Sacred Journeys: On Vision Boards and Ceremonies for the New Year

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According to the Chinese astrological system, this coming Year of the Wood Horse is likely to be the fastest moving and most creative explosion of energy within the system’s 60-year cycle. The last four years, ruled by metal and then water, took us on a journey of introspection and suspension where we dealt with destabilizing family and work events and invited spiritual explorations, while the corrupt world drew out our voice for social change. Now, with Wood Horse, we can begin fresh; creating new stories and feeling supported, while our dreams manifest out into the physical world, pulled along rapidly by our trusty steed.

I am feeling inspired to actually create a vision board for the changes ahead, not to lead the horse, but to give it some direction. I have never actually made one. I suppose it was the corrupting influence of films like The Secret, that seem to focus on using a vision board to manifest a million dollar home, that turned me off. But this month, I have decided to create detailed vision boards. I will create one about my business, one about my personal relationships, and one for the larger world we share. For example, with my company I have seen ways that I would like it to grow, so on a physical board (maybe 2 ft. x 3 ft.), I’ll paste pictures and words from magazines, and/or create my own that illustrate how I would like to see things unfold in a year or two. They say that when you feel the vision board is complete, two things happen simultaneously: you trust that it exists and is moving toward you through the power of your intention; and you embody the feeling of it completed.  For example, if looking for love you are expressing ‘not’ being in love. Instead, try feeling that you are in love in every cell of your body, trust that your lover exists, and the lover will come. I personally wouldn’t do a vision board on what the partner looks like, but how you both feel loved and heard and supported, etc, can all be visualized. This is a simple physical law of manifestation, like attracts like, so be the change you seek in the world.

I have been having hints already that something is changing quite deeply (at last) – moments, or even hours, where I feel myself open to a new version of myself, free of self doubt or even normal rules of physical existence. Finding myself in these situations serves as inspiration and a reminder that we are at the cutting edge, flying into a new co-created reality, and we are beginning to experience it in these precious rara avis moments, where old containers are shattered and we find ourselves floating in the stars.

Recently I had such an experience when I participated in a community art event. We gather in a now empty nunnery and have four craft or music choices at four different times throughout the weekend, taught by a local talented someone. Saturday night we put on a cafe/cabaret to entertain each other. The last piece had been a dozen or more of us playing djembe drums and singing a traditional west African song we had learned. Those of us who stayed deepened into our presence with the instruments and with each other. There was no instruction or speaking. We explored drum patterns and found a place of resonance where no words were necessary as we felt each others rhythm and time began to slow.

Someone had felt inspired to make a small circle of about 20 votive candles on the floor, out from the semi-circle of drums, to be our sacred fire. I put down my drum and began to move. It began slowly, and soon I felt myself merging with the group. I was as much a part of them as a limb to a tree and felt no separation or self consciousness. I didn’t think about dance steps, or who was in the room or what time it was, I just danced. I danced wildly, leaping, spinning, channeling my African sisters, opening my heart. I danced and they drummed for two solid hours.  We were all transported. I found myself wanting to get onto the ground and lay between the fire and the drums on my back and felt my heart. It was beating fast, but within three deep breaths it was slow. I heard a voice begin a chant-like song naming  the ancient Goddesses – and each of us merged our voices to the original voice, never louder than a whisper.

I realized later that time had stopped for us. Perhaps because there was no contrivance or ego where we had gone together. Time and other physical considerations had been suspended. When I lay on the floor I felt held above the ground in a soft vibrating web, that was woven from the light of each heart. This was a very different experience for me. It was deep and pure and sacred and ancient and easy. We simply opened to it. We opened to where body and spirit meet, and then we acted, we leapt into the opening and were sustained in a new way.

This is our divine masculine energy that brings action to the deep knowing of the heart. We are spiritualizing the material when we operate in unity; become conscious of the larger resonance that is available to us. It is love essentially in a myriad of forms, and it is freeing us from our old stories of limitation and judgment, that defined us. That release in itself is highly energizing. This is the opportunity available to us this coming year. We can begin new stories now, and their power and energy will amaze us. Whisper your vision to the horse’s ear and then let go and enjoy the ride.

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