Unlock Your Potential: Become Self-Empowered

Unlock Your Potential: Become Self-EmpoweredAre you ready to become self-empowered? It is easy to achieve once you grasp the basics. The first step is to know that your intentions influence every aspect of your life, including your health. Every cellular function is guided by your intentions, which put you in the driver’s seat, whether you like it or not. It is up to you whether you drive around aimlessly or get directions for where you want to go.

Focusing your intentions in the form of visualizations is a learned skill. I have taught this skill in my workshops for 10 years. You can learn it easily and quickly. Visualizations provide a road map you can modify as you travel along your personal journey and discover your potential.

Awareness of the choices you have made and continue to make is paramount to your wellbeing. Although intellectually we may accept the power of positive thinking, few of us know how to effectively maximize its potential. The latest biological research supports our ability to influence our own reality. Our wellness is directly related to the energy of our thoughts, emotions and intentions.

Each of us has the capacity to focus our intentions and energy on effectively harnessing this ability when given some guidance. Our thoughts and how we choose to perceive them are governed by our intentions. By tapping into this innate resource, you can always improve your health or any aspect of your life.

My Personal Story

Since my early teens, I have been drawn to healing and helping others achieve self-empowerment through exploring the use of their own innate energy resources. In 2003 I wrote my first book, Dream Healer, to share my gift of energy healing with the intention of encouraging others to more comfortably express their unusual experiences openly. The book chronicles my healing discoveries, including distant healing and the basic principles of quantum physics as they relate to healing. The recovery of musician Ronnie Hawkins, who was suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer, is chronicled in the book. Nine years later, Hawkins remains cancer-free, to the astonishment of his doctors.

The publicity surrounding the release of Dream Healer sparked  enormous interest, along with an overwhelming number of requests for healing. I saw first-hand the desperate need for healing of body, mind and spirit.

Not knowing how to respond to this demand, I was thrilled to discover that my healing abilities were effective with groups as well as individuals. I was able to merge the auras of a group of participants into one coherent frequency to effectively hold group healings, which I have done for several years at every one of my workshops. Group treatments provide an energetic jumpstart to individual healing, especially when guided by visualizations.

Merging Modern Science with Mystical Traditions

I also discovered that visualizations are powerful tools we can all use to create our reality. Visualizations strengthen neural pathways and connections that are beneficial to us. Visualizations are mental exercises aimed at harnessing the power of your intentions.

My work continues to expand on the many questions raised in my workshops. I merge the latest cutting-edge science with the mystical traditions of my aboriginal forefathers, North American Indians. I have embraced their wisdom about subtle energies, blended with the channeled insights I’ve received about distant energy healing, and combined these insights with the most recent scientific information from molecular biology, which I studied in university. So far I have attended eight years of university studies. Currently I am in the third year of a four-year post-graduate Naturopathic Doctor course.

The new DVD, Heal Yourself, highlights the relationship between science and intuitive or channeled information about energy healing. It is the best preparation for my workshop and the unique group healings I facilitate, where auras of all participants are merged into a coherent resonance. Individuals are guided step-by-step in their own self-work within the context of the group. The whole gathering resonates as an ordered energy, creating the ideal conditions to amplify healing intentions. Often participants experience a jumpstart in their healing by directing immune responses. I have received thousands of testimonials of amazing changes occurring in people’s health following these group energy treatments.

It has been an exciting experience to speak about healing with several of the most forward thinkers in this field. A series of conferences were held throughout North America with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, author and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS); Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell microbiologist, author and researcher; Dr. Lee Pulos, author and clinical psychologist, and myself. Together, cutting-edge quantum physics, the latest research in biology and the psychology of consciousness are an awesome combination in group energy sessions.

I have had the pleasure of speaking at conferences alongside notable presenters such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and many others from various healing modalities, including qigong masters, reiki masters and shamans from many indigenous cultures, as well as people who have discovered these abilities on their own, such as Dr. Eric Pearl of Reconnection Healing. Every healer has learned slightly different ways to access a similar ability.

What I have learned is that each and every one of us naturally possesses this healing capacity. We just need some simple directions to maximize our awareness and focus our intentions. We just need a road map. I intend to assist in the joining of science and ancient wisdom as scientists and mystics become of one mind. The logic is simple. Intention is focused thought, and thought is energy. Energy affects all physical matter.

Once you decide to take control of your mind, which in turn regulates your body, then you will be in control of yourself. With this goal in mind, my workshops teach practical self-healing exercises backed up by my experience and by current scientific discoveries.

Make these brain-stimulating experiences meaningful and enjoyable as you focus your attention and intention. You are making this discovery yourself as you learn to activate and maximize your own innate energy abilities to create your reality of health and wellbeing. You know what works best for you. As with every skill, practice makes perfect.

Experience self-empowerment as you transform your reality with the power of your own intentions. Your goal is to activate your own healing mechanisms as effectively as possible. Take responsibility, take charge, take action and be self-empowered. We are not just biochemical machines. We are senders and receivers of energy as information, which influences our health far beyond our conscious awareness. The energy of your intentions is actually being processed as new information within your body. That is the true power of visualization.

You perceive your reality in a way that closely meets your needs. Therefore, your world is what you have asked for it to be. Trust yourself on your way forward!

Adam McLeod (former ND), BSc (First Class Honours) in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry was a Naturopathic doctor in Vancouver providing integrative cancer care in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown district from 2014 to 2019. Adam is no longer practising and no longer accepting patients as he has been pursuing other projects since fall of 2018.

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