, endo-metriosis, etc.) to the totality of symptoms a person experiences. This includes their reactions to everyday events and interactions with family members and friends.

Homeopathy believes there is a balancing mechanism that keeps us in health, provided that the stresses on our constitutions are neither too prolonged nor too great. This balancing mechanism is known as the “vital force” – the energetic force that sustains life and is absent at death.

Homeopathy believes that the vital force produces symptoms to counteract the various stresses we experience, and that it makes adjustments continuously throughout our lives to keep us healthy and balanced. These symptoms are the body’s way of telling us how it is coping with stress. Obvious examples are shivering when cold, perspiring when hot, and our blood pressure rising when we are angry.

The concept of treating the whole person is an essential element of classical homeopathy. The basis of this belief is that symptoms or diseases do not exist in isolation, but are a reflection of how the person as a whole is coping with stress. It is the whole person that counts (physical, mental and emotional), and not just the body parts. The fact that your blood pressure is above normal is only a symptom of a larger dysfunction.

While every person with high blood pressure seeking medical help is put on a similar drug, people receiving homeopathic treatment are likely to be taking totally different remedies that are prescribed considering the unique aspects of the individual.

The homeopathic remedy acts as a catalyst, the energy of the remedy stimulating the body’s own vital force to heal itself. The remedy does not weaken the defense mechanism by suppressing it as do many drugs.

The correct homeopathic treatment not only alleviates the symptoms but restores health and vitality. Patients often report that they haven’t felt so well in a long time.”


Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure can occasionally cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath and even vision problems. However, most people with hypertension experience no symptoms and are surprised to discover the diagnosis during a doctor’s visit for some other complaint. This is why high blood pressure is referred to as the “silent killer.”

Blood pressure is a measure of the force with which the blood pushes against the artery walls. It consists of two numbers: systolic and diastolic.

  • The systolic number shows how hard the blood pushes when the heart is pumping.
  • The diastolic number shows how hard the blood pushes between heartbeats, when the heart is relaxed and filling with blood.

A person with a systolic pressure of 120 and diastolic pressure of 80 has a blood pressure of “120 over 80.” When untreated, high blood pressure can cause serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, or kidney failure, to name just a few.


Some well-documented contributing factors of high blood pressure include being overweight, too much alcohol consumption, smoking, poor diet, high salt intake, genetic predisposition, aging, having certain illnesses (such as diabetes) and, last but not least, emotional stress. It is important to note here that many medications including steroids, birth control pills, anti-inflammatories and decongestants can contribute to high blood pressure.

Changes in lifestyle and diet are essential in improved blood pressure. Yoga and meditation are highly recommended, especially for those under emotional stress. Homeopathic medicine can help maintain your ideal blood pressure as well as achieve better physical and emotional health.


After one month of homeopathic treatment, Nicole came back for her follow up consultation. She reported sleeping more deeply, not getting as agitated when her business dealings were not going well, and feeling more energetic in general. She was ecstatic to report that her severe hot flashes and night sweats had practically disappeared.

Lachesis was used in Nicole’s case. This remedy is helpful for people who dislike tight collars and waistbands. They are loquacious and can get severely jealous. This remedy is suited for people with a predisposition to heart problems and severe menopausal discomforts, including hot flashes and sweats.

Plumbum Metallicum worked well for a young man who preferred a routine lifestyle and disliked change. This patient disliked company and felt depressed most of the time. He had a tendency to constipation and suffered from severe congestive headaches. He also had a severe fear of cats. Within six months of treatment, his headaches, constipation, depression and high blood pressure disappeared.

Baryta Carbonicum was helpful for a timid, mild mannered woman who was on prescription medication for high blood pressure. She had the tendency to swollen glands around her ears and throat, and pain and heaviness in her stomach after meals. After two months on this remedy, she reported being energetic and having no stomach pains or swollen glands.  After four months, she asked her doctor to reduce her blood pressure medication. Her blood pressure normalized one month following the cessation of the drug, and has continued to do so for two years now, and counting.

Crataegus Oxyacantha worked wonders for a heart patient with high blood pressure. This patient was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He often experienced an irregular heartbeat, and a dull pain around the heart region. In addition, he suffered with insomnia.

Within eight months of taking this remedy, he reported being symptom free – no more heart pain or palpitations. Medical tests had confirmed that his heart had returned to its normal size. In addition, he reported sleeping through the night.

There are as many homeopathic remedies to help with high blood pressure as there are people suffering with it. See a professional homeopath to find the unique remedy that will set you on your path to recovery.


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