From Trauma to Triumph: Real life Stories from 12 Powerful Women to Help You Overcome your History and Thrive

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From Trauma to Triumph

2021; Kindle Edition

Press release

This book is a doorway to finding support, getting to know others who have been through the same experiences, and using the tools and insights that moved the authors to new outlooks and abilities. We’ve all learned these lessons in life the hard way and we want to share it with you so that you can do it the easy way! It would still require you to read through and take notes and to put into action these valuable lessons.

We all experience trauma sooner or later. It can be small, repeated events or life-changing in-your-face events. Sometimes it is visible and people can empathize, but so often it is hidden away and we feel alone and overwhelmed.

A lot of our childhood trauma is ignored, normalized, or wiped from our memory. It does not mean it did not happen, nor does it mean we were unaffected. Every trauma, whether we were still small or whether it happened in our adult years, leaves an impact. It is our solemn duty to ourselves to become free from what directs our lives with invisible strings, and to empower ourselves by being fully aware of our own part to play in transforming our challenges into stepping stones that will take us towards thriving.

Some of us are more resilient, seemingly getting through trauma more easily than others. That is not how it really is. It is just that some of us have learned better tools with which to navigate this unpredictable world we live in.

Use this book together with the free worksheet provided, and 12 bonus in-depth conversations with the authors for maximum benefit. The 12 authors are:
• Louise VN Liebenberg – Transformational Coach;
• Victoria Lorient-Faibish – Registered Psychotherapist;
• Tobey Geise – NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist;
• Charmaine Barber – Motivated Life Confidence Coach;
• Elsa Mendoza – Certified Community Life Coach;
• Kelly Walk Hines – author and mental health nurse;
• Amanda Elise Love – Registered Holistic Nutritionist;
• Dr. Gillian Lockitch – retired medical specialist;
• Sara Gibbons – natural health and lifestyle practitioner;
• Antoinette McInnes – a survivor of Cancer and Borderline Personality Disorder; • Layne Smith-Brown – entrepreneur, NLP, CBT, and EFT practitioner;

• Arthie Moore-Robberts;
This book is currently available as a Kindle editions for 99 cents at

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