Woodford Files: Summer Detox; Breast Health

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Here comes summer, and with it the joys and tribulations that the hot season brings. In the spirit of summer fun, our cover this month sports a postcard from ‘detox country’, a place where the umbrella drinks are made from beet juice instead of rum punch. This particular drink, named “Love Your Liver Tonic” by naturopath Sat Dharam Kaur, is one of the concoctions included in her “Boost Your Breast Health for Summer” feature in this issue. Here we learn of the best foods, supplements, and strategies to reduce the risk of cancer. Coming from a world-renowned expert on breast cancer, Dr. Kaur’s advice is priceless.

The value of clean living is further explored this month by Helke Ferrie in her “Living Healthy in a Toxic World” feature. Here she looks at the toxic challenges that we face every day, and reminds us that every choice we make has consequences not just in the here and now but for many generations down the road. Fortunately, nature sometimes forgives us for being mindless idiots, as she points out: “Life survives our most enormous stupidities, misjudgments, and appalling acts of arrogance… May we take comfort in nature’s determined intelligence.” As long as we eventually get it right, we still have a shot at a long and healthy life.

If you’re starting to daydream about kicking back and sipping an umbrella drink on a dock somewhere in cottage country, you’ll enjoy the “Getaway Guide” we’ve put together this month, which offers everything from juice fasting retreats to wilderness kayak trips to yoga by the lake. It’s a good reminder that getting out of town for rest and relaxation can play a big part in helping you unwind, de-stress, and recharge your batteries. For those who think that vacation is simply a frivolous waste of time, here’s a quote from www.vacationcounts.com: “Studies have shown that taking a vacation actually leads to higher productivity upon returning to work. Employees who come back from a trip, whether a local getaway or visiting a far-off destination, demonstrate increased focus, creativity, and simply get more done.”

In the meantime, there’s still the hot, stinking city to deal with, but it doesn’t need to be entirely unbearable. We have included an “Urban Getaway” option in the Guide, called Pure + Simple spa, an anti-aging oasis that can keep you looking fresh all summer. Personally, I love their aquabrasion treatments for cooling and refreshing my reactive skin that’s easily irritated by too much sun.

My other favourite summer strategies include: 1) Avoiding meat so that I don’t stink when I sweat; 2) Avoiding sunscreen so that I get all the health benefits of solar medicine (this requires mindful exposure to the sun, and wearing a hat at all times); 3) Avoiding chemical deodorants in favour of natural ones; and 4) Drinking cooling, detoxifying juices and smoothies that create natural inner air conditioning to offset the summer heat.

There’s a lot more good stuff packed into this issue, so be sure to take us with you on your next getaway.

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Julia Woodford, Editor

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