ZENBEV DRINK MIX: A Natural, Effective Way to Treat Your Sleep Issues

Zenbev Drink Mix – A Natural, Effective Way to Treat Sleep Issues

Zenbev Drink Mix – A Natural, Effective Way to Treat Sleep Issues

Anyone who suffers from insomnia knows the personal, social, and physical toll taken when the restorative properties of sleep escape them. There are many more stressors facing people today – from time constraints to financial burdens – that also contribute to an inability to find time to exercise, eat properly, and allow for recreational activities. In addition, as we age our body’s ability to produce natural melatonin decreases. This is why many who have never had trouble sleeping enter middle age and suddenly find themselves awake at night wondering: Why me? Why now? What can I do to get back to sleep?

Insomnia is a challenge for any medical practitioner to treat and it just became more difficult following the release February 27, 2012 of a study undertaken by the Viterbi Family Sleep Center at Scripps Health in San Diego and published in the British Medical Journal. There are a number of sleep medications to choose from but every physician knows that they are meant to be used for the short term only. The recognized pitfalls of long-term sleeping pill use are tolerance and dependence. This new Viterbi study, however, has revealed much more serious side effects attached to long-term sleep medication use including a 35% increase in new cancers and an almost five times higher risk of death.

Zenbev Drink Mix was formulated by a Canadian medical doctor to restore natural sleep. Melatonin produced naturally in the brain is nature’s antidote to insomnia. Some people take synthetic melatonin to help with sleep, but what if you could give your body the natural food ingredients needed to stimulate natural, normal melatonin production? That’s exactly what Zenbev does. Made of natural and organic food ingredients, Zenbev provides a source of tryptophan from organic, protein-rich pumpkinseed flour.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid we need to get from the nutritious food we eat. Not only is it difficult eat the proper meals in our hectic schedules, but tryptophan needs to access the brain in just the right way to foster natural melatonin production. At the best of times this can be a challenge. Zenbev Drink Mix bypasses these obstacles by providing a scientifically formulated supplement using natural food ingredients that easily prompt natural melatonin production, restoring natural sleep.

Just as sleep problems take time to manifest, it may take some time for Zenbev to help retrain your brain to manufacture natural melatonin again. Some people notice an immediate benefit, but most people find that it can take between one week and one month to get their sleep back on track. The good news is that once the benefits are achieved it is not necessary to take Zenbev continually. There is no tolerance or dependence associated with Zenbev. Many people maintain a reduced dose or stop taking it altogether when they have re-established regular sleep patterns. Zenbev Drink Mix comes with a measured scoop and the usual dose is 1 to 2 scoops taken one half hour before bed for assistance with sleep or in the morning to aid anxiety symptoms

Zenbev Drink Mix is a powder that you mix with the beverage of your choice. It comes in two delicious flavours, Chocolate and Lemon, and in two sizes.  Visit https://www.zenbev.com to learn more and view all the great products Biosential has to offer or call 1-800-735-4538. Zenbev Drink Mix is available in many fine health stores across Canada and online.

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