Podcast: Cancer Triggers – New Perspectives on Covid-19, Cell Phones, and more

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Today, more young people are being diagnosed with cancer than ever before. There has been a 30% increase in youth cancer diagnoses over the past 50 years. Humans are exposed to more toxins today than ever, including prescription medications and processed foods which contribute to the overall toxic load.

In today’s episode of the “Healing Trends with Dr. Bens” podcast, we discuss some of the larger cancer accelerators. One of these cancer accelerators might surprise you – it is a device that you are most likely using to listen to this podcast…the cell phone. Cell phones, computers and many other modern electrical devices have increased the radiation levels we are exposed to on a daily basis.

The other big cancer accelerator we discuss on the podcast is both the COVID-19 infection and the COVID vaccine. A new article written after our taping is entitled Did a Famous Doctor’s COVID Shot Make His Cancer Worse? (The Atlantic Magazine-September 24, 2022.)

These are two things that are certainly hard to avoid in today’s environment; however, we touch on some ways to limit the overall toxic impact on your body from these accelerators:

• Supplements like Chlorella and Vitamin D3
• Early detection screening, like thermography

• Clean healthy diet and intermittent fasting
• Exercise – we discuss interval training

These are potentially controversial topics for some people; however, we try to share all the available medical science to allow everyone to make informed decisions.

To listen to the podcast by Dr. Charles Bens, PhD, click on this page and then on the podcast link: https://radiomd.com/show/healing-trends/item/48246-cancer-accelerators-some-new-perspectives

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