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Articles by Connie Strasheim

Nutrients such as phosphatidyl-choline, 5-HTP, & L-Tyrosine have been invaluable for Lyme sufferers

Nutrients for Improving Cognitive Function in Lyme Disease Patients

03:49 pm May 2, 2017

When I first became ill with chronic Lyme disease in 2004, I could barely read books, never mind write them, as I do now. I left a fiction novel unfinished because I could no longer string two sentences together. And that was only the start of the... Read more »

Healing Cancer with Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine

10:40 pm September 1, 2011

It is my view that medical politics and pharmaceutical interests have heavily influenced and limited people’s access to beneficial cancer treatments. In conventional medicine, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are usually the only treatments... Read more »