Winter 2021 / 2022

Ask the Doctor: Are Covid Vaccines Risky for Men Receiving Hormone Injections?

January 6, 2022

Question for Dr. Rona: If a man in his early to mid 60’s takes a testosterone shot once a month, is it dangerous to take...

News & Notes: Vitamin D and C for Covid; A Cause of Colorectal Cancer; Heart Attack Risk Post-Vaccine

January 5, 2022

Study Shows Vitamin D Deficiency is Strong Risk Factor for COVID Severity, Mortality In a retrospective analysis of 646 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, researchers found that...

Mending Our Spiritual Fabric: 3 Indigenous Practices for Healing Mental Health Issues

December 21, 2021

Many moons ago, Aboriginal and Indigenous cultures lived off the land and were connected to the spirit of all living things. They believed that the...

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Inside the World of Environmental Illness

December 20, 2021

(Correction: In the print version of this article published in Vitality’s Winter 2021 issue, it was incorrectly stated that Covid vaccines contain heavy metals. However,...

Nourish Your Mental Health with 14 Brain-Loving Herbs and Nutrients

December 7, 2021

We have just gone through an unparalleled year of severe stress with the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs or have had threats to their...

Purple Goddess Online Pilgrimage™ – A 12-Month Spiritual Journey

November 29, 2021

Pilgrimage is about longing — longing for connection, longing for source, longing to “come home.” Phil Cousineau describes it beautifully in his book The Art...

Twelve Intervention Trials Conclude that Vitamin C Works for Covid

November 21, 2021

So why are hospitals prohibited from using it? Everyone knows that vitamin C is important for immunity. Sales of both oranges and vitamin C tablets...

Fire Up Your Winter Meals with Immune Boosting Chile Peppers

November 19, 2021

Chile Pepper Medicine Turns Up the Heat The mighty capsicum (botanical name for pepper) has been named 2016 Herb of the Year by the International Herb Association.