Book Review: A Clinical Trial

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Author: Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD
Publisher: New Spring Press
Book Publication: 2010

As the keynote speaker at Whole Life Expo 2010, immunologist Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez will conduct a workshop on his renowned cancer therapy, entitled: “Alternative Medicine Takes on Cancer – And Wins.” Over the past decade, this cancer therapy appears to have so enraged the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, and the regulatory system with its success, especially with the worst cancers (pancreatic and ovarian), that a gargantuan effort has been made to derail the formal clinical trial intended to examine this therapy. A Clinical Trial, his new book on that collusion between the highest levels of research and government, will be launched at the Expo on the weekend of November 26.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. In this case the pen (or keyboard) of Dr. Gonzalez is a sword as well, and it cuts through the apparently impenetrable knots of deception with solid facts. Dr. Gonzalez has a university degree in English literature and worked for years as an investigative journalist for leading American magazines on stories involving fraud and politics. A chance meeting with Linus Pauling contributed to his decision to become a doctor – a cancer doctor – and he trained at the best universities and under legendary cancer researchers. Dr. Gonzalez writes like the best crime fiction writers with the purity, logic, and grace of great science writers, and with all sources meticulously documented. I often held my breath while reading the final draft of the pre-publication manuscript. Such books don’t often happen, and when they do, they are events, not just information.

Vitality readers familiar with my work, and that of other alternative medicine advocates, have come to understand that the only thing the Cancer Establishment has to offer is expensive treatment that: a) for the most part doesn’t really work; b) sometimes prolongs life with cancer for a little while; and c) is based on statistical data that is artfully massaged, and “supported” by clinical research that is increasingly fraudulent and arises from a herd mentality also called bias. Dr. Gonzalez observes that “bias … is always about feeling comfortable, secure and at ease with the familiar and… is a fundamental, irrational, often fanatical disdain for someone or something not conforming to the accepted, perhaps a better word is imprinted, model, regardless of fact or reason.”

The Gonzalez therapy is fundamentally ecological:

“The health of any ecosystem…depends…on the efficient cycling of many different nutrients. Should the process break down for even one critical element – such as calcium  – the entire system, including its plant and animal populations, collapses, with the failure usually expressed initially as disease. To an ecologist, disease, whether in plant or animal, [is] … the end result of unusual biologic stress, most often a deficit in nutrient cycling.”
Unfortunately, this ecological principle is destroyed by “heroic” interventions of the cut-burn-and-poison type, which generate medical profits in the billions, effectively disregard the well-being of the patient, and ignore the biochemical realities underlying cancer causation and cure. (See my review of G. Faguet’s The War on Cancer in the May 2007 issue of Vitality).

The current medical paradigm is so contaminated by fraud that even when fraud is proven, it is usually dismissed in order to maintain established norms at any cost. In A Clinical Trial, Dr. Gonzalez describes many such high profile cases, including bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of breast cancer. He poignantly observes:

“Let’s think what would happen if some alternative practitioner promoted a nutritional or herbal regimen that cost up to $450,000 for a year’s worth of therapy, that was extremely toxic and … killed 10-30% of those … [who] undergo the treatment, [lacking] legitimate data to support its efficacy, and when tested …. the extraordinarily positive data reported ultimately proved to be fabricated? That alternative practitioner not only would be the subject of intensive legal and media attack, he or she would be in prison for fraud, for racketeering, you name it. But I know of no oncologist sent to jail [for providing treatments] in the complete absence of legitimate data.”
The astoundingly successful Gonzalez therapy involves “individualized diets, individualized supplement protocols and intensive detoxification.  The diets … range from largely raw food vegetarian, to fatty red meat [depending on the needs of the individual]. The supplement programs also vary considerably, providing vitamins, minerals and trace elements in differing forms and differing doses, as well as glandular and enzyme products, each chosen to meet … [the] particular need [of the] patient. The detoxification routines … help the body neutralize and excrete noxious waste products, including those released from dying and dead tumors [and] those toxic substances we take in from our increasingly contaminated environment.”

Fully understanding how the spin in the medical establishment actually works is prerequisite to informed consent – a legal term that has become, in practice, an oxymoron. Yet most of us are neither informed, nor do we have any idea what we are consenting to. Until we understand how we are being deceived, we cannot even recognize factual truth, let alone regain health.

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