Julie Simmons’ Sun Sign Predictions – February and March 2019


MAR. 20 to APR. 19  

February asks that you bow to the sacred obligations of this human life. Things ease considerably on the 4th as energy increases steadily until the 13th. In fact, there’s enjoyment to be had as you willingly accept the inevitable twists and turns of life. The sense of humble willingness to engage life as it is, complete with the suffering, is meant to make you wiser over time, starting on 18th. Show love for your mother or The Mother from the 18th – 23rd by doing something loving for her or Her. Or both. Reality bites in the best way on the 23rd – 28th offering opportunities for improving the infrastructure of your life.

MARCH: Change is coming. We sense it but cannot see it clearly from March 1st – 6th. As much as Aries would like to be ahead of the wave there is no ‘ahead.’ There is mostly the option of full-on participation in a rapidly changing world. Aries energy can inspire us to keep at it, against the odds. By calling on your innate leadership qualities you can do just that from the 9th – 14th. It’s about letting your soul be the guide for action. A wake-up light calls you to a sense of purpose on the 19th – 22nd. Speak from your heart and all will be well.


APR. 20 to MAY 20   

Agitation on February 1st is rooted in opinions that can’t be proven: Yours or someone else’s. Don’t bite that hook. Let everything slide until the 5th as you cultivate the wisdom of loving kindness rather than the harsh perspective that can accompany righteousness. From the 5th – 13th, there’s much opportunity for learning. A six-week period of making a real difference begins on the 14th. It will cause radical shift. The earth that is your home needs your loving commitment from the 18th – 27th. What that might mean for you is profound and quite personal.

MARCH: It could feel like a scramble from March 1st – 6th as you prepare for the unknown future. Taurus doesn’t like change but as they say, ‘you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’ Radical shift is your constant companion for the next seven years starting March 6th. To live fully into it consider the difference between surrender and capitulation. Your best friend may slap you upside the head or blow your mind with insight on the 14th. Listen up. Ride this inspiration until the 21st, while ignoring petty judgments and engaging in here-and-now actualities. Healing energies wake you in the night revealing the powerful connections between body and mind 19th – 22nd. Write stuff down.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

The feeling that everything could be lost on February 1st – 4th is more about fear than loss. Looking down the barrel of fear, even as you remember your ideals, makes fear recede like shadows in the light of day. Call on support from those who share your vision on the 7th – 13th. You aren’t meant to do it alone. On the 16th – 22nd avoid getting sucked into someone’s story at the risk of your own integrity. From the 23rd – 28th look around for opportunities where you least expect them. Some rabbit holes can take you to good places.

MARCH: Consider your cleverest options from March 1st – 6th, knowing that you, like everyone else, are subject to misperceptions, ignorance, denial, and wish fulfillment. Human beings are so incredibly vulnerable to the con. Game changers are everywhere and there is no staying on top of it all so you might as well dive in and enjoy the ride, just don’t get hooked. Listen for the grain of truth in criticisms of you from the 10th – 17th. It’s an opportunity for growth if you aren’t defensive. Spring arrives on March 20th as the planet adjusts to a ‘new normal.’ Change is easier for you when you associate with people whose ideals match your own. Honour the mentors from the 21st – 23rd by fulfilling, as best you can, the potential you know you have on the 24th – 31st.


JUNE 21 to JULY 21   

On February 1st, the expectations of others are beyond annoying. This will pass, but not before the 5th when you may stumble upon a kind of tough love that will make it easier to deal with behaviours in others that you can see but can’t improve. Look for opportunities to give what you give best from the 6th – 13th. Get a glimpse of what’s coming to your social world on the 14th – 22nd. The political is about to become personal, starting in earnest next month and beyond. As the short month of February comes to an end, let love and acceptance for yourself as well as those you care for be your guide.

MARCH: Lay back March 1st – 6th. You can indulge in speculation or memory but the real challenge is presence in the face of oncoming social change, both personal and collective. Work hard but smart for the good of all, including yourself from 9th – 17th. Burnout is avoidable if you allow others to support your endeavours. Expectation is high from 19th – 22nd. Your best is good enough. Beauty and truth are indeed the front and back of each other. Let that guide you from 24th – 31st.


