Julie Simmons’ Sun Sign Predictions – Spring 2020


MARCH is a month of transitions. Mercury goes direct on the 9th alongside the new moon, suggesting a good time to make intentions or affirmations regarding service – that which we do for others as well as that which we must need receive for ourselves. The intense emphasis on consequences is as strong as ever. It’s about how we live and what we consume, as well as the awareness that we are in fact living in the consequences of our ancestors, not just our parents but all those who came before. On March 21st, Saturn enters Aquarius, where it will stay for a few months, only to return again mid-December.

APRIL is all about this. There is speculation on the way we use information. The wonder and devastation of the internet touches us all. Who is in charge of this is a good question.

MAY has the nodes moving into Gemini and Sagittarius, while Venus retrograde in Gemini. The emphasis is on communication, education, and how we get around. We are asked to get serious about how we handle these things in our lives.


MAR. 20 to APR. 19  

The first thing that spring requires is the energy to push through winter’s resistance and be born again into the season of renewal. Every little crocus does it. So do you. Be bold, not rash, and actualize your Self. The effort is great and worthy from March 19 through the 23rd. Let it serve your ambitions. Stand up for yourself without harm to others on April 6th through 8th. Then, from April 21st onward, turn your attention toward social realities, both political and personal. May is a month for editing. Think before you blurt, or toss empty promises and useless objects that simply block your way. It’s a task.


APR. 20 to MAY 20   

Obscure as it may seem, you are on a path. There are upsets and road blocks at times but nonetheless you travel the road, accompanied by your ambitions but more importantly your values, including your beliefs about your personal worthiness. Open your eyes to this path in March and April. Look squarely into the face of your ambitions without judgment. If you don’t like what you see, take a detour. If it’s good, get busy creating your professional identity, especially in April. Intentions are powerful on April 23rd. Make some. May requires the taking of inventory and the jettisoning of things that weigh you down and get in the way of your goals.


MAY 21 to JUNE 21  

The promise of spring is nothing less than the surefire knowledge of every spring that we have ever lived; we do indeed resurrect after winter. Sap rises in trees as well as humans. Climate change may skew the dance, but nevertheless light is increasing and hope is in our blood. There is a world of interesting things to learn or teach, which is exactly Gemini’s life purpose. Perhaps you are the wise teacher, or possibly you are seeking one. March 15th through 23rd brings clarity. April beckons you to use this clarity to dispel illusions or maybe delusions. It is what it is. The trickster is alive and well in May, showing you where you are hauling dead weight. All you have to do is just let go and get on with what really matters. It’s a process. Don’t force it. And never forget: S/he who laughs, lasts.


JUNE 21 to JULY 21   

Confusion regarding the motives of others dissipates after March 9th. The promise of spring’s arrival takes you from relentless negotiations to a deeper process: Less, she said he said, and more questioning the meaning of relationships in the face of the enormous change we are all feeling. It might be time for deep therapy, more structured participation in social change, or simply vigorous exit from a toxic relationship. April sharpens your view. The way is clear. May requires deep letting go of old griefs or just about anything from the past that haunts or troubles. Letting go isn’t about severing or erecting barriers, it’s more like making soup, allowing your past to become the spice that flavours your life in the present. Good soup often requires time to cook.


JULY 22 to AUG. 22   

March sounds the wake-up call to what your partner has been trying to tell you for awhile. Bad or good isn’t the issue. See if you can just listen and let them speak their truth. By the end of March, it seems you never worked so hard or felt the weight of upholding your lifestyle as much as you do now. It’s time to find others to help you do some of the heavy lifting. In April, watch out for overreactions. Mostly, people want to do their best even if it isn’t up to your standards or how you would do it. Your lessons are about genuine social interaction – not social media, not virtual interaction. May is the sorting month. Who do you love? Keep them close. Who wastes your time? Avoid them. Who don’t you know so well? Consider if you would like to know them better or not. The time will come.


