Woodford Files: Spring 2020 Issue – Our Best Advice on Coronavirus

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Welcome to Vitality’s first issue of 2020! What a wild year it’s been so far. With the coronavirus wreaking havoc around the world, one would expect health authorities to be educating citizens on how to protect themselves. But so far, I have seen no such guidance from the medical establishment, other than urging us to wash hands and wear masks. Furthermore, if we do get the virus, there are no medical treatments available. So we’re on our own.

Thankfully, Mother Nature has plenty of potent weapons to help fend off infectious microbes, and this month we’ve brought together some of our best health experts to advise on surviving a pandemic by strengthening immune defenses.

The feature article on Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment, by Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD, describes 10 effective ways to arm the immune system. Here we find the latest research on vitamins C and D, plus probiotics, spices, and minerals that can turn the body into a healthy organism which is hostile to invading armies of viruses and bacteria. With nature’s pharmacy under our belts, I think we stand a much better chance of surviving when COVID-19 comes to town.

Also on deck is herbalist Rick DeSylva, who has years of clinical experience using botanical medicine for both preventing and treating infectious organisms. In his article on Immune Boosting Herbs we learn about elecampane, lomatium, and olive leaf as antiviral agents. These are easily found in local stores, or you can get a customized herbal protocol directly from him.

This type of natural health information is supported by orthomolecular experts around the world. For example, this excellent report on Vitamin C as an effective treatment for coronavirus is contains a wealth of data. So we are pleased to bring you the honest news about how to properly take your health into your own hands, which is available in Vitality’s print magazine distributed to your local GTA health food store, or through a paid subscription to the print magazine, or through a free subscription to the digital magazine so it lands in your in-box along with our free newsletters. (See order info below.)

We also have a feature by Helke Ferrie on “The Microbiome and the New Medical Paradigm – How It Can Save Your Life“. And there’s a centuries-old TCM folklore recipe from Chinese Medicine expert Tom Fung for preventing and treating infectious diseases. Indeed, we are fortunate to be surrounded by so much knowledge and experience, which empowers us to take positive steps towards dealing with whatever germs come our way.

By the way, surviving the coronavirus isn’t only about what we do to get stronger, it’s also about what we stop doing. That is, stop using products that increase your toxic load and stress your immune system. These include chemical laundry detergents (if they’re not biodegradable, they’re not healthy for you or the planet), indoor air fresheners (emit carcinogens), sugar, refined carbohydrates, and bad fats (margarine, canola oil, corn oil, etc). Instead, switch to nontoxic, eco-friendly cleaners and sanitizers made from essential oils, eat nutrient-dense whole foods, and use good fats (virgin coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil).

Personally, I’m taking at least 5,000 mg of Vitamin C spread throughout each day, as well as Vitamin D3 & K2, adding chopped raw garlic to my meals, sprinkling Greek oregano and curcumin powder on my pastas, and using UVB Phototherapy to boost my vitamin D levels as well.

Newsflash: Check out my new article on “My Top 8 Tips to Stay Well During the Pandemic” just posted.

To get a free subscription to Vitality magazine, send request to: subscribe@vitalitymagazine.com This will come in handy for sharing the magazine with friends and family abroad. Meantime, take good care of yourself, get lots of exercise and fresh air, and stay positive.

Newsflash: Dr. Rona versus College of Physicians of Ontario

It appears that doctors are being bullied into prescribing synthetic instead of bioidentical hormones. Several Ontario doctors have been investigated and “cautioned” about doing so. While many of these doctors are reluctantly cowering to this caution, Dr. Zoltan Rona, a Complementary Medical doctor in Toronto, is pushing back by demanding a judicial review of a College order. Dr. Rona believes that the public is better served if they are provided with a choice between drug and natural health products, especially when there is more than ample scientific evidence in support of the bioidentical hormone therapy. Letters of support for Dr. Rona’s stand are much appreciated. Please send your letters of support to: drzoltanrona@gmail.com





Julia Woodford founded Vitality Magazine in 1989, and has been its Editor-in-Chief for the past 30 years. Prior to a career in publishing, her studies included Political Economics at York University, Journalism at Ryerson University, and Psychology, PhysEd, and Anthropology at University of Toronto. She remains a lifelong student of herbalism, nutritional medicine, and the healing arts to this day. You can read her columns on the Vitality website. She is also the Show Manager for Whole Life Expo, Canada’s largest showcase of natural health and green living. Learn more at the Expo website In 2018 she received a “Hall of Fame” award from National Nutrition. In 2019, she was nominated for a “Person of the Year” award by National Nutrition.


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  1. G
    March 24, 21:24 Grandpa

    Good day Julia!

    Thank you for years of life saving and enhancing wisdom!
    I have been absorbing Vitamin C for years… never get even a cold!
    Even after catching handfuls of my grand daughter’s vomit, or helping many sick people. I am 65 this year. I hope to be around awhile longer…my Mom lived to 80, my Dad is 88! Eating live fresh food helps! Being outside and active in Nature makes a world of difference too! Good music is key, especially now with all the fearful noise out there… Playing and laughter are amazingly good for mind, body and spirit!

    Thanks again! You are a blessing in thousands of lives!


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  2. n
    March 31, 19:45 none

    I just stumbled onto Vitality searching for natural things to do for (or against) the corona virus. I am so blessed to find you. Can’t wait to dig into your past articles

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  3. r
    May 26, 20:26 rs79

    The answer to Covid-19 comes from Ebola:

    2014 NYTimes: Many in West Africa May Be Immune to Ebola Virus

    2016 Richardson: “The phenomenon of previously undetected, minimally symptomatic EBOV infection was evident around the discovery of the virus in 1976.”

    2010-IRD: A surprisingly high proportion of the Gabonese population could have immunity against Ebola. Antibodies to the virus were found in 15.3% of rural communities

    The reason is selenium. The diet of the people in west Africa who are immune to Ebola is very high in nuts which are the most potent source of selenium and in 2015 a Harvard researcher showed how the correct level of serum selenium absolutely inhibits a virus’ ability to infect the host cell by inhibiting the critical first bond the virus has to make with the host cell. This inhibition is chemical in nature and no resistance is possible to this.

    “It is suggested that this inexpensive and readily available food supplement can be an ultimate inhibitor of Ebola and other enveloped viral infections.”

    “29 Jan 2015 – Liberia: Harvard Scientist Claims Selenium Can Treat Ebola”

    “29 January 2015 Last updated at 00:55 – We’ve now seen several cases that don’t have any symptoms at all, asymptomatic cases,” said Anavaj Sakuntabhai.

    This applies directly to CoV-SARS-2:


    The protagonist of this [cytokine] storm is interleukin 6 (IL-6)

    Selenium is inversely associated with interleukin-6 in the elderly.

    Link identified between dietary selenium and outcome of Covid-19 disease

    “depression was associated with low levels of selenium in frail older individuals”

    If the disease can not be prevented here’s what China did to remediate the problem in less than 30 days:

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