Your Role as a Teacher, Leader and Healer During “the Shift”

Your Role as a Teacher, Leader and Healer During “the Shift”“There is a shift in consciousness occurring.” You probably hear this frequently now. Maybe so frequently that it has lost its original meaning. It may have become jargon to your ears.  But what is your role during this most important time?

As more and more of us begin to shift we are starting to remember who we are. We are recognizing imbalances in our lives and asking ourselves “What’s really important to me?  What truly makes me happy?”  The answer isn’t found by gaining more of the world outside but in gaining more of the ‘me’ within. In our rush to the top we have left a part of ourselves behind. We have traded respect for competition, kindness for advantage, and giving for taking. We’ve lost touch with our ‘Inner Guidance’ which always directs us to a higher, more vibrant place. This higher place is a place where cooperation, support and understanding create deeper trust, friendship and compassion.

A quickening is occurring within the hearts of humanity now and millions are beginning to consciously awaken. They are finding a new passion within and recognizing that who they are counts. “I AM valuable, important and significant.  I matter and I have a contribution to make!” This passion is igniting within each of us.  This shift is taking place across the world in every town and village and in the hearts of each child, woman and man.  Whether the issue is feeding the poor, healing the sick, building community, or nurturing the Earth, there is a growing awareness. A connection is being made one heart to another. In this connection of caring, sharing, giving and receiving, a spark within the heart ignites and grows. This awakening consciousness has no limits. It is a shift that is taking us all into a higher dimensional awareness; a higher, more aligned way of life. We are becoming the teachers, leaders and healers we came here to be.

Allow me to offer you an exercise that will rapidly take you down this path.  This exercise will assist you to remember who you are. First, create a list of words. Pick words that make you feel good. Select words that you would like to be known by in your world. For example: insightful, kind, respectful, purposeful, gracious, gratitude, integrity, dignified, caring, or helpful. Make it a long list, choosing words that will help you remember your ‘Self’.  It is within the words that you will awaken.

Next, choose four or five of those words that make you feel especially good as you experience them. Try each of them on and see how they feel. Then, take one word each day for a week and be that word. Demonstrate this word in every situation and notice how it makes you feel. You will notice that when you become intentional about being the word, you feel more alert, aware, present in the ‘Now’ moment and in charge of yourself on your own terms. If you find you have slipped out of the word, simply smile and become the word once again. One note of caution however; this exercise produces side-affects that generally lead to feelings of Certainty, Well-being, Command and Happy. Yes, there is a shift occurring and the shift is within you! Be who you came here to be.

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