Creating a Healthy Home: Extended Resource List

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I have studied and used all of the information and devices listed here. Our home and cottage were assessed by the people I list here and whose work I can recommend without reservation. I am also using the pulsating PEMF therapy.


• A. Michrowski, The Planetary Association for Clean Energy: scientific reports, home assessments, expert witness, 613-236-6265. (Request copy of Whole Life EXPO November 2011 presentation.) Has research on EarthCalm products, 416-222-2368

To find a distributor of Graham-Stetzer filters in your area, visit:   (Comment: We placed Graham-Stetzer filters everywhere in our home. And our computers, printers, TV, etc., are also connected through such a power bar. The dramatic reduction in dirty electricity can be measured with an appropriate device.)

Robert Steller is a German-trained building biologist: He does EMF assessments and Smart Metre removal or shielding. He also does safe building design and renovations. (He trains architects and engineers all over the world.) Visit: Call 519-599-1111


Visit: for body voltage and Gauss Meters.  Comment: These are essential. You cannot make your home and office environments safe from harmful EMF levels without these two measuring devices. Buy them, borrow them, or get one of the EMF experts (e.g. Kevin Byrne, Andrew Michrowski, Robert Steller) to do these measurements for you. This assessment will also reveal whether your wiring is coupling to water pipes, if telephone wires are coupling on to electrical wiring, if underground wiring or water pipe problems exist, what shielding can be useful in the way of special curtains and paint (such as U of T uses in some of its buildings) and what wiring to change if necessary.

Radiation-free telephones (Piezo landline phones) were ordered from Germany via a friend in Europe. To purchase the phones visit: email:  Also see and

For more information on the health and environmental hazards of compact fluorescent lightbulbs, visit:

For a detailed free brochure on coffee enemas e-mail me at The scientific research on this therapy is in the bibliographies of C. Gerson, “Healing The Gerson Way”, Gerson Health Media, 2010; and the books by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, especially in “One Man Alone” listed on his website,


For more information on EMF health risks and scientific publications: and

The details of the World Health Organization’s decision to classify human-made EMF fields (cell phones, Smart Metres, baby monitors, etc.) as Group 2B carcinogens can be found by Googling WHO + EMF + Group 2B carcinogens or contacting Group 2B carcinogens include lead, diesel fuel, pesticides, DDT, and asbestos.

The BioInitiative Report, This is the most important international report regardomg the hazards of EMF and related radiation issues concerning people’s everyday use of such hazardous products. Its importance also lies in its usefulness for legal action anywhere in the world. The BioInitiative Working Group is an international group of scientists, researchers, and public health policy professionals. They document serious scientific concerns about current limits regulating how much EMF is allowable from power lines, cell phones, and many other sources of EMF exposure in daily life. This is the best and most reliable source of information that is not distorted by industry and government interests.

Andrew Goldsworthy Witness Statement (April 2010) before Standing Committee on Health in Ottawa: This is the most important document for any reader to download. Goldsworthy is a biologist from the UK and summarizes in clear language exactly what the problems are in Canada and what should be done. This sworn presentation is key for legal and political action as well as accurate information on all things EMF and health. His materials can be accessed through googling his name. Goldsworthy also has a one-page statement on Wi-Fi and schools from Nov 2011 at

The statement made by the Council of Europe on EMF issues is available through “The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment”, April 11, 2011.

Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic: The implications for the epidemiology of cancer and cardiac, neurological and reproductive effects by Dr. Neil Cherry, June 2000

For the impact EMF technology is having on the safety of buildings and the fire hazard they present (especially Smart Metres) go to who presented to the BC government a technical analysis of these issues and the certainty of “electromagnetically induced earthquakes” and the facts that have been ignored in Canada’s Safety Code 6. This information is useful for those who want to have Smart Metres removed. A comprehensive report made for purposes of expert testimony presented to governments.

Canadian Human Rights Commission, The Medical Perspectives on Environmental Sensitivities, May 2007, section on EMF and your legal right to accommodation.