JULY 22 to AUG. 22   

There’s work to be done. It’s easier if you are a willing participant, but not at the expense of the care and feeding of yourself and your people. The more respected and respectful you are of self and others, the more efficiently things will get done. Be inspired on the 13th. Pay attention to the cherished ideas and ideals of others from February 18th – 22nd. You may not know better and it seems that we either make it work together or it won’t work at all. There are so many ways you could help on the 23 – 28th.

MARCH: You may find it irritating to have to make so many seemingly unasked for adjustments on March 1st. But what if these are the greatest gifts? Get mystical as you contemplate change because the 6th brings a new era of expectations and responsibilities, and a feeling that you are called to accomplish certain tasks. You are the right person for this job. Rude people do not appreciate your creative expression from the 12th – 15th. Your reaction is more important than their rude opinions. Exciting new doors open around you on the 19th – 22nd.


AUG. 23 to SEPT. 22  

Don’t lose your cool on February 1st when the power of love feels more overwhelming than comfortable. Step back until the 5th and think about projections ­– yours and the other person’s. New and different possibilities begin to reveal themselves. Reactive judgments on the 13th are quelled through understanding that each of us carries a wound, and so we’re all hurting and a little crazy some of the time. We learn and grow wise from our efforts to heal these things. Let heart and soul show you the way from the 8th – 21st. Try not to judge harshly on the 22nd. Opportunities to choose the right kind of love are plentiful from February 23rd – 28th.

MARCH: Once again the power of love shatters expectations but only for a brief and disquieting moment on March 1st. Trust the nuts and bolts reality of experience, not the commentary in your mind. Practice discrimination rather than criticism on the 15th – 24th. Your heart knows the difference. Be awed and inspired between March 19th – 23rd by the reality you have created around you because you knew it was possible. Use this for the good of self and others on the 28th and beyond.


SEPT. 23 to OCT. 22   

From February 5th, life calls you to have more fun and to express yourself. Be inspired on the 13th by the way people express themselves. It’s a dance not a race, even if it seems there are winners and losers. Strengthen health and well-being when you share your experience with someone who has been through similar experiences on the 18th – 23rd. Don’t underestimate the power of the past to be a factor in your present circumstance. Dig down deep into the layers until end of the month.

MARCH: A challenge to your authority tempts you to bite the hook on March 1st. The easiest way to avoid this is to be confident, not arrogant. There will be much to sort this month, be it cupboards or the corners of mind and body; all in need of some spring cleaning at least until the 28th. New beginnings, where you least expected them, show their heads from the 6th – 8th. The only problem would be resistance to change. Opportunities to transform your world are available on the 9th – 17th. An in-your-face challenge could go either way on the 19th – 22nd. The horizon looks bright and welcoming 28th – 31st.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 21  

Use your powers, such as they are, to heal not harm on February 1st – 5th. The fruits of those choices are obvious on the 7th – 13th. It’s all about transformation. Someone who challenges you on the 14th is leading the way toward great changes in your relationships. For now it might be irritating but this is just the warm up. Your healing abilities are deeply connected to what you say, how you think and talk, as well as which stories you like to tell on the 18th – 23rd. If your words are anchored to your feelings, you may effect profound and positive changes in others.

MARCH: There is a difference between cutting away the dead stuff and just cutting. You’re the expert. Use your abilities well on March 1st – 6th. Everything is changing between you and your primary other(s). Change is good on the 6th – 17th. You might as well open your heart to the world. Giving love is as good as getting it, even if we offer it to the fumbling stranger ahead of us who is slowing the line. Hidden agendas are revealed on the 19th – 21st. In fact, they may be so hidden, even the person with the agenda didn’t know. Your response is more useful than your reaction. We are all in this together. The beauty and possibility of love is unmistakable – be it romance, art, or kids from the 24th – 30th. Sweet.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 21   

It’s true that this year is the best in 12 for your good fortune, but a lot depends on how you spend your time, energy, money, and/or love as well as how much compassion you have for people from your past. Frugality and cultivation of compassion are the anchors that will allow you to soar. Curiosity leads your awareness from February 4th. Doing what you love is a creative act and will expand your expression on the 13th. Take a good look at your responsibilities, chosen or otherwise, on the 18th – 20th. Be careful not to blame the victim for her/his suffering on the 22nd. It will ease the way until the 28th.