AUG. 23 to SEPT. 22  

March comes in with a question: What is love? No answer is required. Better to find ways to express yourself with love, through art. The more you taste, touch, feel, the closer you get to the essence of love. Be aware of your senses from March 18 – 24th. As March becomes April, your efforts turn toward living the best life you can. Why do you get up in the morning and do this or that? How is your work, your job also your daily practice? May puts the emphasis on your calling, your legacy, your responsibilities ­– both chosen and not. Let the winds of change carry off whatever blocks you from getting to where you’re going. And understand that people say many things that are fascinating, interesting and flat-out lies. This world is a shell game and it’s impossible to know which shell hides the pea, so just go about your business. Avoid distractions. Focus on the task at hand.


SEPT. 23 to OCT. 22   

Be vigorous in March with all matters concerning roots and foundations; be it the tree in your yard or the ancestors at your table. You don’t see these things but they have great influence on our lives. The promise of new relationships or new life breathed into old ones grows stronger after the 24th. April promises vigorous engagement with creative projects and children, both the inner and the outer kind. The key is discipline combined with spontaneity. You are the guardian of all sorts of potential. Confrontations on or near April 7th are meant to show you who you really are. May is all about revision. What is true and what isn’t. What does it take to unlearn things which are no longer relevant for these times, this life? Explore the sense of liberation that comes with letting go from May 22nd onward.


OCT. 23 to NOV. 21  

Your words have power, particularly March 9th – 21st. Use them to warm hearts and inspire confidence. After that, in April your mandate is to turn toward the domestic. Secure your home as best you can. Honour the ancestors, even those not of your blood. We are all related. May is about magic, both good and bad – the everyday kind that can take us to wonder or despair in an instant: Mind magic. Be aware of what you are thinking or even that you are thinking. Thoughts of fear and loss, of constant danger, arise as if by themselves. See if you can gently exchange them with thoughts of transformation, renewal and the wonder of life itself. Issues of trust, sharing, and intimacy (and their companion, betrayal) call for your attention starting on April 22nd and throughout the month of May.


NOV. 22 to DEC. 21   

The instability of the world makes us all anxious about security and support. You’re not used to the persistent drumbeat of such a theme. Clarity about where and how you live arises in early March and again between the 19th and 25th. The key is to start right where you are and go for what’s sustainable for you. April requires commitment to learning or teaching. Be willing to open doors that promise to open your mind. No effort will be wasted. May is about the lies we tell ourselves so we can believe the lies of others. It’s the perfect time to jettison such behaviours even if it makes you sad. Writing in your journal can help.


DEC. 22 to JAN. 19  

You continue to hold up the world in March. The key is to balance your notion of what works for you with your obligations and responsibilities. Capricorn is the manager of the zodiac. Managers generally need teams that work with them. Call in supports between March 20th and 23rd. It’s good for them as well as you. April puts the focus on finances and/or values. Consider your wants and we have needs. Can you spot the difference? May is a time for separating wheat from chaff like fairy tale princesses of old. Sorting through the empty calories of your life on all levels of body, mind, emotions and spirit will bolster your energy as well as the efficiency in all you do.


JAN. 20 to FEB. 18   

Be respectful of all the forces and energies over which you do not have control, at least until March 21st. That’s when you begin to get a real glimpse into exactly what you can and can’t master. Be realistic, not pessimistic about this. April is time to get serious about your present and how it relates to your future, particularly 2021. May is for love and art and all things creative. If you’re not having enough fun or don’t feel free to express yourself, get serious about changing your relationship to restrictions that impede self-expression. Make an affirmation regarding love in all its manifestations on May 22nd or 23rd. It’s a seed that will take root and sprout over time.


FEB. 19 to MAR. 20  

Like a mermaid floating up to the surface, you may seem to see things with greater clarity after March 9th, but is this the best kind of seeing for a Pisces? The oppressive sense of the culture you swim in is a strong call to activism, not despair. From March 15th – 25th, you’ll get to determine what kind of action you could take. April opens a door to humanitarian service. Look for the joy in actions that are motivated by genuine compassion rather than pity. May is time to turn towards home and family issues. We are all deeply conditioned to create the lives we first experienced, over and over again. Here is an opportunity to do it differently, your way, inasmuch as you are not the child you once were, at the mercy of wayward adults. Imagine what a minimalist might do. Then do it.

About the Author
Julie Simmons is a practicing astrologer in Toronto. She would like you to understand that Sun Sign astrology has its strengths and its weaknesses. Take it lightly; use it as you will. For consultations call (416) 424-3079. Visit www.juliesimmons.ca