In order to have Smart Metres removed or shielded you can invoke the Human Rights law of Canada on the basis of the above cited report. Through the MCS Global Initiative organization you can obtain a draft letter and adapt it to your needs, i.e. have your lawyer send it or your doctor, if knowledgeable about this matter. It is available at

H. Ferrie, “The Damaging Effects of Electropollution,” Vitality, April 2011. This article partly records my own history with becoming ill from radiation from a cell phone tower.

The website is a good site to find the sources and information on the changes in blood count that exposure to artificial EMFs causes in people and the damage that results.

The reduction of human sperm count to the level of infertility in men using laptop computers has been studied in various parts of the world. A source for the latest research is

The expert testimony in a US court on October 10, 2005, by Professor Magda Havas of Trent University, on the health effects of EMF radiation. This includes information specifically to North America, and is available on her website, also

Emad, F., et al. How does long-term exposure to base stations and mobile phones affect human hormone profiles? Read Clinical Biochemistry, November 6, 2011, available to purchase at

The Lancet Oncology, “Carcinogenicity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.” Volume 12, Issue 7, Pages 624-626, July 2011 ( This mainstream medical publication is of vital importance because it also carries legal weight when taking action in your situation. This article also contains information about Smart Metres. Its authors were involved in the WHO decision to declare EMFs a carcinogen. is an excellent website for information on prevention, protection, treatments, etc., especially for radiation-related issues. The entry on computers damaging your eyes and what to do is especially helpful.

O. Johansson, “Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields—A potentially underlying cause for cellular damage and tissue repair reduction which could lead to disease and impairment.” Pathophysiology 2009

National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements: Medical Radiation Exposure of the U.S. Population Greatly Increased Since The Early 1980s, March 5, 2009. Report number 160, Ionizing Radiation Exposure of the Population of the United States, available for purchase at The fact that people are being subjected to far too much medical radiation, such as CAT scans, etc., has been documented.

To learn more about glutathione and magnesium, I recommend the summary by Dr. Mark Hyman on Huffington Post: and the International Medical Veritus Society: This society is linked from my website:

Arthur Firstenberg’s website,, for all things involving cell phones and the latest on legal action internationally and legislative efforts in the US. and are the best sources for scientific publications on all EMF-related issues, especially health.

The International Electro-Magnetic Fields Alliance against EMF technology has a website,

For Canadian initiatives taking place throughout the country, including information on EMF symptoms, visit


Help make our schools safe! This website,, is especially important because it is relevant to Ontario and contains a wealth of resources if you want to join the effort to make schools Wi-Fi free.

For information on cell phones and children, visit and

The report presented by the German Medical Associations urging immediate action against EMF radiation in schools, etc., is available at


J.P. Carmichael, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, NAAM, 2009
The most current textbook on clinical MRS studies, following Dr. Thuile’s 1999 book. Here is the latest research, especially clinical experience, of the last decade explained and presented with supporting literature. (To purchase: 303-791-5705)

C. Thuile MD, Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy, 1999.
A first-class textbook – and the first– on pulsated electromagnetic field therapy. Published in 1999 it is supported by findings and synthesizes research consisting of more than 7,500 published articles, of which more than 1,000 are double-blind placebo-controlled studies. Written for the layperson, it is an indispensable guide for those who need to heal from radiation sickness. Purchase from Marcel Wolfe, 416-256-7981.

J.B. Bassingthwaite et al, Fractal Physiology, Oxford, 1999.
For those who want to dig deeper, I suggest this book, which provides the physics underlying the PEMRS technology and therapy. The clinical observations of people like Dr. Becker are further validated by the latest findings in Chaos Theory and Fractal geometry as they apply to human physiology.

B.J. West, Fractal Physiology and Chaos in Medicine, World Scientific, 2000.
The findings of modern physics and biophysics are here discussed with reference to medicine and physiology. Useful for those with a science background.

