Tune Up Your Lower Chakras: Denis Chagnon Teaches Grounding Techniques to Balance, Revitalize, and Heal the Body

I’ve had a headache for two days. It’s the middle of the night and I’m not busy now. I’m not going to medicate the pain because I’m ready to focus on myself – on releasing this painful headache once and for all. I do the energy healing technique I was taught by Denis Chagnon. Within a few minutes the pain subsides and what is left is a sense of awe, a sense of oneness and an open space of calm in my head.

Twelve years ago Denis Chagnon was an RCMP officer from Val-des-Monts, Quebec who contracted cancer and was told by doctors that he had three weeks to live. He refused traditional medical treatment and went home to die peacefully. While spending 23 hours a day in bed, he found that when placing his hands on the painful parts of his body he felt good. Six months later he was cancer-free.

Denis set out to learn how this miraculous healing happened and he’s learned much since then. He shares powerfully transforming energy through words and techniques that are both practical and simple as he travels the globe giving healing sessions and workshops. Because the world of healing is my passion, I’ve been privy to healing sessions with many healers; but when I saw Denis quietly hold the focus for two groups of at least 200 strangers at the Whole Life Expo last year, who in minutes shifted to a place of peaceful loving unity, I knew that I was seeing something extraordinary.

Denis sees 35 clients a day, 3 days a week at his home in Val-des-Monts, and has educated 42 allopathic doctors in energy healing so far. These doctors send many of their patients to see him as he has a success rate of approximately 20% for “incurable” diseases. Women who were unable to conceive have done so with his intervention, and a few babies in vegetative states have recovered to the point where they can eat, sit upright and walk.

While teaching us to heal ourselves, Denis works at the soul level. He feels the vibration of each soul and resonates with it until the soul vibrates harmoniously. This way the personal story and the soul story become matched, which leads to greater harmony in one’s life.

This gentle, unassuming man sometimes shares with us what he finds when listening to our souls. He says that the more the soul evolves, the more potential we have to experience the sublime, unconditional love of a human being for all creation.

The one word he uses to describe his healing technique is grounding. Here’s how to ground yourself:

1. Put your attention on your upper torso and then bring your attention (energy) down your body to your first chakra (which is the perineum in between anus and genitals).

2. Clench the muscles down there like you do when you hold back urine.

3. Bring your thoughts (energy) to the ovary area and keep the energy there.

4. Repeat the process again and again, the more the better.

Women who’ve had their ovaries removed have ovaries in their energy body, as do men and boys.

Denis asks us to see the lower chakras as parts of a triangle whose points are the perineum and the two ovaries. He calls this visualized triangle our furnace. The more energy we can bring to our furnace, the stronger the furnace and its ability to purify. This moves the other chakras into a healthy alignment. As Caroline Myss says, no matter where illness manifests in our body, most of it stems from an imbalance in the lower chakras.

The lack of grounding in our culture has led to an imbalance and self-destructiveness that causes us to experience unnecessary sickness and degeneration as a result. The ever-increasing amount of electromagnetic energy that we are exposed to can be an unsettling force, causing us stress. And some say that our modern culture is imbalanced as it is formed with paternal sky-energy (speed, top-down organizations, thinking as opposed to feeling) to keep our populace under control and functioning efficiently. Denis’ grounding technique balances this sky-energy with earth-energy, helping us reclaim our connection to body, nature, generativity, femininity, social spirit and empathy.

As well, Denis asks us to ground the emotional body. He says that we each have 10 – 15 thought patterns that generate emotions such as fear, sadness and anger. Over the course of our lives we find ourselves in situations and in relationships where these emotions surface, and that if we choose to take responsibility for our well-being and look closely within, we’ll see that we tell ourselves the same stories over and over again which elicit these emotions. When emotions stay in the body without being grounded, even so-called positvie emotions, they can lead to illness. Every illness has a distinct emotional component and that’s why Denis teaches an expanded version of his grounding techniques to ground emotions.

Monthly gatherings are held in Toronto and led by Sher Arnifson. They offer an opportunity for people to learn and practice grounding and to receive the synergistic benefits of grounding energy in a group. Healing practitioners of all kinds attend. Many Reiki masters have found that grounding helps them to access more energy in their day to day lives as well as in their Reiki practice. Also, people new to energy work and want to learn more about it are warmly welcomed. Denis is sometimes a guest at these gatherings where he works with individuals as well as the group, and his presence adds a tremendous boost of grounded healing energy for everyone present.


To find out more about Denis Chagnon and private sessions, workshops and retreats visit www.shiatsubysher.com. To learn about grounding in the monthly New Moon Group call Sher Arnifson at 905-580-5805 or go to www.shiatsubysher.com to get more information on the many services offered at both clinic locations in Toronto and Burlington.

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