MARCH: This is a month to consider the absolute interconnection between all things, starting with your family. For better or worse they are the ground from which you grew. From the 6th, none of your habits are familiar. It’s time for change. Think of your daily life as your practice. All everyday things are to be kept or discarded based on whether they raise your awareness or not. Only you know what works. Be ruthlessly honest about what you can afford 9th – 17th. Keep only what works. Meet all challenges with an open heart and a solid stance 19th – 22nd. It’s true we are all wounded in some way. What matters is what we do with it. Relationships of all sorts are knocking on your door 28th and beyond.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 19  

Upsets on February 1st might be rooted in resentment. Wise Capricorn understands that the wheel of time never stops turning and what matters most is how we use our experience. Resources come in all shapes and sizes, not just money. Evaluate and organize yours on the 4th – 12th. The opportunity to see your domestic situation differently shows itself on the 13th. Going forward from the 14th, you combine stability with passion for all projects. Step up to the truth of what can, can’t, and must be done on the 17th – 22nd. Your contribution to the world, small or large, is worth making.

MARCH: Annoying circumstances bother you on March 1st but the journey from winter to spring is a time to reflect and ask the hard, good questions on the 5th – 16th. Listen well to people, nature, and yourself. There is much to hear. Insecurity and self-doubt arise like smoke from fire on the 12th – 15th. Let this also be a question, not a defining pronouncement of how it ‘always’ or ‘never’ is. Celebrate the simple fact of existence on the 19th – 24th. Let the celebration contain respect for the past, acknowledgement of the elders, as well as the sure-fire understanding that the way it is can never, ever be the way it was. Go forward with greater confidence for all creative projects on the 28th and beyond.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 18   

You might have a dim view of possibilities for yourself and/or the world on February 1st – 4th. Then again, anything is possible. Everything looks brighter from the 7th – 13th, as good ideas present themselves. Open yourself to what really matters on the 18th and be fearless (not stubborn) in how you move toward it on the 19th – 27th.

MARCH: Impermanence is only a concept until the ground beneath our feet rumbles and shakes, we lose someone we love, or our fortunes change. And so we practice. Give your particular practice your earnest intention from March 1st – 6th. Change is afoot and you can’t control it. Seize the moments of change from the 9th – 14th by remembering your values, even in a world that can’t tell truth from lies. Values support beliefs, and it’s time to share your thoughts about these things on March 19th – 21st no matter the level of chaos beneath your feet. Be slow to spend and wise in matters of worth until the 28th. Game changers arrive on the 31st. They’re on your side.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

A period of preparation is in order beginning on the 4th and lasting until the 18th. Consider who your allies and adversaries are from the 18th – 22nd. Many doors can and will open on the 23rd – 28th, if only you knock.

MARCH: Underlying everything are feelings, ebbing and flowing like the tides. March requires us all to be aware of undercurrents – no one more than you, Oh Great Fish. This is especially significant until the 14th. Shifting intentions become apparent from the 19th – 21st. Some acknowledgment of lifelong issues regarding finances will help on the 22nd. While you’re at it, remind yourself that we live in an addictive culture, which tries to encourage the human propensity toward addiction. Wise evaluation of this condition offers possibilities for deeper compassion, even as you must deal with your circumstances. Clear thinking grounded in deep feeling is easier on the 27th – 31st.

About the Author
Julie Simmons is a practicing astrologer in Toronto. She would like you to understand that Sun Sign astrology has its strengths and its weaknesses. Take it lightly; use it as you will. For consultations call (416) 424-3079. Visit www.juliesimmons.ca