Julie Simmons’ Sun Sign Predictions – February 2021


There is lots to confuse us for most of this month unless and until we understand that to even begin cleaning up the mess we have to get a sense of our ideals. We need to scrutinize our associations and work hard at healing the mind. The Mind of human beings is a troublesome place as it struggles to be guided by the heart. That’s why Aquarius (mind) is opposite Leo (heart)! It’s our evolutionary challenge and it’s never been more important than it is now.


MAR. 20 to APR. 19  

What kind of resource are you for others? Make an intention at the New Moon on the 11th toward being available for others – your way. The Full Moon on the 27th could inspire you toward generosity beyond the usual.


APR. 20 to MAY 20   

Hopes and wishes for a better world abound. Consider how you might help bring it into being at the New Moon on the 11th. The Full Moon on the 27th reminds you that you do what you do with and for the benefit of others (or not). Earth is everyone’s home. We are social animals.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

We all look for some kind of objective meaning outside ourselves but truly we create meaning based on our beliefs. Sit quietly around the New moon on the 11th and survey the landscape of your beliefs. They are not what you think they are with your conscious mind. The Full Moon on the 27th shines her spotlight on the entirety of your domain.


JUNE 21 to JULY 21   

The Mind is a monkey but we have guts and hearts to tell us the truth. Listen to what is being said with your antennae focused on inner knowing. Your intention around the New Moon on the 11th is to allow yourself to hear. By the Full Moon on the 27th you understand people and situations with clarity. Feel free to act on what you have learned.


JULY 22 to AUG. 22   

February 11th brings a New Moon, asking you to listen with a full heart to the ‘other’. There is much to hear. The Full Moon on the 27th shines a strong light on what you truly value, not what you think you value. Often our addictions are the doors to sacred devotions. Be courageous in acknowledging this in your own life.


AUG. 23 to SEPT. 22  

The Perfect World only exists in the mind. It’s enough at the New Moon on the 11th to align your best human-scale intentions to the world that is. By the Full Moon on the 27th take a good look in the mirror of your primary relationships. If you don’t like what you see it might be time for a change.


SEPT. 23 to OCT. 22   

Turn your intention to the most satisfying creative expression of your life at the New Moon on the 11th. Whatever it is, it has never been closer. At the Full Moon you become aware of details in need of sorting. Ask for help.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 21  

It’s good to have ideals – even better to make blueprints and vision boards, especially at the New Moon on the 11th. By the Full Moon on the 27th it’s time to see how your aspirations are doing. Is the world you are creating (on purpose or by chance) a true expression of your intentions?


NOV. 22 to DEC. 21   

A New Moon on the 11th requires all of us to imagine a better world. Your intention might be to communicate your best ideas where they might do the most good. The Full Moon on the 27th shines a light on all your responsibilities – the good, the unwanted, and the deeply challenging.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 19  

We all want a better world for everyone. Put some teeth into this intention at the New Moon on the 11th. It matters which seeds you sow in the garden of your life. The Full Moon on the 27th wants you to be more than excellent.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 18   

Much and many have been lost in 2020. The New Moon is about your intention for dealing with what remains. You have a lot of work to do this year and next. Set your course. At the Full Moon on the 27th survey the landscape of your resources. What do you have, need, or want to share?


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

New Moons are always about intention. Make this one on the 11th deep and inner, between you and the Great Spirit who is always listening. At the Full Moon on the 27th there are many things to observe, all of which tell you something about who you are and why. Make it meaningful.

About the Author
Julie Simmons is a practicing astrologer in Toronto. She would like you to understand that Sun Sign astrology has its strengths and its weaknesses. Take it lightly; use it as you will. For consultations call (416) 424-3079. Visit www.juliesimmons.ca