C. Ober, S. T. Sinatra MD, M. Zucker, Earthing, Basic Health, 2010
The concept of grounding the body is not new, but the research presented here is useful in every way. Grounding devices can only be used if body voltage is first measured in the areas where such devices are intended to be helpful. Without base body-voltage measurements these grounding devices can be harmful. Therefore, also read the article by Virnich and Schauer cited on this list and get a body voltage metre.

M.H. Virnich & M. Schauer, “Caution: Grounding Pads and Sheets: Being grounded is not equal to Zero-Field Exposure”

Visit for grounding mats to be placed in your bed and/or under your feet while working. CAUTION: see cautions in M.H. Virnich & M. Schauer above. NOTE: these mats are only effective if you have bare feet; socks reduce the effect to less than half, and shoes cancel it out completely – this can be verified with a body voltage metre. The cotton grounding sheet contains thin wires that you cannot feel and a cord that connects the sheet to the grounding (round) portion of a nearby electric outlet. However, exposure must be through bare legs or your naked body. If you wear pajamas as well as socks to bed, forget it, as no grounding effect is measurable with a body voltage metre. My husband and I sleep on this mat and have found it very helpful because it improved sleep quality dramatically. Our bedroom has no electrical wires in the ceilings, which is why are able to use this sheet.


S. Milham MD, Dirty Electricity, iUniverse, 2010
To understand the concept of “dirty electricity” this book is key. It also explains how the Graham-Stetzer filters work and how they are understood and documented to improve health and protect against the carcinogenic range of dirty electricity.

R.O. Becker MD & G. Selden, The Body Electric, Quill, 1985
This book contains the basic research and clinical experiments conducted by this orthopedic surgeon; his work is also the basis for current pulsated electromagnetic field therapy. This is the best book to start with in order to understand both the harmful effects, as well as the potential and actual healing effects of electromagnetism.

R.O. Becker MD & A.A. Marino, Electromagnetism and Life, 1987 Out of print, but available on as a Print on Demand copy or Google for various sources. One of them is, here Dr. Becker takes the reader through all the organs and systems of the body and how electromagnetism effects their function and repair, and how they are negatively affected by radiation. This book is key to understanding the pathways of both harm and healing. For details on Dr. Becker’s life and work, as well as his life’s work (bibliography available through PubMed) go to and

K. Crofton, Wireless Radiation Rescue, Global Wellbeing Books, 2010

D. Davis, Disconnect – The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, Dutton, 2010
Dr. Davis is one of the most renowned medical researchers and activists working to teach about the cancer industry of which the EMF-producing industries are a part. She is a member of the American Academy of Sciences.

H. Ferrie, Dispatches from the War Zone of Environmental Health, KOS 2004.
Available for free downloading on my website Especially amusing is the story of how I got rid of my gas stove back then, only to unknowingly swap carbon monoxide for EMF radiation. See pages 84 ff.

B.B. Levitt, Electromagnetic Fields – A Consumer’s Guide, 2007,

M. Milburn & M. Oeldermann, Electric Fields and Your Health, New Star, 1994

C. Rees & M. Havas, Public Health SOS: 110 Questions on Electromagnetic Pollution, Wide Angle Health, 2009.
Very useful for answering basic questions.


A turbo stick-equivalent that can be placed outside the window, so you don’t get radiated at your desk; this enable you to hook up more than one computer:

Visit for links to the Infrared Data Association, which promotes infrared communication technology, They have proven that something other than Wi-Fi is viable as well as radiation free.


The British Medical Journal and the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health published in December 2010 the findings of a study that tracked more than 28,000 children as part of the Danish Birth Cohort study, as well as another study between 1996 and 2002 tracking 100,000 mothers. The results of both studies found that more than 50% of children who were allowed to use cell phones or whose mothers used them consistently had behavioural problems.

Egyptian researchers have studied the effect of EMF exposure on specific hormones such as ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone relevant to many illnesses), Cortisol (stress hormone, also relevant to inflammation), Thyroid Hormones (the key regulatory hormones of the body), Prolactin (in young women; implicated in the development of breast cancer), Testosterone (in men, important not only for healthy sperm but also for memory and other brain functions).

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