EarthCalm: EMF Protection Devices

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For Cell & Cordless Phones, and Other Wireless Devices

For more than 25 years, EarthCalm has offered people protection from EMFs with a variety of products that re-establish and strengthen the resonance between the human nervous system and the earth. EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell and Omega Wifi Protectors modulate EarthCalm’s grounding patterns into the EMF microwave field generated by phones and wireless devices. As a result, the stress-inducing frequencies are transmuted into a beneficial field of protection. The Quantum and Cell protectors contain three technologies developed by EarthCalm: 1) EarthCalm’s Vortex Transcircuit, which uses the principle of resonant transformers to create a voltage shift or a “fence” of protection; 2) EarthCalm’s Diamond Element, which is based on the double pyramid or diamond and which incorporates some of the most important healing ratios that are embedded in the construction of physical reality; and 3) EarthCalm’s revolutionary Scalar Resonance Technology which, in combination with proprietary geometric circuits that mirror the structure of the earth’s electromagnetic field, restores your natural ground in the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Grounding creates a safety valve for the release of biologically meaningless induced current and greatly enhances the positive transfer of vital information from the earth. Grounding serves to synchronize internal biological clocks, hormonal cycles, and physiological rhythms, and suffuse the body with the healing, negatively charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the earth. Essentially, The Quantum Cell and Omega Wi-Fi protectors, like all EarthCalm products, are designed to restore the human body’s natural grounding in the earth’s electromagnetic field, thus giving the body an opportunity to dissipate EMFs and to regenerate and heal.

EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell Protector transmutes harmful radiation from cell and cordless phones into a beneficial grounding field of protection. The field of protection is created around you, whether your cell phone is turned on or off, because the interaction between the EarthCalm proprietary circuits and the cell phone battery and transmitter works all the time. The difference is more dramatic when the phone is actually on, since the strength of the EMF is stronger at that time. The transmuting effects extend to Bluetooth devices, and when the phone is connected to a car’s Bluetooth system, transmutes radiation within the car into a beneficial grounding field of protection. You receive the same benefits when affixed to your cordless phone system. The Quantum cell transmutes the microwave field that the base constantly transmits into the entire house. A single Quantum Cell protector affixed to the transmitting base protects all associated phones, creating a transformed grounding field of protection at each handset. The Quantum Cell can also be used on baby monitors and a car chassis.

EarthCalm’s Omega Wi-Fi Protector transmutes harmful frequencies from laptops and wireless routers into a beneficial grounding field of protection. When plugged into a laptop, it creates a protective field of up to five feet around you. When plugged into your (wireless or wired) router, all wireless devices, including Wii, Ipads, and other laptops, will receive the grounding pattern and full protection from your router if they are programmed to receive its signal. In addition, if your router is wireless, the protective grounding field will extend throughout your home and property to provide additional protection, regardless of whether a wireless device is in use.

It may sound counterintuitive, but it is better to have a wireless router broadcasting the EarthCalm circuits constantly than to not have it. Consider for a moment all the radio, TV, and satellite signals that constantly fill the space we live in; then add to that all of the wireless routers other people have, plus the cell towers, repeaters, etc. Therefore, it does make sense to create a “bubble of clarity” in this polluted ocean of EMFs.

This is precisely what is done when an Omega Wi-Fi is inserted into a wireless router.  EarthCalm’s inventor, Jean Gallick, suggests using the strongest router available because the stronger the router, the stronger the resulting beneficial field of protection.

Products can be purchased directly from, where you can also read about the technology. EarthCalm products are also available through select retail stores and local health professionals. For more information, call (416) 222-2368 or 1-888-993-9123.

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