Autoimmune Diseases: Conventional Versus Holistic Treatment Methods

When the body’s immune system is blamed for attacking its own tissues and organs, we call those ailments autoimmune diseases. They include illnesses such as arthritis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, psoriasis, and multiple sclerosis.

Conventionally, the mainstay of allopathic treatment is non-steroidal anti-inflammation medications, or cortisone. If the condition continues to deteriorate, we will resort to stronger “immunosuppressive drugs” such as methotrexate or imuran.

What are the consequences? Since the inflammation has been removed, and the symptoms suppressed, it is easy to assume that the problem has cleared. But in reality, the underlying health problem has not been solved at all. In fact, turning off the symptoms allows the disease process to continue without interference. In other words, since the underlying causes of the autoimmune disease are still present in cells and tissues, calming the symptoms actually allows these causes to continue to do damage, so the health problem has not been solved, just muted.


1. Occult (hidden) infections – from species such as Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Borrelia viruses, etc. The route of entry is often the respiratory system, gum or root canal, or intestinal tract. It is virtually impossible to sterilize the gum, mouth and gut. If the microorganisms are still in the bloodstream (the body’s “highways”), the white blood cells and interferon (the “local police patrolling”) will usually take care of them. But once the invaders have penetrated the tissues that are not well vascularized, and therefore not easily reachable by the white blood cells (such as the joints and whitish-looking nerves), these bacterial or viral aliens will stay there for years.

As a result, the following conditions arise in these tissues – Liver (hepatitis); Gut (colitis), Joints (arthritis), Thyroid (thyroiditis), Nerves (neuritis, and scarring: sclerosis).


Dr. M. Brown, a professor at Harvard University, proposed treatment of these autoimmune diseases with antibiotics such as Minocycline and Clindamycin ( This type of treatment seems to be quite successful, but there are drawbacks. A low dose antibiotic needs to be used on a long-term basis and the antibiotics can’t readily penetrate the tissues. This approach requires saturation of the bloodstream with antibiotics so that one day, through the process of cells’ turnover, the deeper layers come to the surface and may allow the penetration of these antibiotics. Higher doses, on the other hand, cause gastrointestinal side effects, in addition to rapid “die off” of these organisms. The extra fragmented pieces of these bacterial invaders would cause more intense immune responses.


1. Hydrogen Peroxide – In my practice, I use intravenous hydrogen peroxide enhanced with a penetrating agent called hyaluronic acid. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can be broken down by normal cells into water and oxygen. But most foreign bacteria do not have the necessary enzymes to break down the hydrogen peroxide, hence they are killed by these “smart bombs”. A series of hydrogen peroxide infusions will induce progressive eradication of these bacteria. Correspondingly, the immune system can be given a helping hand with the help of H2O2 which causes a subsiding of inflammation. (Read more about hydrogen peroxide at http://

2. Food Allergy – Foods are foreign substances until they are broken down into basic components that the body can recognize as nutrients. If unnatural food particles get into our gut and are not fully processed by our digestive system, immune reactions and inflammation are aroused, which can in turn lead to leaky gut syndrome. This inflammation then causes colitis at the bowel wall. The extra “unarrested aliens” (foreign food particles) that got into the bloodstream will even arouse systemic immune responses or inflammation at distant sites causing arthritis, dermatitis, and more.

Therefore, identifying food allergies and avoiding synthetic foods will eliminate many arthritic conditions. As well, the use of digestive enzymes and natural remedies that seal the leaky gut will often settle many inflammations of the body.

3. Heavy Metals – Heavy metals such as lead (example: from lead pipes) and mercury (from amalgam fillings) enter the body as contaminants and get attached to our tissues, usually at receptor sites normally used by their proper activators.

Chelation therapy uses agents that have the ability to “magnetically bind” to these heavy metals in order to free the body of these contaminants. In this case, the body does not need to send defences to attack its own tissues. It is wise to remove these heavy metals because they compromise normal body functions.

In conclusion, the medical profession needs to take these concepts into consideration instead of using strong and harmful immunosuppressive drugs as their main method of dealing with autoimmune disease. I am suggesting strongly that there are, in some cases, more natural, less harmful ways of ridding the body of disease than by the use of heavy handed medications, and these methods are not being given the attention they deserve in allopathic medicine. Patients deserve the best possible choices for effective treatment if they are to have truly long lasting relief from autoimmune disease.


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