Book Review: Travelling Together

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Author: Charlotte Fielden
Publisher: Volumes
Book Publication: April 2013

82 Year-Old Writer Celebrates the Release of Her Latest Book

We received the following letter from one of our loyal readers and we wanted to share it, and the news of her latest release:

Greetings Julia. Kudos for your latest edition of Vitality magazine.

Today I’m sending out one of my latest books, Travelling Together, for review. The book was written in the hope of getting readers involved in tree conservation and holistic healing. I am still, at 82 and a great-grandmother twice, in perfect health – with 13 published books. Also, since the 1980’s, I have been, and am still committed to, getting people involved in planting trees worldwide. And, although no longer involved in a full-time counselling practice, I’m doing my best to get people into holistic healing.

I see that you are still at the helm, and send you my warmest regards.

Charlotte Fielden

Ed. note: Other books by Charlotte include: Fragrance of Thyme, a lyrical poetry collection, and Beads on a Fragile String, Charlotte’s second poetry collection. To see the complete list of Charlotte’s books, visit her website

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